Monday, October 31, 2022

November 2nd


November 2nd was formed in the late 1990s in Hranice and has had successful concerts in Europe and the USA. They jumped ahead of such stars as Alanis Morissette, Suzanne Vega, Spin Doctors, Bryan Adams or David Gahan. They made a great debut with their debut Midnight Desert, for which they were nominated for the APH Anděl award in the "Discovery of the Year" category and won the Report magazine's Ladder Poll. Little Miss Behavin' & the Troublemakers' second album earned nominations at the Óčko TV station's annual awards in the "Best Domestic Singer" and "Best Domestic Pop" categories. So far, the famous singer-songwriter Suzanne Vega helped the band with the last album Night Walk with Me. On her recommendation, Chad Blake was in charge of the final mix. The experienced producer and multiple Grammy award winner is signed to the best albums of Paul McCartney, Black Keys, Peter Gabriel, Sheryl Crow, Pearl Jam and Tom Waits.

Sunday, October 30, 2022



Unsu is a belgian songwriter (Wim) working together with Ukranian singer (Kate).
We released different singles already.

Song "Hills of Hope" is about a young girl who is rejected by other children and therefor she creates her own fantasty world where she lives in harmony with trees, flowers and animals. But still hopes to be accepted by humans.

"Hills of Hope" is about a young girl who is rejected by other children and therefore she creates her own fantasy world where she lives in harmony with trees, flowers and animals. But still hopes to be accepted by humans.


Saturday, October 29, 2022

Aynsley Lister


Aynsley Lister is one of the UK’s hottest contemporary blues guitarists – many consider him to be among the best in the world. His unique brand of blues-based rock delivers contemporary song writing fueled with the kind of heart and soul that’s missing from so much modern music.  Whether passionately writing and recording his own material or mesmerising audiences at his live shows, one thing is abundantly clear: music is hard-wired to his DNA and flows from his fingertips like sonic bolts of lightning. With over 100,000 albums sold, lashings of critical acclaim and years of high profile touring, Lister’s resumé speaks for itself and firmly secures his position as a leading light in the resurgence of British blues-infused music.

In hindsight, it’s clear Aynsley was born to be a musician.  As a child he was hypnotised by his dad’s old guitar and at the age of eight was finally gifted his very own.  The moment he held that first six-string the outcome was inevitable; he was going to be a guitarist.  Blessed with the coolest dad in town, regularly spinning Hendrix, Cream, Fleetwood Mac and a whole host of bewitching blues for his spellbound son, Aynsley taught himself to play with relentless dedication and a precociously attuned ear, spending hours copying his favourite records note for note.  Peter Green, Albert King, Clapton and Kossoff weren’t just his heroes; they became his teachers.

Friday, October 28, 2022

Radio Kings


Boston-based traditional blues duo almost eerily reminiscent of the like-minded Fabulous Thunderbirds, the Radio Kings primarily comprised vocalist/harpist Brian Templeton and guitarist Michael Dinallo. Formed in 1991, the group debuted in 1994 with the Icehouse label release It Ain't Easy, a showcase for their clear affection for the gritty sound of giants including Howlin' Wolf, Little Walter and Slim Harpo; Live at B.B. King's followed a year later, and in 1998, the Radio Kings returned with Money Road.

Thursday, October 27, 2022

Ann-Kristin Dørdal


Ann-Kristin Dørdal has been playing around the country for many years, with several different bands. She went solo in 2015, releasing two singles in 2015, 2 singles in 2016, and the album "Shape Up" in 2018. New single May 21. She started her "career" as a 3-year-old in musical kindergarten, through her parents' country record collection and music and revs at school. Has since then been true to the genre, even though the genre was little IN in the 80-90s. 

She has played both domestically, and in Sweden and Spain. She has shared scenes with Bobby Bare and the Bellamy Brothers, and others. She has recently had one of the lead roles in a Norwegian musical. She has done interviews in both domestic and foreign radio stations. NO 1 with “Someone else is gonna get it”, and “album of the month” The music is now being presented worldwide. 

Nominated for “The red carpet awards” (Holland) 2020, in the following categories: Amazing female voice Blues original (which she won), Amazing female voice Traditional cover, Amazing female voice Country rock, Amazing female voice modern country original, and Amazing female voice Traditional original. The award show took place November 7th 2020. New nominations for 2021. 

The Red Carpet Award Show will take place in August 2021. Top 10 in The Netherlands, Top 15 in South Africa, and more You find the music where you stream your music (spotify, youtube and more)

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Targetspot signs major video partnership with ShowHeroes


Targetspot (formerly AudioValley), a global player in AdTech and digital audio monetisation, today announced a highly promising agreement with ShowHeroes, a leading independent video solutions provider. The agreement gives Targetspot exclusive access to billions of monthly audio ad impressions from premium publishers and platforms such as Der Spiegel in Germany, Webedia in France and La Nacion in Argentina.

ShowHeroes is a global leader in digital video content, tech, and advertising solutions. The company provides publishers with valuable content, innovative technology, and sustainable monetization solutions while creating an engaging and brand-safe environment for advertisers. Its high-quality inventory aggregates a wide range of audiences across more than 4,000 websites, 800 publishers and 1 billion unique users. In Germany, where ShowHeroes is a partner of the country’s top three daily newspapers (Der Spiegel, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and Süddeutsche Zeitung), the company reaches the equivalent of 94.1% of the TV audience among adults over 16.

Keep reading here 

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Wayne Gillespie


Their name should have already alerted you to the fact that this is a band that knows its music history – and who wouldn’t want to name themselves after a song by Leonard Cohen? The fact that the core members have a little history themselves should also alert you to expect quality in the CD that accompanies this press release – and why not?
Singer/songwriter Wayne Gillespie has been making quality music in Australia since CBS released his second album New Locations here back in 1987, and was already a favourite son back in his native New Zealand for a few years before that, while drummer/percussionist Rob Grosser has fired the engine room of more than a few records since he emerged from Adelaide, having worked with some of Australia’s best musicians including the late Pete Wells of Rose Tattoo, Jimmy Barnes, Tim Gaze , Bob Daisley (Ozzy Osbourne/Gary Moore) as well as overseas artists such as Bob Margolin (ex- Muddy Waters), and Deep Purple ‘s Jon Lord, Ian Gillian and Steve Morse.

So, how did they become Famous Blue Raincoat? Like all good things, it started with the end of another band. Back in ’95, Wayne and Rob were playing together in a three-piece called Passionfish, releasing an EP, 
Love Comes Down andpromoting Gillespie’s third album Living in Exile. When the bass player moved on, the musical chemistry suggested Wayne and Rob stay in touch. They started jamming a couple of days a week, recording what came up and seeing where it would lead. It was a new way of writing for Wayne, accustomed to being the solo acoustic singer/songwriter with folk-rock roots, yet strapping on an electric guitar and playing along to the grooves Rob laid down made perfect sense.
Life inevitably got in the way, relationships blossomed, children arrived, as did new career for Gillespie as an Entertainment Psychologist. Next thing you know years had passed. However the jam tracks were still there, honed into real songs by Wayne and enhanced with the help of a few friends who were called in, like sax player Ric Robertson (dig/eon/Baecastuff), with whom Gillespie had played back in New Zealand, as he had American guitarist now Zealander Nigel Gavin, who’d played in Robert Fripp’s League Of Crafty Guitarists, while bass player Goby Catt, now living in Vancouver, Canada, was a pal from the Slide McBride Band, and another Kiwi (whose credits include Van Morrison, Sting and Ray Charles) Brendan Power on harmonica.
So the album FRAZZ concoction of Folk/Rock/Jazz- Tracks with traces of Rock-edge, spiced with cheeky surrealism, Jazz juices, Folk reverence, African flavours, Hypnotic Grooves and Dark Tales.

Monday, October 24, 2022

Acclaimed Blues-Rock Artist Chris Antonik Releases 'Morningstar' Album and Hits #1 on Roots Music Report’s Canadian Album Chart!


Chris Antonik, the blues-rock, guitar wielding, singer-songwriter from Toronto has released his new album, Morningstar. The 14-track album features guest artists such as 2x-GRAMMY Award-winner Mike Mattison (Tedeschi Trucks Band, Derek Trucks Band), multiple-Maple Blues Award-winning guitarist Paul Deslauriers, Juno Award-nominee Alison Young and 3x-Blues Music Award nominee Jarekus Singleton.

Antonik has just gone through a five-year process of personal growth and self-compassion building — and he wears his stories on his sleeve across Morningstar. The album’s lead single, “Waves of Stone” (released June 3), debuted at #6 on Roots Music Report’s Blues Singles Charts in the U.S. and #1, respectively in Canada. The blistering song hits like a thunderbolt on a musical and emotional level. Musically, it’s riff-driven blues-rock showcasing Antonik trading searing lead guitar solos with American counterpart, Jarekus Singleton.

Both “Waves of Stone” and the album’s sophomore single, “Pilgrim,” found support from Joe Bonamassa by being added to the acclaimed guitarist’s Spotify playlist, Cutting Edge Blues.” Meanwhile, Blues Rock Review gave the album a 9/10 review and raved about “countless exceptional guitar solos” and Morningstar’s boundary-pushing blues.” Rock and Blues Muse said Mornignstar “pushes the boundaries of blues/rock by folding soul, future-funk, psychedelia, late-1980’s-Clapton/Robbie Robertson/Daniel Lanois influences, and other experimental touches into its mix quite successfully…he’s a fully developed artist working on something big. We should all be listening.”

 “In 2017, I had started a new life after a divorce,” recalls Antonik on the catalyst of Morningstar. “I made the mistake of getting into another relationship too soon. Driven by a fear of being alone and to soothe my grief from the divorce, I dove in. The relationship didn’t last long. The pain and anguish that I experienced when it ended was compounded by the fact that I was still grieving divorce. ‘Waves of Stone’ is a snapshot of how heartbroken and frustrated I felt in the last few weeks of the relationship and right after the breakup. The song gets the anger stage of grief out of my system so I can move onto the other 13 songs on Morningstar which are about hope, re-building, community, new beginnings, and love.”

Morningstar — co-produced by Antonik and JUNO Award-winning producer Derek Downham — tells a cohesive story of his experiences as he enters mid-life. The last few years’ worth of life, love, loss, and growth are synthesized into an epic collection of songs about new beginnings, building community, mindfulness, self-compassion, Antonik’s sobriety, and the power of home. Through it all, Antonik plays his guitar with unbridled ferocity and passion, mining his soul deeper than he ever has before.  

“I wanted to do two things with this record,” says Antonik, “one: push the boundaries of modern blues and blues-rock, and two: tell a sincere story about the human experience that others could relate to. I believe we achieved both. While each song can be heard as a stand-alone piece, together the tracks comprise an even greater connected saga.”

Sunday, October 23, 2022

Kenneth Cole


Kenneth Cole's new release "Pretty as the Sunrise" is hot out of the studio and ready to burn up the airwaves.

This is Kenneth's second collaboration with Kimo Forrest, lead guitarist for the group Alabama, and lead singer with Cash Creek.

Kenneth has had songs nominated for "Recording of the Year" and "Release of the Year" by Tennessee Songwriters Association International and has been nominated twice for the "Horizon Award" by Millennium Music. 6 of his songs have risen high on Cash Box, Cross Country, and Power Source Music Nashville charts. 3 of his videos have been featured on Syndicated TV for the past 3 years. He has performed at the Nashville Palace and on various tv shows.

The Rivers


Indie rock band, The Rivers, have relentlessly gigged their way from South Wales, from their formation in 2015, to now playing across the UK, highlights being on This Feeling’s bill and supporting the best of the upcoming bands to Headlining their own shows.
2 Eps – ‘Life in General’ (2019) & ‘Long Road From Nowhere’ (2021) have only helped gain them a reputation for relatable & classic indie songwriting guaranteed to get people moving. 
As of March 2022 the rivers signed with independent Swansea based label SWND Records and are excited to to release their first single ‘Mindfield’ with the help of SWND Media. 

Saturday, October 22, 2022

Jason Elmore & Hoodoo Witch

Based out of Dallas, TX, "Jason Elmore & Hoodoo Witch" is an original high-energy trio that blends hard-hitting rock, jump/swing blues, vintage soul/r&b, and traces of 60’s country into a unique-but-familiar sound that maintains the essence of American roots music while simultaneously offering a fresh take on its various genres and sounds. Jason Elmore is uncommonly seamless in his ability to tailor his performance to suit the venue and demographic, without compromising the integrity of the band’s mission, which is to give 110% with every single performance, whether performing for a crowd of 2 or 2,000.

Having grown up with an obsession for all genres of western music, Elmore is remarkable in his ability to appeal to fans of any type of music with his virtuoso-level guitar playing, soulful and powerful old-school vocals, and keen sense of songwriting. It is common to see an artist excel at one of those three things, but Jason is uncanny in his ability to express himself with an original and unique voice as a guitarist, singer, and songwriter. All one needs to do is watch him play live one time in order to have a good understanding of how all of these different genres of music have a common thread when it comes to eliciting an emotional response from the listener and taking them to that special place where only the music exists and the troubles of the world are temporarily put on hold.

Most recently, the band released a live concert film called ‘Live From Planet Earth’ on DVD and BluRay. Filmed in HD, it is a 140-minute long live concert of original material (including two new songs). This show captured the band at the top of their game at a beautiful venue in McKinney, Texas from 2017. It’s currently only available right here in our online store, and of course, at any live show.The band released their 3rd full album, titled ‘Champagne Velvet’ in September 2016 on the Underworld Records label. The album debuted at #13 on the Billboard Blues Charts, #3 on the Roots Music Report blues charts, and held the #1 chart position on the Texas music chart for 6 consecutive weeks! It is currently receiving international acclaim and airplay, as is the band's 2010 album “Upside Your Head” and 2013’s “Tell You What”, all of which showcase the band's eclectic sound and versatility. In October 2017, the Dallas Observer named Jason Elmore & Hoodoo Witch "best blues act" in their 'Best Of Dallas' series and the band was also voted "best blues act" at the Dallas Observer Music Awards in 2012. However, this is not a blues act in the traditional sense of the word. The band's sound is original and eclectic but is at times similar to 70's-era rock such as Cream, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and Grand Funk Railroad. They convey a fresh sense of excitement and fire that is uncommon in the contemporary blues scene, effectively making this more of a rock & roll band than a blues act. This is a high-energy act that excels at bringing unrestrained boogie to the party while simultaneously showcasing all 3 band members' mastery of instrument and voice. So get ready to groove with Jason Elmore & Hoodoo Witch, baby!! These boys can flat GET it!

Friday, October 21, 2022

Jimmy Thackery


Whether Jimmy Thackery headlines a festival in South Dakota or jams for hours in one of numerous blues bars that dot the musical landscape, he'll always unleash an intense volley of rockin' blues guitar guaranteed to leave crowds emotionally spent. His double edged guitar dynamics allow him to fire off tracer missiles, bend a note so it will fit under a limbo bar, run off dive bomber riffs, and find space within the trembling of one stinging note. "I put all my senses on hold and find the zone and follow what's inside. There's an electricity from your mind to your heart to your fingers. You just try and remember to breathe."

He's one of the few blues guitarists who learned first hand from the masters of the blues, not off a blues record or DVD. Though most associate Jimmy with his 15 years as the co-founder of the Nighthawks, he ended his time with them in 1987. Since then, Jimmy has been on the road as a solo musician for 15 years doing nearly 300 shows a year proving each night that he is still the guitar powerhouse in the blues.

Thackery has lived the life of a true road warrior; he's absorbed the artistic lessons of life and filtered them into his guitar playing and song writing. To get where he is today, Jimmy has journeyed a highway of life filled with a series of twists and turns. He met all the right people and they have had a permanent influence on him.

It was Thackery's time on stage with Muddy Waters that is branded deep within his musical soul. "Muddy was one of those guys who was constantly encouraging. He never told you what to do, but he always told you what you were doing wrong. He never minced words about that.
"The first time on stage with Muddy, I was in such awe of him that I just kept my eyes and ears open and just picked up on everything he did. It was the dynamics they had that became so ingrained in us. We heard it on the records and then stood on stage and saw how it worked."

Thackery left the Nighthawks in 1987 because he wanted the opportunity to write and put newer material into the sets. First he formed a six piece R&B band, the Assassins, an all-star R&B, funk band from the DC area, and recorded three albums with them. Then, in 1992, Thackery put together his three piece band called the Drivers to highlight his explosive guitar and hit the blues highway.

"The 1990's were a fabulous time. We were working our butts off doing" close to 300 shows a year. The irony is that was one of the reasons I'd left the Nighthawks, I was tired of working so much and not having a life outside the music. When you're out on your own, you'd better rise to the occasion. So I found myself back in the 300 night niche. What made that satisfying is that it was my ship and I was the captain of it. We were doing material that I was writing. We were doing arrangements that I came up with." Whenever Thackery plays live, a guitar stand props up four guitars and Thackery will announce to the audience, I'm gonna use all of them tonight!"

His recordings are no different. In that time, he's recorded eight discs for Blind Pig.

His first record, Empty Arms Motel, was released in 1992. "That one still seems to be the favorite of a lot of people. I went into Kingsnake Records and rattled off some covers and originals. Halfway through, Bob Greenlee called Jerry Del Guidance at Blind Pig about the sessions." From that session, Thackery began his years with Blind Pig.

In 1993 he followed up with Sideways In Paradise, a down home, laid back acoustic duet with John Mooney. Then, in 1994 Jimmy recorded Trouble Man, with Memphis producer Jim Gaines. That began their five record association. Wild Night Out, a 1995 live recording, Drive To Survive in 1996, Switching Gears in 1998, and Sinner Street, which added a sax to Thackery's music in 2000. "I think that record, Trouble Man, turned the corner for me because I had a real producer and I was doing original songs. That gave me a direction. Jim and I did a lot of projects together. He did everything through Sinner Street. I was learning so much by watching him as a producer that by the end of Sinner Street, we both came to the realization that I was ready. I was telling him what was going on. He knew that I'd lost my training wheels."

After leaving Blind Pig, Thackery has released and produced two of his own records, We Got It and True Stories, on Telarc and two collaborations on Telarc with Tab Benoit, Whiskey Store and Whiskey Store Live. And there was the critically acclaimed reunion with his old friend David Raitt on Blue Rock It"

All this has lead to a new Jimmy Thackery. Because every record is more about originals than covers, Jimmy traveled to Nashville to work out his songs with some of the best. This is not a Jimmy Thackery goes country. This is Jimmy Thackery rocks the blues. "I think True Stories on Telarc is my best song writing to date. For the newest Telarc project I went to Nashville to work with Gary Nicholson. I wanted to go and see how the guys in Nashville go about writing songs. We wrote this from the ground up. I came in with hooks and ideas and lines. I didn't want to be overly prepared. I wanted to see how they build these songs lyrically. What you do with Gary Nicholson is throw out a hook or line and take off from there and you don't leave that garage until you're done with a song."

Jimmy describes what writing is like for him. "Inspiration can come at any time. It might be a lyric first or it might be a musical lick first. It might just be a form thing. In my world, a lyric tends to be a musical road map. It tends to set up the music I hear in my head. The cadence of a lyric tends to suggest the way to go on the guitar. There was one tune we labored over with a certain groove and feel and it wasn't rising to the occasion. At the very last second, Gary and I said, "Why not just rock this thing out. We completely switched gears and totally changed the patterns and chords and went for something completely different. We did it in one take. It's the first song on the record and it just kicks ass."

And there is Thackery's guitar. "There are three guitar instrumentals on this record because I wanted to make a guitar oriented record. The guitar is still very rootsy stuff that is very rooted in blues. But also rooted in surf and spy music. I'm a sucker for that straight eight beat, twangy, minor scale instrumental stuff. The first thing every body did when they got a guitar in the early 1960's was to play the music of the Ventures. I'm still staying true to those roots. Blues is well represented, but so is all that other music I heard. But so is all the other music I listened to."

To make the best record possible, Jimmy hired some of the best musicians Nashville had to offer. It's no coincidence that many of these names also work with fellow blues rocker, Delbert McClinton. Jimmy notes that even though it has a Delbert feel, it still has all of his integrity. "Maybe because of the way it's laid out and the common musicians, it will strike a chord with fans who don't normally buy my records."

To support his newest project, Thackery's ready to do the road time. "I started thinking that I missed the days when I was just a full blown, kick ass trio. I thought it would be fun to go back to that. I did keep Mark Stutso, my drummer of 15 years. He knows what direction I'm going in before I do."

Between constant road work with his own band, producing the latest record by his Arkansas friends, the Cate Brothers, recording Whiskey Store with Tab Benoit and touring in support and playing various Nighthawks reunions, Thackery's plate is overflowing, and that's exactly how Thackery likes life - Overflowing.

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Emily is a singer-songwriter whose songs feature an eclectic mix of musical styles from rock and pop, through to roots and folk. her very distinct, almost contralto voice, carries more than a suspicion of classic female singers like joan armatrading and christine mcvie.

“She's got rhythm, she's got soul, she's got sensitivity, she's just got it.” says Benjamin Zephaniah, writer and poet.

Emily has been involved with music from an early age, playing a selection of instruments from clarinet to drums to acoustic guitar. she played in a few bands as a teenager and only started to write her own songs when she was in her early 20s. this culminated in the debut album which was released in 2015, followed by a five year break after the arrival of her beautiful daughter.

he last two years have been a creative roller coaster, starting with a handful of song ideas in late 2020, negotiating a covid world with a mixture of on-line and real-world musical collaborations, and finally getting into the studio to finish off a second album which Emily is rightly proud of!

Weren’t there is the latest single release from Emily’s highly regarded second album and is a wonderful blend of acoustic guitars, drums, cello, piano and, of course her beautiful and distinctive voice! - release date: 12th august 2022.

The album, letting go, was released on the 22nd July 2022.

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Bjørn-Helge Kurseth


Bjørn-Helge Kurseth is a singer songwriter located in Sykkylven, Norway.

He is born in 1982, and have been doing music for the most part of his life. He plays multiple instruments like piano, guitar, bass and some  drums. He has released 14 singles on all major platforms. He is totally  independent and releasing under his own label, Kurseth records.

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

JAM 66 Radio. New site

New website to hear your preferred radio on It or on your favorite player. Enter:

Blues, blues rock and the newest 24 hours a day.


Wes Jeans


One of the greatest moments in the never-ending evolution of music was the invention of the Blues. From its beginning in the swamps and deltas of the South the Blues has spread throughout the United States planting its roots across the nation. When the Blues found its way to Texas it fueled such legends as Blind Lemon Jefferson, Lightnin Hopkins, Albert Collins, Johnny Winter, ZZ Top, as well as Jimmie and Stevie Vaughan. This generation of Texas Blues has unleashed a powerful young guitar slinger; a player that drops the unsuspecting jaw of Blues lovers everywhere; a player some have said "is destined to be a Texas legend - a truly genuine Texas Blues Player"…. Wes Jeans.

Micheal Wesley Jeans was born in the heart of East Texas on January 13, 1981, only fifteen minutes from where legendary Freddie King was born. Wes grew up in a musically-enriched family and showed an interest in performing at a young age. But it wasn't until the age of fifteen that Wes chose his path. He found an old three-string guitar in his closet andbegan learning the beginning riff of "Sunshine of Your Love." Wes' natural ability to learn music by ear and his relentless passion for playing caused an explosion of talent that most beginners only dream of.

In 1996, after only playing nine months, Wes entered the International Jimi Hendrix Competition held in Austin, TX and placed an amazing second among fifteen hundred otheryoung guitar players. Special guest Al Hendrix, father of Jimi Hendrix, told Wes "In my eyes, you won because you played straight from the heart like Jimi!" The dream of playing music for a living, moral support from his family and friends, and the ever-encouraging words of Al Hendrix set this Texas tornado in motion. Soon, Wes was playing area venues and festivals, attracting booking agents and record labels.

In 1999, Wes signed a record contract with Ice House Records of Memphis, Tennessee and began work on his debut album HANDS ON (pictured above). Wes recruited Al Green's bass player and drummer, John Williams and Lloyd Anderson, as well as Albert King's former B-3 player, Gregg Redding, to record at Sam Phillips studio. After being mastered at legendary Ardent Studio, HANDS ON was released in the summer of 2000. It became the highest pre-sale of any Ice House release and reached ..26 on the National Blues Sales Chart. Along with Wes' growing popularity came the demand for new releases. In response, in 2004, Wes and long-time friend and bassist, Syd Hydro, along with drummer Adam Hagerman, recorded a four-song demo (pictured below) at Night Song Studio in Knoxville, TN. The success of the independently-released demo fueled the group to film a live DVD. So, on New Years Day 2005, Wes and his band recorded LIVE AT JUANITAS DVD (pictured below) in Little Rock, Arkansas. This raw footage of Texas style Blues and Jimi Hendrix flare quickly became Wes' number one seller.

Throughout his career, Wes has had the honor of meeting and sharing the stage with many musical greats such as B.B. King, Buddy Guy, Jimmie Vaughan, Billy Gibbons, Dick Dale, Eric Johnson, Hubert Sumlin, Lynryd Skynyrd, Robert Cray, Joe Bonamassa, Indigenous, Lance Lopez, Chris Duarte, and Kenny Wayne Shepherd, just to name of few. After the October 2003 show opening for B.B. King in Shreveport, Louisiana, Wes' performance received a standing ovation and B.B. asked Wes onto his bus where he told him "Son, you keep your head on straight, you are going places."

Not only has he earned the respect of his peers, he has perked the ears of the media and has been featured by many newspapers, magazines and radio stations throughout the country and Canada. When a poll was done by Guitar Player Magazine in late 2003, readers voted Wes number three among the Young Gun Guitar Players in the nation between Jonny Lang and Kenny Wayne Shepherd(GUITAR PLAYER March 2004). In early September 2005, Wes performed and interviewed for a feature-length documentary that focuses on the guitars musicians have preferred over the past fifty years, Fender and Gibson. This Lightning Lab Production was filmed in the Historic Memphis Brewery and is scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2006.

Wes' unrelenting talent and genuine down-to-earth demeanor have won him the favor of many wonderful people, sponsors and endorsements. He continues to gain the admiration of his audience on and off stage. Adding on sponsorships that include GHS Stings, Rivera Amplifiers, Robin Guitars, Svetlana tubes, optic-case, and Seymour Duncan pick-ups. In October 2005, Wes' custom cabinet "The Beast," designed by Wes in conjunction with Mills Acoustics, is to be unveiled in Arlington, Texas at the Annual Stevie Ray Vaughan Remembrance Ride.

In June 2006 Wes released his 2nd studio album "Forest Of The Pine" under Texas Music Records. The album was produced by fellow axe-slayer Lance Lopez and is nothing short of blues/rock perfection. The record showcases Wes' amazing blues guitar prowess and guest stars Memphis' Eric Gales. Wes has followed the album release with touring playing shows with such notables as Eric Johnson, Robert Cray, David Lee Roth, and Indiginous. In August 06' XM Radio-Bluesville picked up "Forest Of The Pine" and has kept it in regular rotation on Stone Blue. Bluesville's Aaron Lee has this to say about "F.O.P"…"This cd kicked my ass! Its one of the best blues/rock cds of 2006!"-Aaron Lee

In January of 2007 "Forest Of The Pine" climbed its way up to the 3rd position on the German Blues Charts.

Wes Jeans is a "true to the Blues" Texas star.

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The world of music is the literature of the heart. It commences where speech ends. It washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life and takes you on an adventure.

My unforgettable adventures include:
2018 - Grand De Talent finals Menton, France
2019 - The Voice Kids Callbacks France
2022 - New release Crois En Toi album - On Tour in Alsace France

Tiffany Huntley was born in Alsace, France, and at 17 years old, she is a coming artist in France who is trying to break into the pop-country culture and has had success. She released her first album in 2022, Crois En Toi, and has been recognized by several newspapers and a local tv station in Alsace. In addition, 2022 has opened doors to her career by opening for several bands while touring in the region for her new album.

Sunday, October 16, 2022



Excorde is a multi-genre resourced rock band with founding members Jimena Arroyo, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Jonnie Cook, from Chicago, USA. They met on SoundCloud six years ago and have been writing songs together ever since.  Their chemistry of composition and production stands out from typical mainstream, and promises to gratify listener's desires to discover something innovative and pass the word along to their friends.  Excorde will never imitate another band, and why should they?  Their creations stand on their own merits.

Musically, Excorde's songs feature broad but cohesive influence of the most desired elements of musical genres, blending rock and pop sensibilities and the savvy of classical and jazz musicianship... to the dominant element of Excorde's passion for inventiveness.  Lyrically, expect to find thoughtful and deeply moving phrasings about experiences in love and life.

Jimena’s emotional voice combined with Jonnie’s distinctive instrumental constructions will transport you to another dimension where catchy choruses, killer guitar riffs, and meaningful lyrics are imbued throughout the listening experience with Excorde.  The spectrum from deeply intimate to powerfully epic is thoroughly explored, captured and rendered, frequently within the dynamic range of a single song.  They feel that, within their music, you will identify with the best of familiar components of these genres, blended seamlessly with a true plethora of new ideas and originality.  Exorde promises you will discover the distinctive identity of their very own making within seconds of listening to every new song they release.

Saturday, October 15, 2022

Tinsley Ellis


World renowned Southern blues-rock guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Tinsley Ellis — like every other musician — was caught off-guard when the pandemic shutdown hit in March 2020. Ellis was forced to cancel the tour promoting his just-released album, Ice Cream In Hell, only six weeks into the 60-date run. This would be the first time in 40 years he’d be off the road, and as he drove the 2400 miles home from Reno to Atlanta, he was already formulating his future plans.

Ellis resolved to dedicate his pandemic-forced downtime to creating new songs and growing as a songwriter. To get back to his musical roots, he began composing on amps and guitars that he hadn’t used for decades. He explored obscure studio and live recordings from some of his greatest musical heroes, such as the Allman Brothers, Freddie King, Michael Bloomfield, B.B. King and beyond, and was inspired by his favorite artists all over again. Eighteen months later, Ellis had written an astonishing 200 new songs.

Explains Ellis, “There was a lot of time to experiment. In my downstairs studio I set up every guitar and amp that I owned, plus a Leslie cabinet, an old wooden Wurlitzer electric piano, an old Maestro Echoplex tape delay and 30 or 40 glass, steel and brass slides. Experimenting with different gear set ups inspired the songwriting. Plus, I was able to listen to more music than I had since the 1970s. My imagination was fired up!”

As early as April 2020, he began regularly releasing his new material online, keeping his thousands of fans engaged and soaking up their comments and responses. He knew, thanks to the reactions of his fans to his new songs, that he needed to make a record and get back on the road as soon as possible. Ellis whittled his massive song list down to ten, enlisted his friend and co-producer, keyboard master Kevin McKendree, and headed for Franklin, Tennessee’s famous Rock House recording studio. The result is Ellis’ new Alligator album, Devil May Care, a record Ellis says “is for the fans as much as for me.”

Born in Atlanta in 1957, Ellis was raised in southern Florida. He acquired his first guitar at age seven, soon after seeing The Beatles perform on the Ed Sullivan Show. He took to it instantly, developing and sharpening his skills as he grew up. Ellis discovered the blues through the back door of British Invasion bands like The Yardbirds, The Animals, Cream and The Rolling Stones as well as Southern rockers like The Allman Brothers. One night in 1972, he and a friend were listening to Al Kooper and Michael Bloomfield’s Super Session record when his friend’s older brother told them if they liked that, they should really go see B.B. King, who was in town that week.

Tinsley and his friends went to the Saturday afternoon performance, sitting transfixed in the front row. When B.B. broke a string on his guitar, Lucille, he changed it without missing a beat, and handed the broken string to Ellis. After the show, B.B. came out and talked with fans, mesmerizing Tinsley with his warmth and kindness. Tinsley’s fate was now sealed; he had to become a blues guitarist. He saw Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters and every other blues artist who came through town, always sitting up front, always waiting to meet the artists, take photos, and get autographs. To this day, he still has B.B.’s string.

Devil May Care, Ellis’ 20th album, contains ten of his most dynamic original compositions, mixing muscular rock ‘n’ roll and hard blues into his own instantly recognizable sound. Highlights include the Southern rock-tinged opening trio of songs—One Less Reason, Right Down The Drain and Just Like Rain—to the slow-burning Don’t Bury Our Love to the Hendrix-y Step Up and 28 Days. The emotionally-charged guitar solos soar in full service to the songs, as if Ellis is living and breathing the sound rather than simply playing the notes. “The goal,” says Ellis, “was to make the guitar sing.”

Tinsley Ellis has been immersed in music his whole life. Born in Atlanta 1957 and raised in southern Florida, he acquired his first guitar at age seven, inspired by seeing The Beatles perform on The Ed Sullivan Show. He took to guitar instantly, developing and sharpening his skills as he grew up. Like many kids his age, Ellis discovered the blues through the back door of British Invasion bands like The Yardbirds, The Animals, Cream and The Rolling Stones as well as Southern rockers like the Allman Brothers. One night in 1972, he and a friend were listening to Al Kooper and Michael Bloomfield’s Super Session record when his friend’s older brother told them that, if they liked Super Session, they should go see B.B. King, who was in town that week. Tinsley saw that show from the very front row. As fate would have it, King broke a guitar string while playing, and after changing it without missing a beat, he handed the broken string to young Tinsley. And yes, he still has that string.

Less than three years later, Ellis, already an accomplished teenaged musician, left Florida and moved to Atlanta. He soon joined a hard-driving local blues band, the Alley Cats. In 1981, along with veteran blues singer and harpist Chicago Bob Nelson, Tinsley formed The Heartfixers, a group that would become Atlanta’s top-drawing blues band. After cutting two Heartfixers albums for the Landslide label, Ellis was ready to step out on his own.

Georgia Blue, Tinsley’s first Alligator release, hit the unprepared public by surprise in 1988. The Chicago Tribune said, “Tinsley Ellis torches with molten fretwork. Ellis takes classic, Southern blues-rock workouts and jolts them to new life with a torrid ax barrage.” His next four releases—1989’s Fanning The Flames, 1992’s Trouble Time, 1994’s Storm Warning (his song A Quitter Never Wins, a highlight from Storm Warning, was recorded by Jonny Lang, selling almost two million copies), and 1997’s Fire It Up—further grew his legend as well as his audience. Features and reviews ran in Rolling Stone, The Chicago Tribune, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, The Boston Globe, and in many other national and regional publications.

In the early 2000s, Ellis released albums on Capricorn Records and on Telarc before returning to Alligator in 2005 with Live–Highwayman, which captured the fifth-gear energy of his barn-burning live show. He followed it with two more incendiary studio releases, 2007’s Moment Of Truth and 2009’s Speak No Evil. He self-released four successful albums on his own Heartfixer label before coming back home to Alligator in 2018, releasing the fan favorite Winning Hand. The album debuted at #1 on the Billboard Blues Chart and earned a Blues Music Award (BMA) nomination for Album Of The Year. 2020’s Ice Cream In Hell further cemented Ellis’ reputation and put him on the cusp of even greater success before all touring was brought to a halt that March. Now, with Devil May Care and a new nationwide tour booked, Ellis is more than ready to get back on the road and make up for lost time.

Ellis has been a road warrior ever since his Alligator debut. He has captivated and amazed fans in all 50 United States, as well as in Canada, all across Europe, Australia and South America. He’s also earned the love and respect of many of his fellow musicians, including Warren Haynes, Oliver Wood, Jonny Lang, Buddy Guy, the Tedeschi Trucks Band, Gov’t Mule, Widespread Panic and more. Additionally, he’s shared stages with blues legends including Stevie Ray Vaughan, Otis Rush, Willie Dixon, Leon Russell, Son Seals, Koko Taylor and Albert Collins. Mega-star guitarist Joe Bonamassa calls Ellis “a national treasure.” But no matter where or with whom he performs, Ellis always plays with grit, soul and unbridled passion.

According to, “Ellis’ playing underscores the emotional depth in the lyrics. His meaty solos dig deep.” With Devil May Care, Ellis proves that true again, with ten jaw-dropping, career-topping performances. As he continues adding more dates to his already packed tour schedule, Ellis will bring his high-energy Southern blues-rock to fans all across the country. “It’s been a long 18 months,” he says, “and now folks are ready to have some fun.”

Friday, October 14, 2022

Targetspot Doubles Down on Podcasts


After the digital audio sales company Targetspot reported its podcast ad revenue tripled during the first half of the year, the company says it is “doubling down” on the medium. That includes adding new resources in the U.S. marketplace where Targetspot says its podcast marketplace has been “refined” to meet the demands of advertisers who are looking to buy space from multiple podcast publishers.

“As we have continued to expand our podcast supply, we have simultaneously been improving both show level transparency and category accuracy. This means buyers can have further confidence in buying what they are targeting, and having greater visibility in the actual shows where ads are running,” said Dominick Milano, SVP of Sales and Business Development in North America.

The Targetspot podcast marketplace has grown to now reach more than one billion monthly impressions in North America. That includes podcast from radio groups including Bonneville, Salem Media Group and Canadian broadcaster CBC, as well as publishers like Spreaker and Empire Magazine.

Targetspot said in July that its revenue during the first half of the year rose to $14.9 million, a 19.1% increase compared to a year ago. In North America, Targetspot says its first-half revenue rose by 13.1%. Growth was hampered by what it called a “moderation” in advertising investments in certain sectors including the automotive and job recruiting sites.

Alexandre Saboundjian, Chairman and founder of Targetspot, says revenue from podcasts made up 28% of the company’s revenue during the first half of this year. That compares to 19% for the whole of 2021.

Targetspot is also ramping up its podcast efforts in Europe. In the U.K., it has partnerships with two new publishers --Sport Social Podcast Network and WIZARD Radio Media – giving ad buyers the opportunity to reach a wide-ranging audience of sports fans and Gen Z listeners.

In France and Belgium, Targetspot is picking up the ad sales for three new podcasts produced by Paradiso Media and Brut. Targetspot has also partnered with the French platform Audiomeans, the leading independent podcast hosting and distribution company in terms of listening volume.

“The many partnerships forged in recent weeks will further accelerate our increasing influence in this high-potential channel,” said Saboundjian. “Podcasts bring together an audience that is both highly engaged and highly qualified, offering agencies and advertisers unprecedented targeting capabilities. With its turnkey Targetspot Podcast Marketplace solution, our group has become a key player in podcast monetization.”

Monkey Junk


Since 2008, the name Monkey Junk has been synonymous with the emergence of a new kind of blues on the Canadian and international scenes.  Continually pushing boundaries and blurring genre lines, the Ottawa-based trio has added an edge to their music by incorporating swampy blues & rock with thoughtful and intelligent lyrics. MonkeyJunk is Tony D on lead guitar, Steve Marriner on lead vocals/baritone guitar/harmonica and Matt Sobb on drums. The band has released 5 full-length albums and are looking towards a sixth tentatively scheduled to be recorded and released in late 2021. As one of the hardest working bands on the scene today, these Canadian ambassadors of blues/rock are constantly working to up their game in terms of songwriting and musicianship, on record and especially live! 23 Maple Blues Awards, 2 Indy Awards, 1 USA Blues Music Award, 2 JUNO AWARDS!