Monday, September 19, 2022

Benedikt Brydern


One of the hippest nights out in Europe is a visit to an “ice bar“ where the entire club is sub zero and you sip your cocktails in faux fur coats and winter boots. I mention it because Germany’s Benedikt Brydern and his electric violin could provide the perfect soundtrack for your chilled outing. ~STEWART COXHEAD.

Benedikt Brydern is an award-winning composer and performer. His scores have been featured in film, television and on the concert stage in the United Sates and internationally.

From the Miramax documentary “Rhyme & Reason” to independent films like” Dunsmore”, directed by Academy Nominee Peter Spirer, from Jon Voight’s children tale “The Tin Soldier” to the historic drama "Pagan Queen", whether using traditional orchestral or electronic techniques.

A brand new smooth jazz track featuring the sounds of the violin. Composed, performed and produced by award-winning composer Benny Brydern. Also showcasing acclaimed jazz artist Mark Hollingsworth on saxophone. The stellar rhythm section includes recording artists Rayford Griffin on drums and bassist Gabriel Vivas.

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