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Dani Wilde


Over the past 10 years Blues and Country singer-songwriter Dani Wilde has performed at thousands of venues and festivals across Europe, America, Canada and Africa; from the main stage at London’s Royal Albert Hall, to the slum communities of Kenya, to Times Square – New York City.

Wilde has secured three number one’s in the Official I-tunes Blues Music Charts (Two self penned songs and a cover of The Rolling Stones “Bitch’ as part of the girl group “Girls With Guitars”). She has also crossed over to the I-Tunes Country Charts Top 40 placing her alongside Tim McGraw and Taylor Swift in Luxembourg and Switzerland. In September 2017, Wilde was the only British artist in the Roots Music Report's Blues Top 50 - She peaked at Number 28, just beneath the Tedeschi Trucks Band. On October 11th 2017, following BBC Radio 2 airplay and the support of many independent radio stations, Wilde hit the Number 5 spot in the UK I-Tunes Blues Charts, placing her alongside her contemporaries Van Morrison, Beth Hart, Joe Bonamassa and Jonny Lang.

In September 2015, Wilde was awarded 'Best Female Vocalist" at the British Blues Awards. 

In July 2016, Dani Wilde's self-penned pop song 'R U Sweet On Me' was featured in NBC's Award Winning Drama Series 'Aquarius'. The hit 'sex, drugs and rock' n'roll' TV series stars David Duchovny as a fictional LAPD detective investigating the case of a missing teenage girl who is found to be with serial killer Charles Manson and his family. The series is known for it's superb 60's soundtrack including The Who's "I Can See For Miles" and "The Seeker", Nina Simone's "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" as well as Brighton Blues Belle Dani Wilde's cross-over pop/soul track "R U Sweet On Me".​

Dani's International Radio Play has included live special feature sessions for The Paul Jones Show on BBC Radio 2 and Bill Wax’s XFM Bluesville show in the USA. On her travels, Wilde has performed as the opening act for Jools Holland (with the Chris Holland Band), Nazareth, Johnny Winter, Journey, Foreigner, Maddie Prior (Steeleye Span) and Robben Ford, to name but a few.

Wilde has performed on The Legendary Rhythm and Blues Cruise alongside her hero’s Bobby Blue Bland, Bobby Womack and Taj Mahal. Live collaborations have included sharing the stage with Pee Wee Ellis at Womad Festival, Christopher Holland, Samantha Fish (Girls With Guitars) and Sue Foley as well as recording with top producers Mike Zito and the legendary Mike Vernon (Clapton/Fleetwood Mac)

Wilde has released three solo studio albums plus a ‘Girls With Guitars’ album for Ruf Records (Luther Alison/Jimmy Vaughan/Louisiana Red). She also manages her own independent record label “Bri-Tone Records”.

In 2017 Wilde signed to VizzTone Label Group in the USA. Her new album “Live at Brighton Road” will be released in June 2017. Dani recalled:

“I’ve always wanted to be a VizzTone Artist. I was brought up on Muddy Waters and I’m a huge Susan Tedeschi and Sean Costello fan. I saw Susan play when I was a teenager and it’s what made me want to be a blues artist. So when Richard Rosenblatt sold ToneCool and set up VizzTone with Steady Rollin’ Bob Margolin, I longed to have the opportunity to work with them both. I’ve had a great career with Ruf Records but I’m so excited to be moving forward with VizzTone! I feel my new record “Live at Brighton Road” is by far my best work. It’s true to the blues, and inspired by the American music that I love; but it’s also true to me and tells my story as a British Blues Woman”.

“Live at Brighton Road” was recorded live at Brighton Road Studios in England. Produced by Wilde, It’s a collection of heartfelt Acoustic and Electric live performances that will tug on your heartstrings and get your feet stomping. The CD release features a bonus DVD of the ‘live in the studio performance’. The album will also be available on 180g-heavyweight vinyl.

In 2020, Wilde resigned with Vizztone, extending her contract for a collection of three singles. The first 'Howling at the moon' was released in March 2020, the second 'Brave' was released in May 2020 and the third 'Masters of War' released July 2020.

A further trilogy of singles is to be released on Vizztone in Summer 2021, Pluto (May 21), Wild Women (June 21) and Don't Fish In My Sea (July 21). 

A passionate advocate for the charity ‘Moving Mountains’ and Toto Love Children's Home, Kenya, Dani Wilde is also recognised for her humanitarian work, raising funds and awareness for children in Embu, Kenya.

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Blues Caravan


Seventeen years since Ruf Records first had the brainwave of a showcase tour, the Blues Caravan concept remains unchanged and unbeaten. Three rising stars from the roster of Europe’s most respected boutique record label. Three live sets that run the gamut of emotion and genre. And as the finale each night, the mother of all live jams, with all three performers cutting loose together – and inviting the audience to do the same.

 Nobody sounds like Katie Henry. The singersongwriter darting between  microphone, piano and Gibson SG, alighting on genres that include rock, roots, R&B, soul, funk and pop. You might catch flashes of a young Bonnie  Raitt in Katie’s Blues Caravan performance, but with her raw charisma, heartonsleeve songcraft and jam chops hardwon on the NYC circuit, this is one artist earning a reputation on her own terms.“ Music has always been about freedom and expression for me, and when audiences leave my show feeling expressed and more connected to themselves and each other, I know I’ve done my job.”

Will Jacobs is a modern blues/R&B/soul artist from Chicago, Illinois, USA. At 28 years old, he is best known for his powerful live performances.

Whether he’s playing clubs/festivals, performing with other world-class musicians, doing sessions or composing, Will always looks forward to sharing his passion for music with his audience.

In 2022, the Blues Caravan audience can look forward to another Blues music talent who’s guitar will rock the stages.

Through her many years of living and touring in the United States, Brussels native Ghalia Volt has been able to soak up the grooves and vibes of the blues like few Europeans before her. The singer and guitarist made her first big splash fronting the New Orleansbased outfit Mama’s Boys; she solidified her reputation as an exceptional talent with her 2019 Billboard Charting release Mississippi Blend working with legends like grammynominated Cedric Burnside. Early 2021, she released her One Woman Band album, recorded at the prestigious Royal Studios in Memphis, another Billboard Charting record showing her multiinstrumentalist skills playing drums, slide guitars and singing simultaneously.  

On the Blues Caravan 2022, she’ll be feeding us a gumbo made out of hits part of her 3 Ruf Records releases.

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Many new groups and artists every day on the radio. Every day, the newest in rock, country, folk, blues and jazz music.

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The Blog of JAM 66 Radio, is the blog of the radio that plays rock, country, blues, blues rock, music of route 66 and the newest.

Every day new stories on radio, new posts, new bands, blues, blues-rock , country, folk and rock music are posted on this blog. Also, updated news on the blog in real time.

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Stevie Redstone



Stevie Redstone’s never been one to slow things down, but taking a break from the road proved to be just what the hard-touring L.A. songwriter needed. The change of pace offered a chance to recharge and reflect, to experiment and explore, and it resulted in the creative windfall that led him to his spectacular debut, ‘Shot In The Dark.’ Recorded at Los Angeles’ Valentine Studios with producer Nic Jodoin (BlackRebel Motorcycle Club, Allah-Las), the album is an infectious slice of vintage gold, a retro-tinged collection that feels both classic and modern at once as it draws on everything from Motown and Stax to Britpop and Laurel Canyon. Redstone’s songs burst with larger-than-life horns, cinematic strings, and wall-of-sound production, tipping their cap to George Martin and Phil Spector in their outsized ambition while still managing to remain profoundly dynamic and intimate.

“I’ve always been a sucker for the big swooning harmonies and orchestral instrumentation of stuff from the 60’s and 70’s,” explains Redstone. “I think I just intuitively preferred music from that era because it was made by human beings and not computers. It was all about the raw performance.” Redstone’s passion for raw performance has guided him from the start. His earliest childhood memories involve singing for family and friends, and by the time he was in middle school, he was writing and performing his own original material. In college, he launched his first band, Redstone Hall, which recorded an EP with producer Dave Cobb (now a household name for his GRAMMY-winning studio work with Chris Stapleton and Jason Isbell) and played together for nearly a decade before splitting up.

“It was scary to leave that group because when you’re in a band for a long time, you become like a group of soldiers together,” says Redstone. “You get used to the camaraderie and the support system. But at the same time, I needed to move at my own pace and keep pushing myself, and I believed in my music enough to take the leap to become a solo artist.”

Following his departure from the band, Redstone teamed back up with Cobb to record an album under the name Steven Roth. The collection (one of Cobb’s first sessions in Nashville) earned rave reviews and helped Redstone land some seriously high profile gigs, including dates with The Who at the Staples Center in L.A. and the Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York, where Elvis Costello also joined the bill.

“To be asked to open up for [The Who] was quite a thrill,” Redstone said in an interview at the time. “You work your whole life for something, and then it happens, and it’s sort of tough to describe…It’s like how do you describe jumping out of a plane and falling towards the Earth? Pure adrenaline and joy.”

As exciting as it was to strike out on his own and perform with rock royalty, Redstone was still hunting for something deeper, something more personal and powerful, so, for the first time in years, he cleared his calendar and forced himself to confront the big questions in his life: Who was he? Where was he headed? What did he truly want?

“Taking a break from touring to focus on writing really changed everything for me,” Redstone explains. “It was like this creative rebirth.”

With rebirth came a rechristening to his current moniker (Stevie Redstone is a play on the translation of his legal name) and a new, more collaborative approach to his music. Redstone began teaming up with writers he met in Nashville and LA for more than half a year of intensive sessions, pursuing a sound inspired by those raw recordings from the 60’s and 70’s that piqued his imagination and inspired his artistic spirit since childhood. While the resulting songs certainly owe a deep debt to those decades, they’re ultimately timeless, the work of an artist unafraid to follow his muse wherever it may lead.

“I’ve never been very tuned into current trends, and I’m not particularly interested in what’s popular at any given moment,” Redstone explains. “All I care about is finding a way to express myself and create something that I’m proud of.”

The record opens with the epic sweep of “Shot In The Dark,” a densely orchestrated earworm all about taking chances and going after the things you want in life. Hints of The Ronettes and The Beach Boys permeate the tune, with Redstone’s velvety voice carving straight through solid walls of strings and horns. The driving “Dance In The Rain” finds the silver lining in hard times, while “The Real Me” celebrates the deep bonds of lifelong friendship with tender piano and a soaring orchestra, and the joyful “Surrender” channels old-school Detroit soul as it gives in to the inevitability of love.

“I got married last year, and during the time I was writing this album, we were in that last stretch of being boyfriend/girlfriend,” explains Redstone. “I was working up the courage to take the next step and falling deeper in love with her the whole time.”

Though much of the record is drawn from personal experience, Redstone also looks outward here, tackling both cultural and political issues with subtlety and nuance. The George Harrison-esque “Now” combats the modern world’s constant barrage of negativity with a relentless optimism, while “Shots Fired” recalls ‘Let It Bleed’ era Stones as it castigates America’s epidemic of gun violence, and the unforgettable album closer “Rivers In The Sky” was born from the southern California drought. No matter the topic, Redstone ties it all together with passionate, explosive performances tracked live in the studio and straight to tape.

“As proud as I am of the record, I’m even more proud of the way these songs will be performed onstage,” Redstone says. “The shows I play are very high energy, totally rocking and rolling and danceable, but they’re also really improvisational. I like to open the songs up and let the band jam in a way that makes each concert totally different and unique.”

Redstone may have needed to leave the touring life behind in order to make this album, but the road is now clearly calling to him once more, and with ‘Shot in the Dark,’ he’s ready to answer.

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

The Western Country Band


 „It is an awesome journey through my life with my music, my friends, my kids, my wife...“ (“The Journey” by TWCB)

It all started with a van. No, not a fan. Andy M. Veit didn't have a fan back in those days. Except his mother. - God bless all the cheering mothers out there! - He just had a van. It was old, a little bit rusty and slow.

„I'm on the road, have nowhere to go, no hurry, I take it slow...“ (“I'm On The Road” by TWCB)

Andy took all his money from his bank account to buy a guitar, a little PA and this old van. He quit his studies at university. Andy wanted to be a musician. Surely his parents felt really enthusiastic about this well thought out idea of their youngest son.

“At nights I play my guitar in a bar...” (“Family Man” by TWCB)

The following years were filled with little money but with lots of fun. To make your living as a musician is hard work but filled with passion, friendship to impressive people and sound, sound, sound.

In 2017 Andy M. Veit took the chance to found TWCB with his great guitar playing friend Marco Birkner. The very talented bass player Mike Oberhauser and the fabulous drummer Erny Moucka joined them.

“So many people are there, yes they seem to care! With a big wide grin I start to sing...” (“A Good Night's Song” by TWCB)

The first concert was arranged quickly. The band worked hard and had a lot of fun to create their own sound. But the joy in the matter was even greater: The first concert already packed! Incredible.

“Successful on my way, no time for a stay. Too far and further on, too fast on and on...” (“Home” by TWCB)

And how did it continue? Logically with the second concert. And?
The hall was full again. Madness. More and more guests came to the following concerts. The setlist was constantly expanded. Guest musicians invited. Fireworks of fun shared with the audience.

Own songs have been written. The first album "The Journey" was recorded in 2018. The single „Christmas In The Country“ was released in 2019 and in 2020 Corona couldn't stop them. „Little Love Song“ was produced. In 2021 it was released worldwide and reached a great amount of airplay (nearly) all over the world!

And now?
“It's Time To Smile” by TWCB ;-)

Monday, September 26, 2022

Scott McKeon


Scott McKeon has given a lifetime of dedication to his craft as a guitarist. Initially inspired by his dad’s love of blues, soul and rock music, he took up the guitar at the age of four and has developed a reputation as one of the UK’s most in-demand guitarists, both in the studio and performing live.

Scott was raised in southern England on a diet of Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran, Chuck Berry, Gene Vincent, Hank Marvin, and other 50s rock n roll music, as well as Stevie Wonder, Steely Dan, Motown, RnB, and soul, through his parent’s record collection. Scott’s dad, Geoff, was a successful guitarist in his own right, with his band The Diplomats opening for The Beatles and Gerry and the Pacemakers in the early 60s, with offers to go to Germany to perform.

By the time he was eight, Scott was playing a full-size Strat and was the face of a Fender ad campaign to inspire a new young generation of guitarists. Around the age of ten, a friend of Geoff’s showed Scott and his Dad a video tape of Stevie Ray Vaughan performing at Austin City Limits. This ignited Scott’s love of the blues and set him on a path to discover more about Texas musicians such as Freddie King, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Doyle Bramhall Sr and Jr, and The Fabulous Thunderbirds. This led Scott to listen to artists including Jimi Hendrix, Albert King, Eric Clapton and BB King, all of which were influences on his playing in these formative years.

In 1998, Scott was the winner of Guitarist Magazine’s Young Guitarist of the Year, writing and performing his own song at Wembley Arena. Scott’s father sadly passed away shortly after this time, when Scott was 13 years old and already fronting his own blues band, playing most weekends in pubs and clubs around the south coast of England.

At 18, a demo CD was passed onto Jakko Jaksyk of Level 42/King Crimson, who then passed it on to Paul Crockford, Mark Knopfler’s manager, who started representing Scott. This culminated in the release of his debut album ‘Can’t Take No More’ - an energetic and raw take on modern electric blues rock, produced by Jesse Davey of UK blues band The Hoax. To promote the album, Scott toured extensively in the UK, Europe and US, sharing stages with Eric Clapton, Derek Trucks, Arc Angels, John Mayer and Sheryl Crow at Hard Rock Calling, Buddy Guy, Johnny Winter, The North Mississippi Allstars, BB King and Joe Bonamassa, as well as playing at The Montreal Jazz Festival, Mont Tremblant Festival, Glastonbury, and making TV appearances in the US.

In 2010, Scott released his second album, ‘Trouble’, on Mascot Provogue Records and again toured extensively to promote the record. This self-produced album crossed over to the rock/pop genre, with emphasis on song writing coming to the fore, after spending time in Nashville writing and hanging out with fellow guitarist Tyler Bryant earlier that year. The album featured guest performances from David Ryan Harris from John Mayer’s band, and legendary UK guitarist Robbie McIntosh. The release of the album led to Scott touring and opening shows for Derek Trucks, Gary Clark Jr and the Arc Angels, and to making his first performance at the Royal Albert Hall supporting Joe Bonamassa. Scott also wrote and produced music for Robert Knight’s ‘Rock Prophecies’ Documentary, which won him a RIIFF award for Best Soundtrack. The makers of Guitar Hero Five also sought him out in order to have a track from ‘Trouble’ on their game, as did the makers of the TV show LA Task Force.

After moving to London in 2010, Scott found himself in demand as a session musician, playing both live and in the studio, with many artists including Zigaboo Modeliste, James Arthur, Emeli Sande, Lana Del Ray, Van Morrison, Andreya Triana, Ed Sheeran and Rebecca Ferguson. Working outside of the blues genre widened Scott’s musical palette.

In 2014, Scott got a call to play in Sir Tom Jones’ band, alongside Robbie McIntosh and Pink Floyd drummer, Gary Wallis. The blues, rock n roll and gospel orientated set allows Scott to call on his early influences and travel the globe, recently completing the fifth year of working with Sir Tom. Performances so far have included five European tours, three tours of the US and South America, and tours of Australia and the Far East, as well as TV appearances including Later… with Jools Holland and TFI Friday, and playing New Orleans Jazz Festival in 2019.

Scott founded his own band, Rufus Black, in 2017, with UK blues/soul singer Gavin Conder, guitarist Ben Jones, and drummer Russ Parker. Their debut album, ‘Rise Up’, influenced by British Blues bands like Cream, Free and The Faces, was released the same year and was met with critical acclaim. The band have since seen their following grow and have been packing out venues and festivals across the UK and Europe.

In 2016, Scott travelled to the Fender factory in Corona, California, to meet with Master Builder, Dale Wilson. Dale designed and built a replica of Scott’s distinctive 1962 Fender Strat - a process which took around a year to complete, when the finished guitar was shipped across the pond to Scott.

Early 2018 saw Scott playing with one of his musical heroes, Eric Clapton, as part of the house band for an annual charity event (also featuring pianist Paddy Milner and guitarist and singer Marcus Bonfanti of Jawbone), Paul Jones and Friends, which also saw performances from Van Morrison and Sir Tom Jones.

In 2019, Scott joined Schiller, one of Germany’s biggest electronic artists, for his ‘Morgenstund’ tour, playing 15 arena shows all over Germany. Later that year, Scott joined guitarist and singer Doyle Bramhall II’s band for part of his European tour for shows in Sweden and Denmark. Scott has also been part of John Illsley from Dire Strait’s live band for the past 3 years, and features on John’s latest album, ‘Coming Up for Air’.

Scott’s third album, 'New Morning' out April 23 2021,is an earthy, raw, guitar-lead record, showcasing Scott's range and ability as a guitarist. The album was recorded live in the studio at RAK in London, capturing the energy and spontaneity of the sessions, and was produced by Paul Stacey (Black Crowes/Oasis), and features Jeremy Stacey (Sheryl Crow/Tal Wilkenfield) on drums, Rocco Palladino (Tom Misch/ D'Angelo) on bass, and Gavin Conder (Rufus Black/The Kondoors) as vocalist on several tracks.

The first single 'Third Eye Witness' released in February 2021, has already made it onto Spotify’s 'Modern Blues Rock' playlist alongside international artists including The Black Keys, Alabama Shakes, Kurt Vile and Gary Clark Jr.

More recently, Scott has been working in a producing role with other artists, with albums due for release later in 2021. You can also catch Scott performing live with his own 'Superjam' group comprised of some of the UK’s top musicians.

Scott has also a signature fuzz pedal and signature pickups, modelled on his ’62 Strat.

Sunday, September 25, 2022

Sano Hill


Sano Hill is a singer-songwriter based in Galway (Ireland) currently recording his debut album. His songs are inspired by life, love and loss and he has played to audiences in the US and Ireland with his work released already to critical acclaim on compilation albums, including 'Origin: See the Light', 'New Horizons', and 'Inundations' (which also featured music from leading international acts, including Josh Ritter, Ron Sexsmith, Lloyd Cole, Damien Rice, Mundy and The Frames). 

“Circlewalk” – released on July 29 – is the third single from his forthcoming album (music review responses to "Circlewalk" as well as his acclaimed previous singles “The Climb” and “Starting Over” are available here: The forthcoming album as a whole (titled “If Not Now, When?”) charts the course of a relationship from hopeful beginnings, to emotional crises, breakup and recovery. “CircleWalk” is a darker song than the previous releases, dealing with the challenging subject of communication breakdown in a relationship, when two people can't find the words to say how they feel and instead walk in circles around what they need to say. This song is about expression, about breaking the silence. It features a full band sound, driving chorus and memorable final refrain. It was recorded at Dublin's legendary Windmill Lane Studios with award-winning producer Larry Hogan.

Sano Hill “is blessed with a strong and distinctive voice” (Galway Advertiser) and his work has been described as defining “a timeless recipe for original guitar music: inventive, humanist lyrics sung from the gut, then embedded in rhythms to barrage or soothe the soul" (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel). For leading Irish music magazine, Hot Press, Sano Hill daringly “tries to capture the sound, sense and smell of Galway in a similar vein to Van Morrison's finest compositions about his native Belfast." (Hot Press).

Selected Review Extracts for 'CircleWalk'

" “CircleWalk” is Sano Hill’s best offering to date. Here, the golden, ever-lasting, and infectious retro vibe reaches an emotional climax to a point that the time has stopped and everything will be forever lavishing and flamboyant...Hill’s vocal is undoubtedly the soul of the piece. It’s flavorful and expressive. It takes the listeners onto a whole new level of musical sensation that is unlike other songs...“CircleWalk” is a non-linear sonic box that preserves the best of the past and present. It’s a song that leaves an impression in your head for long as if the buzz will always be a part of your memory." -

" 'CircleWalk'... proves that Sano Hill is a real artist who knows how to write insightful, soulful songs taken from life itself. We love his sensual vocals, professional arrangements and the originality of his compositions." -

"A brilliant and exciting track that’s all about communication... The ending is phenomenal, with a refrain that sticks in our heads and make us dance and sing along." -

"The melody is a masterpiece brought to sonic glory by the full band. Hill’s vocals ride the waves of the sound to tug at your emotions and make you want to listen to the track over and over." -

"Bringing back more of that rich and dynamic direction he has cultivated for himself, his newest release offers another heady dose of sweeping textures and soaring atmosphere that we simply can't get enough of." -

"The arrangement and recording work on the song is phenomenal and expressive. The versatile guitars and saxophone provide good textural timbres. Hill’s powerful vocals coupled with the tight arrangement propel the song to the next level. CircleWalk is a stunning rock song that will keep you humming and tapping your feet." -

" 'CircleWalk', a folk/indie rock single,  is a revolutionary creation ... His vocals are unique and hard to explain but its entrancing to listen to them. Sano Hill is a rising star; he has a unique sound that anyone could enjoy and find comfort in." -

"‘CircleWalk’ is a beautifully vibrant and uplifting Folk Rock track that exudes creative energy. The song starts off with an energizing drum roll that quickly takes the listener into a funky progression that generates feelings of freedom and bliss almost instantly. Sano Hill’s warm and upfront vocals make themselves known shortly after as his lyrics tell a vivid story about love and loss...The theme of this track is just as amazing as the overall sound of the song" -

"What a beautiful song. As soon as I hit the play button I was fascinated by this melody. The musical arrangements are great. The bass ventures into intricate melodic phrasing followed like a shadow by the drums. The groove of this song is irresistible and makes you dance. The passionate and intense interpretation of Sano Hill is irresistible and I found myself singing with him"  -

"As soon as one hears Sano Hill's breathtakingly fun and beautiful voice, a smile will not leave the listener’s face. 'CircleWalk' is already making big waves. I believe Sano Hill is the musician you've been waiting for. Bolstered by a powerful tune, his track graces us with dynamic and heart-warming melodies." -

"The pure vocals plus the intensity of the instruments is a perfect combination ... It’s almost like a goth rock opera. You will enjoy every single moment ... This euphoric three minute track will allow you to drift away as you head back into the forest and thank Sano Hill for taking you on this journey." -

"With vocals that remind us of Bono Vox, the track has an excellent guitar arrangement and great production that give even more value to all the emotion delivered to the listener and that reaches him throughout the hearing of this work."  -  [Brazilian publication in Portuguese]

"As with the previous single ‘Starting Over’, ‘CircleWalk’ has a bold, rich sound ... the element that screams desperation, melancholy and inner turmoil is Sano Hill’s vocal execution ... Sincere, sentimental, introspective and brutally honest, ‘CircleWalk’ connects with listeners on a deeper level ...  It’s inspiring, breath-taking and highly recommended." -                                       
" 'CircleWalk' has incredible orchestral power that comes from a very well-placed set of instruments. The composition is creative, powerful and has an overwhelming chorus that doesn't let the emotion drop" - [Brazilian publication in Portuguese]

"Hill’s voice is captivating, and keeps the listener engaged for the full length of the song." -

​Find all reviews (and full links) for Sano Hill releases here:

"CircleWalk" is the third single from Sano Hill's forthcoming album. The album as a whole (titled “If Not Now, When?”) charts the course of a relationship from hopeful beginnings, to emotional crises, breakup and recovery.

"CircleWalk" is a darker song than the previous releases, dealing with the challenging subject of communication breakdown in a relationship, when two people can't find the words to say how they feel and instead walk in circles around what they need to say. This song is about expression, about breaking the silence. It features a full band sound, driving chorus and memorable final refrain. It was recorded at Dublin's legendary Windmill Lane Studios with award-winning producer Larry Hogan.

Released on July 29th, "CircleWalk" is already receiving rave reviews from music critics internationally.

Saturday, September 24, 2022

Hans Grondel


What are your dreams, what is your calling, what makes you happy? Hans Grondel dreamed of a career in music. Doubt, uncertainty, choosing to be safe has kept him from going for his dream. Because we won't live forever and because he knew he would regret it, the 36-year-old bar owner decided to step away from the bar and follow his heart. He's working harder on his music than ever before!

Hans sings about chasing dreams, love and happiness. Americana that sounds like a mix between Danny Vera and Waylon. Let yourself be carried away by the guitar work and catchy melodies.

In addition to his safe job as a bar owner, Hans has always made music. At the age of 17 he picked up the guitar and since then Hans has performed hundreds of performances, won the Drenthe pop prize, was on stage with Triggerfinger and was shown on MTV.

Follow Hans on his musical journey. His new single: Step Into The Ring is out now! Several singles will follow this year.

Friday, September 23, 2022

Rory Challenger


From the peaceful green valley of Abertillery, South Wales, comes Rory Challenger, a singer-songwriter
producer/ guy-with-a-guitar at parties.
The motivations of Mr Challenger are the usual for any underdog artist: wanting to uplift, inspire and bring together as much of the world as he can with his music.
Whether or not he quits his day job in this pursuit remains to be seen. Borrowing influences from the worlds of Pop, Rock, Funk and Folk, Rory creates a warm, tasty blend of sound (with fruity notes), that is complex enough yet accessible to all.

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Cabela & Schmitt



Two Schmitts and a Cabela, that's how it all started. Two brothers and their best friend looking to rock the world. Like most kids with dreams of fame and fortune, all they really wanted to do was jam out with their buddies. Like all who came before them, they tried everything they could think of to get into the music business.

This passion to play and sing and share their songs found them playing out anywhere someone with a building and electricity would let dances, a garage, backyard parties, weddings, and more. Almost immediately, this young trio of "brothers" started writing and recording original songs. Oddly enough, when playing out they found that they really preferred playing their originals instead of covers, and they were connecting with their audiences.

Well-rehearsed and armed with some studio recordings of their original songs, they started sending out packages to anyone who would listen. Very quickly, they determined that the music business was not as much fun as they thought it would be. However, their God given gifts for creating and sharing original music that was important to them grew stronger.

Throughout the years, all three members have learned to play multiple instruments, honed their vocal chops, and refined their songwriting. Their musical goal has always been and will continue to be to write, record, and share with the world their songs of family, faith, and God. Fortunately, with the advancement of technology, home studios, and the internet, the trio have found a way to record and release 10 albums to date.

Constant students of the business side of music, Cabela & Schmitt continue to find new and different ways to market and promote their music to their ever-growing legion of loyal fans around the world.

Cabela & Schmitt are: Rich Cabela (guitar, keyboards), Wayne Schmitt (guitar, keyboards), and Tom Schmitt (bass guitar, keyboards).

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Richard Brown


Sizzling, scrappy, bold and daring! Richard browns fresh flute is alive with energy. This flautist’s smooth jazz CD is the most capturing I’ve heard in years. I sat there listening to his free flute style and was mesmerized by the earthy tones. The sound was dazzling and when the music was done it left me wanting more. Richard Brown is truly a Jazz flute Master. If you like jazz don’t miss it. If you like the flute you’ll love it and you can get your free download of his hit single "It's A Boy!" at For the last 48 years, flautist Richard Brown has been writing and recording breathtaking melodies.

Through many trials and errors as well as overcoming the hiccups of being a musician, Richard Brown has emerged with a free contemporary jazz flute download on his website;

Richard Brown first started playing the flute in 1972. He has held consistent dedication to his talent in the areas of Jazz and R&B. Over the years Richard Brown put together several bands, most recently Distilled Butter. These bands offer musical talent for a variety of venues including weddings, dance clubs, jazz clubs, private parties, ocean cruises and R&B clubs. Together, the band members have over 160 years of professional music experience and a compilation of over 80 modern and classic songs. 

On Richard Brown’s website you will find background information on him, his music and his musical group as well as samples of his master flautist ability. The musicians work is sold where ever digital downloads can be found. His website contains free contemporary jazz flute downloads from his most current album – Dreams. Richard Brown is a highly talented musician who’s music makes the heart strings dance. Simply hit play, close your eyes and relax while the sweet jazz and R&B sounds play around you.
As a professional flautist, Richard Brown knows that the music world is hard work. He has dedicated his life goals to working from the ground up and producing the best musical compilations. While it is not every day you find a contemporary jazz flautist with such talent, Richard Brown is certainly one-of-a-kind. With two CD’s already finished and one already released, there is plenty of contemporary jazz flare to go around. 

On Richard Brown’s website, you can elect to go to his CD page and hear samples from all the songs on his CD. Listening to just samples of these pieces makes it is easy to see the talent that flows from this jazz flautist. Whether you are looking to purchase a CD, plan for an event or help promote Richard Brown, you will find the information that is needed on his website ( 

Richard Brown truly is a one-of-a-kind talent in the contemporary jazz music world. His talent for writing and producing music is unmatched. With dedication to his craft, he is a must have talent for any radio station, venue or event.

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Mountain Castle Band


Vintage America Music is what we call our style of music written and played by the Mountain Castle Band. We play a variety of styles of music under the umbrella American Vintage Music.

Mikio Sankey is the leader, lead guitarist and writer of all the songs recorded by the Mountain Castle Band. Mountain Castle is the American translation of Sankey (Sanki).

Chris Wonzer is the lead singer, along with Gretje Angell also on lead and backup vocals. Peter Assing is the saxophonist, Mike Albert is the other lead guitarist, Paul ILL plays electric bass and our current drummer is Ronnie Ciago.

Hope you enjoy Vintage America Music by the Mountain Castle Band.

Monday, September 19, 2022

Benedikt Brydern


One of the hippest nights out in Europe is a visit to an “ice bar“ where the entire club is sub zero and you sip your cocktails in faux fur coats and winter boots. I mention it because Germany’s Benedikt Brydern and his electric violin could provide the perfect soundtrack for your chilled outing. ~STEWART COXHEAD.

Benedikt Brydern is an award-winning composer and performer. His scores have been featured in film, television and on the concert stage in the United Sates and internationally.

From the Miramax documentary “Rhyme & Reason” to independent films like” Dunsmore”, directed by Academy Nominee Peter Spirer, from Jon Voight’s children tale “The Tin Soldier” to the historic drama "Pagan Queen", whether using traditional orchestral or electronic techniques.

A brand new smooth jazz track featuring the sounds of the violin. Composed, performed and produced by award-winning composer Benny Brydern. Also showcasing acclaimed jazz artist Mark Hollingsworth on saxophone. The stellar rhythm section includes recording artists Rayford Griffin on drums and bassist Gabriel Vivas.

Sunday, September 18, 2022

Vie Singleton


25 years of country music recording artist & performance. Please play the music and let the audience no where to find my music at:

From: Michigan USA - South Haven
Date of Birth: December, 02, 1970

Institutes of Education: South Haven High School of Michigan - USA
Baker College of Michigan - USA
University of Houston - USA

Hobbies: Music, Musician, Country Music Recording Artist, Singer, Fishing, Boating, Mountain Biking, Motorcycling, Cooking, Gardening, BBQ, Cheeseburgers, Beer & Karaoke.


Saturday, September 17, 2022

Junkyard Crew


 Life Slides. The expression can be interpreted in a number of ways: a child’s sliding board, a sliding life, snapshots – and, of course, the slide guitar heard throughout the album.

Life tales tell us about the uncertainty of our world as seen from the narrator's perspective – but not only. Boney Spree, for instance, is a woman's thoughts about a one-night stand that turned into a nightmare for her reputation.

Of course, Manouche Fournier also shares his own tribulations. With its heavy beat, Going Down tells the story of his toxic friendship with a certain Mr. M. who turned out to be a con man. Still relying on his bottleneck & rap style, Manouche lets us hear a dialogue between two friends in Troublations – with one trying to convince the other that life is worth living no matter what. On the sunnier side, Piti Filé Gumbo recalls with glowing nostalgia his encounter with a Louisiana Creole woman. In French, naturally.

That region of the world is clearly a powerful source of inspiration for Junkyard Crew, if only through the instrumentation: the sousaphone (the iconic New Orleans tuba), the drum set that was invented there, and, of course, the resonator guitar popularized by so many Blues musicians -- in a part of the Deep South where French still resonates in Creole and Cajun communities...

The horn arrangements were written by the band’s co-founder, trombonist and tubist Jean Crozat (who also co-wrote some of the music). His horns range from the reflections of a tortured soul – as in the spiritual Death Comes Creeping – to the luminous brassy sounds of the powerful Electro-Blues number, That Grin of Yours.

The final touch comes from Reunion Island via the Creole percussionist and vocalist David Doris. His hands and voice give life to La Facture, where France is reminded of its claim to be the land of the Enlightenment – while mishandling a refugee crisis it helped create. We also hear him on Whatcha Gonna Do – Reloaded, where climate change shines through a blend of Duke Ellington and Blaxploitation grooves.

That's How I Wish wraps the whole thing up, but with underlying tension. In this slow number, a self-righteous attempt to right some wrongs fails in the face of powerful adversity. The end might just sum up the whole album – the struggle continues, but it's best to choose your battles...

Friday, September 16, 2022

Aled Thomas Trio



 2007 - Aled Thomas Trio debut album "We Should Be There By Now". released The album is recieved well - The Fly Global Music described it as having "some of the best lines in vocal jazz". Many concerts and radio follow the release. The song "City Life" is announced as a semi-finalist at the 2008 UK Songwriting Competition

2009 - Internet release of a new song "The Post Office Song" in February. This generated much interest and press attention. MP Lynne Featherstone also used the song as part of her campaign against long queues

2010 - Aled Thomas Trio second album called "Baggage Holiday" is released. It featuring "The Post Office Song" . Two songs from the album are announced as finalists at the 2010 Uk Songwriting Competition - "Every Street" and "I Wont Let Them" . American magazine JazzReview writes "Thomas revels in being every man - He is put upon weary and funny"

2013 - Release of single "The Singularity " Featuring Paul Rhodes - It is featured on a science show

2014 - Release of single "The Bitcoin Song" Featuring Ian Ritchie on sax and vocals (Currently on tour with Roger Waters)

2016 - Appearance with Unnati Dasgupta at The Alchemy Festival, Southbank Centre, London. Appearance with Tamas Teszary Quartet at Mardi Gras Festival, Brixton

2017 - Aled joins band with Bonzo Dog Doh-Dah member Vernon Bohay-Nowell. Aled appears with Suzy Ritz at Boisdale, Canary Wharf, London and Bull's Head, Barnes, London

2018 - Appearance with Paul Rhodes at Metropolitan Room, Birdland, and Triad Theatre, New York. Aled appears with Catherine Lima at 606 Club, London.

2019 - Appearance with Unnati Dasgupta at The Pheasantry, Pizza Express, London. Aled appears with guitarist Jim Mullen.

2021 - Appearance with Geoff Mason at the Herne Bay Jazz Festival

2022 - Upcoming release of U2's classic "I still Haven't Found What I;m Looking For" - Aled Thomas Trio feat. Graham Pike. First release of new music for 7 years.

Thursday, September 15, 2022




NoseBeers in a nutshell = 3 likeminded offensive musicians no one wants, playing rock music no one wants to hear whilst working under a silly band name no one gives a f**k about. They take nothing seriously, aren’t looking to be the next biggest anything, aren’t anyone’s cup of tea and that’s how they like it!

Featuring Simmo (lead vocals), Tommo (guitars, vocals) and Tobo (guitars, vocals, keys, drums, producer); these guys have been playing in bands for many years in the Australian music scene with a lot of the same people. As the years faded, so did the band members; dwindling down to only 3. Through survival of the fittest, NoseBeers was formed.

The boys have made it quite clear through their music and attitude that they are done trying to please the music industry and the people within. The time has come to write only what comes natural to them and to ignore outside influences and factors. This has resulted in a truly personalised hard rock sound combining old school influences with a modern rock approach. This approach is further complimented by the recording, mixing and mastering all done by band member Toby Thompson, keeping NoseBeers a holistic inhouse operation.

The underlying truth that can’t be stressed enough is: if you like them or don’t like them… they don’t care… at all… They will do what they do regardless of anyone’s opinion. Simon Vermeulen (lead vocals) stated that “It doesn’t matter how many people like your music because there are always more people out there that don’t”. A humble yet honest remark.

So where can you get your hands on a NoseBeers album? Well… you can’t! NoseBeers does not release albums or hard copies! They only release digital singles which you can found on all major streaming and downloading platforms. When asked why this is, Simon Vermeulen (lead vocals) commented, “how many times have you paid for an album and only liked a couple of songs”? “This way, you only have to buy the ones you like”; a rationale that’s teeming with common sense.

With no photos or videos, no live appearances announced and very little information available, you just never know what to expect from a band of this nature, or what’s waiting around the corner. One thing is for sure though… Watch this space!

For more information and updates, visit the guys at:

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Andy Penkow


Andy Penkow is an award-winning Singer-Songwriter with a unique sound, chocolate smooth but powerful voice, steeped in honesty.

Andy has had 9 top 20 singles on the "Country Songs Top 40 Australian Airplay charts".
"Before i Go" was Andy's first #1 single, spending 2 weeks at the top of the charts, which also reached the top 30 on the Music NetWork Chart, 29 on CMT top 50. And got some great air play in the USA.
"1993" Debuting at #2 on Australian Country Radio 5 top 5 Singles on the official country and pop iTunes charts, 3 top 10 Singles on the AMRAP Metro and regional charts. 

Andy has worked with Australian Country Music Royalty co-writing with multiple Golden Guitar winning artists Lyn Bowtell and Allen Caswell. mentoring with Golden Guitar winning duo Carter and Carter.

Andy won Most popular New Male artist at the 2021 In-dependent Country Music Association Awards and was Nominated for Male artist of the year, single of the year, music video of the year.

Chasing the Sun was a top 30 finalist in the 2021 Australian Songwriter Association awards for Country song of the year. Andy was also a finalist for the Peoples Choice awards male artist of the year and most promising new star. Tamworth songwriters association semi-finalist for country song of the year and blues song of the year.

Andy won 3 purple guitar awards, 2021 Encouragement award, 2020 Best EP for (Chasing the Sun,) 2019 Best Whiskey song (Drowning in the Whisky)

Andy was nominated for the 2020 APRA AMCOS TSA-NEW SONGWRITER of the YEAR AWARD.

Andy also won judge's pick at the 2019 Australian busking championships at Gundagai.

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Rich Chambers


Rich Chambers sits at a musical crossroads of sorts. His music ranges from retro rock to modern rock, to country, to the blues, and many styles in between. With all of these elements at play, many reviewers and music writers have a hard time categorizing or placing him, but he always tells them that he is simply "Rock N' Roll."

That term doesn't get used that much anymore, but Chambers believes that true Rock N' Roll is derived from out of all the elements of the music just listed. Throw in Chambers’ unassuming, likeable, and relatable personality and you have an artist who is also bringing authenticity and sincerity back into pop music alongside some downright infectious Rock N’ Roll melodies and rhythms. With his latest release of the Beatles cover, “I Saw Her Standing There,” Chambers is redefining pop rock for the 2020s. It’s Rock N’ Roll Reimagined!

Following a breakout 2021 in which Rich Chambers released five successful singles, including a film festival award winning video for his single "I’m So Tired", is his first release for 2022: a freshly energetic version of the classic Beatles song "I Saw Her Standing There".

With a rock sound distinctly his own yet remaining respectful of the origins of rock, Chambers is putting both a new and old spin on pop music and reigniting the passions of older rock fans and bringing new ones into the fold. It’s guitar-based, infectious singalongable music. It’s Rock’ n’ Roll re-imagined.

Monday, September 12, 2022

Toronto’s Legendary GROSSMAN'S TAVERN Announces The Lineup For Annual Amy Louie / Grossman's Music Scholarship & Fundraising Event


Following a two-year hiatus on account of the pandemic, Toronto’s legendary Grossman’s Tavern has announced the lineup for the annual Amy Louie / Grossman's Music Scholarship happening on September 27, 2022 starting at 7:00pm. 

Created in memory of the late Amy Louie — a member of the family that has owned Grossman’s Tavern since 1975 — the ALGMS is an artist development bursary that provides two musicians or bands from the Greater Toronto Area $2,000 and $1,000, respectively, to help with career development. 

ALGMS applications are officially open and can be received until September 16th, 2022 at 11:59pm EST. Successful candidates will be chosen by a panel of judges that include members of the Louie family, music industry professionals, and individuals with long-standing connections to Grossman’s Tavern. 

Previous recipients of the Scholarship include The Big Butter and Egg Men, Mike Nagoda, The Swingin’ Blackjacks, Dan McKinnon, Bad Luck Woman & Her Misfortunes, Chloe Watkinson & Park Eddy, Jerome Godboo, and The Responsables. 

As one of the longest-running live music venues and a stalwart within Toronto’s vibrant and dynamic music scene, Grossman’s has long been considered an incubator for an impressive roster of local artists who got their start inside the Tavern, including the late Jeff Healey, the Downchild Blues Band, Rough Trade, and more.

Sunday, September 11, 2022

Scott Van Zen


Scott Van Zen is a virtuoso guitar player with amazing skills in the styles of Eddie Van Halen, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Steve Vai, and others. 

Guitarist Scott Van Zen has released his debut solo EP "Trouble" on Love Conquered Records. Co-produced by Scott, John Hopen and Grammy winner Khaliq (Khaliq-O-Vision) Glover, he has co-written for rock legends Kiss; won a Dove Award with Ken Tamplin; toured with top artists, and had over 1,000 songs placed in films, TV, and commercials (everything from The Green Hornet and Cars movies to McDonald’s ads).

Scott is Influenced by six-string greats like Eddie Van Halen, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jeff Beck, Rory Gallagher, and Johnny Winter – but also appeals to fans of Jimi Hendrix, Joe Bonamassa, etc.

"Trouble" is a raucous virtuoso romp to survive through life’s dark desires and dilemmas. Songs like "Devil on Both Shoulders" and "Born in Darkness" tell gritty stories fueled by Van Zen’s fast and furious fingers.

Scott has also been a first-call session player and sideman for decades plus a world-class songwriter.

Saturday, September 10, 2022




Bahamanian singer-songwriter Brettina has released her first single worldwide, a version of her track ‘Simple Pleasures’ with UK Jazz and Funk legend Incognito.

Brettina's worldwide debut single is already gaining great appreciation and it went straight into Jazz FM playlist in the UK.

A fan of Incognito for many years, Brettina was delighted to work with their leader Bluey who brings his trademark production to the track, using the whole band to create a classic horn-driven sound. 


"When I was a student at the University of Washington in Seattle I discovered Incognito and their album ‘Vibes, Tribes and Scribes’ and it blew me away. To think further down the line I’d be working with them on one of my songs, and fusing my experience with these icons of UK Jazz right now is incredible." Says Brettina on having Bluey and Incognito produce the track.

This release also contains two remixes, one by upcoming Brighton based electronic jazz act Yakul, and long-term Incognito collaborator Ski Oakenfull who's delivered a soulful house dub version of the song.

The remixes of the luscious single show her versatility as an artist, and one who is soon to be in demand across the broad spectrum that is the current UK Jazz scene.

Born in the Bahamas, Brettina’s musicality was in some senses laid out for her – her mother introduced her to singing, and her uncle was in the hugely successful Bahamian group ‘ T-Connection’, who had hits on the Billboard Top 100 chart in the US in the 70s.


Brettina herself now resides between the US and the Bahamas, originally in Seattle and now in LA where she’s making waves on the current LA Jazz scene.

Friday, September 9, 2022

The Bastardz


Their unique jazzy flavored mix of soul, funk and pop characterized by a mix of crispy old school funk guitars, killer tight rhythm section, sharp horn section, jazzy harmonization and, above all, brilliant vocalist Tasha, make them uniquely attractive for Pop podiums as well as Jazz festivals and similar events.
Three times major national music award winners, around a million of YouTube views, dedicated Spotify and other platforms following, 7 albums, dozen singles and videos, collaborations with many great guest vocalists and instrumentalists, including the funk legend "Mr. Defunkt" Joseph Bowie, make The Bastardz stand out in the funky playground, with influences from P funk to Vulfpeck via Miles, and make The Bastardz worth checking out!