Thursday, July 18, 2024

Homeless Radio

Homeless Radio is a Ukrainian indie rock band, formed in Kharkiv, in 2016. The band is composed of singer/guitarist Andrew Yampolskiy, lead guitarist Fedor Orlov, bassist Ivan Trikoza and drummer Ivan Orlov. The band's music style represents a mixture of garage rock, alternative rock, and pop music, sometimes adding features of other music genres.
During 2017-2019 the band had active concert activity, especially in the Kharkiv district. Homeless Radio has been participating in the 'Kharkiv Music Day' open-air festival since 2017.

In 2018 Homeless Radio released their 2 demos 'I Don't Care' and 'Cackler' on Soundcloud, which had a positive reaction from their listeners.

At the start of 2021 Homeless Radio joined Sunset Alliance indie label. On May 18, 2021, the band released their first EP called The Truth on all music platforms.

In 2022, the band released its new single About You on May 3. Due to the Russian invention, the band became separated across Ukraine for an undetermined time. The lead singer Andrew had been living in the occupied town of Izyum for three months without any electricity, gas, water, and standard comforts. The release of the song is aimed at supporting him.
After a prolonged hiatus, the band returned with a fresh skate/garage punk single Submarine, an energetic tribute to Richard Ayoade's film and Joe Dunthorne's novel with the same title, which was released on January 9! The team was updated with a bass player from Kharkiv Stepan Tkachuck, while Ihor joined the Ukrainian army. The latest single will was dedicated to him! The tune received shoutouts from Joe Dunthorne and Gordon Raphael, the first producer of legendary The Strokes!

As they begin a monumental new chapter, Homeless Radio are here with their electrifying new single, 'SleepNot', released July 2nd. Get ready to dive into the raw, punky, heavy energy of this summer.

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Smiling Horse


Dutch singer songwriter Hans Vleugel. alias Smiling Horse, presents “My Favorite Secret Album".

Hans wrote these songs after his divorce in 1986. Together these 12 songs spanned 7 years. These remained on the shelf as demos until 2008.

Hans found a studio and a female singer (Racquel Roberts) in Los Angeles, and had his demos re-recorded by professional musicians.

Open your ears and listen to Hans' secret album. All 12 songs were written from the heart.

Monday, July 15, 2024

Amir Higher


Dive into Amir Higher's enchanting cover of Toto's "Africa", a collaborative effort with Moran Lee Kogan. As a skilled music producer and songwriter, Amir infuses this classic with his unique touch, highlighting his vocal prowess and production expertise. This rendition has earned acclaim for its freshness, showcasing Amir's solo talents and collaborative spirit.

Beyond covers, Amir's original music has soared into the top 30 on UK charts, with worldwide airplay resonating globally. His collaboration with Moran underscores his adaptability and creative range. This cover not only revisits a classic but also spotlights Amir Higher as a dynamic force in music, crafting original hits and redefining timeless songs. 
 Amir Higher is a highly accomplished artist who has achieved great success with his music. His previous single "I Am Ready" gained airplay in 15 countries and achieved top 30 placement on the UK charts. The accompanying music video also went viral, garnering over 1 million views on YouTube and gaining airplay on multiple TV channels in the USA. Two of Amir's original songs were also featured in "Choices," which won the Best Short Film award at Cannes Film Festival.  Amir's latest single "Can't See You" has already gained massive popularity, with over 1 million views on YouTube and 14k streams on Spotify, as well as a growing fanbase of 26k followers on Instagram. This time, Amir produced the track himself and directed the music video, which integrates 3D animation and real footage. In addition to "Can't See You," Amir has several exciting releases planned for the coming months. Fans can look forward to three versions of "Can't See You" and a brand new song called "Small Box," each accompanied by its own music video.  Amir's talent for songwriting and composition is evident in his music, and his ability to craft catchy pop tunes with anthemic feels has gained him critical acclaim. TuneLoud Magazine described "I Am Ready" as "fun, uplifting, and hopeful," while Amir's music has been praised for its sharp production, strong piano overtones, and clever and nostalgic lyrics. Amir Higher's music is a blend of pop and EDM, and he has a unique talent for communicating genuine feelings through his music. With his growing popularity and undeniable talent, Amir Higher is a name to watch in the music industry.


Sunday, July 14, 2024

Amber Elara


Amber Elara is an alternative rock / pop artist from Liverpool, she is a multi-instrumentalist but is classically trained in piano and has been singing and songwriting for 10 years. The 23 year old takes influences from Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin etc…

Her first single ‘Heart’ is inspired by the likes of Pink Floyd and Jeff Buckley. Amber plays piano, synths and keytar and puts a unique, modern twist on the genre. Amber has been playing the piano since she was 8 year old, she initially was trained in classical music and as she grew up she fell in love with Rock and settled into her own style, combining the technical elements of classical music with the raw emotion and grit of Rock n Roll. 

Ambers work and education has always followed a musical path, she studied music at college and uni and received a Ba (Hons) degree in music performance at LMA University and has worked as a self employed musician and piano teacher ever since. Expect to hear demanding and captivating vocals, 70s and 80s inspired synth sounds paired with an edgy, distorted guitar and emotional, easy to sing along to lyrics. Amber Elara has been successfully gigging in and around Liverpool for 7 years and has collaborated with ‘Zenith’ on a couple of songs including ‘She’ and ‘A Man’s Privilege’ which are available to stream on all platforms. 

Amber Elara was signed to Big Condo Records on the 4th January 2024, and is set to release her debut single on the label called Heart. The release is available from the 11th August via streaming platforms like Tidal, Amazon and Spotify. 
After signing to Big Condo Records Amber went on her first tour completing 5 dates with the record label covering Stoke On Trent, Wirral, Liverpool, Chester and more. Amber recently featured on the Big Condo Records weekender, also winning best content creator of the festival.
Amber is set to release her debut single with a launch party to be held at Round The Corner Liverpool with a collective of support acts, tickets are available on skiddle, make sure you get yours now.

Friday, July 12, 2024


Introducing an electrifying new release that demands airplay across radio stations. Embark on a sonic journey with SMILL, a visionary in the music scene, as they unveil their latest masterpiece, "Mistakes".

This track transcends boundaries, seamlessly blending genres and showcasing SMILL's unparalleled musical prowess. With captivating lyrics and innovative melodies, "Mistakes" captivates listeners, promising an unforgettable auditory experience. From its infectious hooks to the soul-stirring vocals, this release is a testament to SMILL's ability to push artistic boundaries.

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

"Full Tank Of Gas" by The Whythouse


"Full Tank Of Gas" by The Whythouse is a captivating country pop anthem that combines infectious melodies with real-life lyrics. Produced by renowned Juno Award winner Dave Murray, this track embodies a feel-good vibe that resonates with all listeners. The song takes its listeners on a journey of youthful love and excitement, evoking the thrill of hitting that open road with a full tank of gas. It celebrates the carefree spirit of embarking on adventures and cherishing moments of pure freedom. With its catchy hook and upbeat tempo, "Full Tank Of Gas" blends urban country instrumentation with contemporary pop sensibilities. The infectious rhythm and dynamic vocals of The Whythouse create an irresistible energy that uplifts and inspires.

Artist Background: The Whythouse, an award-winning Canadian urban country artist who brings authenticity and passion to every performance. Known for his urban country style and engaging presence, The Whythouse continues to drop hit after hit  with his unique blend of country storytelling and urban musical influences.

Production Quality: Produced by Dave Murray, whose mastery has earned him accolades in the music industry, "Full Tank Of Gas" showcases top-notch production values. The seamless integration of instruments and vocals creates a rich sonic landscape that enhances the song's emotional depth and energy.

Audience Appeal: "Full Tank Of Gas" appeals to a wide audience, from country music enthusiasts to pop music fans, Its universal themes of love, adventure, and freedom resonate with listeners who appreciate catchy, feel-good melodies.

Release Information: "Full Tank Of Gas" is set to be released July 19th,2024:  Radio release dateJuly 12th,2024

Conclusion: "Full Tank Of Gas" by The Whythouse is more than just a song—it's an anthem of youthful exuberance and love, brought to life with exceptional talent and production. Get ready to embark on a musical journey that will leave you singing along and craving your own adventures with a Full Tank of Gas.

Available on Yangaroo DMDS and EARSHOT DDS

Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Tony Venuto


Based on a true love story, this song has been getting lots of buzz and has over 12,000 streams at Spotify in less then a week. The hooks are beaming out of the music, and the vocals as well, everything about “My Love for You” feels like it found the place where it belongs. This is Tony Venuto's most addictive and accessible song yet.
 There is no doubt whatsoever that Tony Venuto is making music that people genuinely want to hear. His debut record ‘20 Years’ yielded air-time at college stations for three songs and the album received over 200,000 streams across the major online platforms.  Inspired by the love, support, enthusiasm, and growing buzz surrounding his unique style of hybrid rock, the momentum of this San Francisco Bay Area artist’s career continued to build as he began to work on his follow-up record. He refined a versatile sound that incorporates elements of Indie Rock, Pop, Post-Punk and New Wave, with dynamic songwriting and irresistible hooks that shine with innovation, authenticity, and passion. 
The more Venuto believed in his talents, the more that he got out of his vocals, his guitar, and his music overall. Enlisting a team of ace musicians, he created a powerful lineup of ten new songs that reveal how far he has come with his solo career in such a short amount of time. His brand new album ‘City and Sand’ includes a sensational setlist that is certain to prove Venuto’s music is more addictive and accessible than ever before. He’s about to surge straight into the most groundbreaking year of his career to-date, and take YOU along with him for the ride!

Saturday, July 6, 2024

Rare Breed

Rare Breed is a brand new rock band from Finland. The band consists of musicians marinated in many soups, who strive to create unique, uncompromising content in the cultural field. Rare Breed will release their debut album in the spring of 2024, and singles will be released throughout the winter. Band's second single Wither and die will be out on 14.2.2024 

Debut single Idle King: