Saturday, September 30, 2023

Sam Huber

From his secret sonic lab in downtown Helsinki, Finland, Sam Huber has built a career cross-pollinating musical touchstones from the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s with modern elements like hip-hop rhythms, trap beats, loops and more to create what he calls ‘Future Funk.’

With over a dozen releases in the past five years, featuring collaborations with everyone from dancehall legend Hawkman to hiphop icon Bazerk and P-Funk alums Michael “Kidd Funkadelic” Hampton and Amp Fiddler, remixes by the likes of Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame inductee Keith Shocklee (The Bomb Squad/Public Enemy) and Grammy winning producer Bill Laswell, Huber is nothing if not prolific.

A powerhouse songwriter with eyes and ears always open, and guided by the steady hand of longtime producer Tomás Doncker, the one common thread that runs through his entire catalog is a relentless, undeniably funky groove. “It’s all about the groove,” he relates.

“That subconscious funk that hits you on a primal level and gets into your soul. I’ve always tried to have that, in some aspect, embedded in the DNA of every record I’ve ever made.” Huber distills essences of everything from Berlin-era Bowie and vintage Philly soul to Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Prince and even Tom Jones into his own genre-defying style, and the results are stellar every time.

Thursday, September 28, 2023

Inner Circle Blues Band

San-Ton Entertainment presents a band that has few equals, "Inner City Blues Band".

This group of talented professionals has an extensive resume as individuals, and collectively, a high energy Blues, R&B group who opened for such Legends as "Bobby Blue Bland", the late great "Johnny Taylor" Comedian John Hinton of "Living Color " fame. Little Milton, the late great "Bobby Womack. & "Grammy Award Winner "Buckwheat Zydeco" expect to make positive impression across the nation and around the world. "The "Inner City Blues Band" is a tight unit who treats R&B as tenderly as a newborn baby and pond out hard Blues with clarity and jackhammer strength.

Monday, September 25, 2023

John Barry

John Barry was born on November 3, 1933 in York (England).

He was a trumpet player in a local jazz band: The Modernaires.

In the army he joined a military band and later worked as an arranger.

Together with some friends he founded the band The John Barry Seven in 1955. In 1957 they appeared on the program "Six Five Special". On television they play in shows like "Oh Boy", achieving great notoriety. They sign with EMI and record highly popular singles.

In 1960, John Barry made his first film work: "Beat Girl" and later for "Until Your Last Breath." Internationally recognized for his romantic soundtracks and for his extensive collaboration in the James Bond film series. In 1962, after acquiring the film rights to Ian Fleming's novels, Albert R. Broccoli presented the first film in the series: "Dr. No" and then an entire concept was born where music was a key element. Monty Norman was in charge of the music for this first installment. The show's producers called John Barry because they were apparently dissatisfied with Norman's work and wanted a new version of the theme song. Thus was born the true and unforgettable James Bond Theme, which to date has accompanied the British agent throughout his 18 films and which provoked legal disputes over the rights to the theme between Norman and Barry.

He did work for Bond with "From Russia with Love", and ousted the Beatles with the sale of his song for "Goldfinger". He combines cinema with works for television, such as the "Vendetta" series, documentaries about cities ("Elizabeth Taylor in London", "Sophia Loren in Rome" ...) or "The Persuasors".

He worked on "The Lion in Winter", the musical "Billy", "The Last Valley", "Mary, Queen of Scots" and great soundtracks to diverse genres, such as space ("Black Abyss", "Clash of Galaxies "), even western ("Monte Walsh") or adventure ("King Kong", "Robin and Marian"). "Moonraker" deserves special mention as a return to the Bond series. During the 80s he composed the music for "En Algún Lugar del Tiempo". He says goodbye to the Bond series with the scores for "A View to a Kill", "Octopussy" and "007 High Tension". "Out of Africa" earned him recognition from the Academy. After a long illness, he composed for "Bailando con Lobos", "Mi Vida" and "La Letra Escarlata". In "Chaplin" he does a magnificent job full of sensitivity, and in "The Specialist" he composes like the best Bond music.

Nominated 7 times for the Oscars, he won 5 statuettes: Born Free (1966), for which he won the award in the categories of Best Soundtrack and Best Song; The Lion in Winter (1968); Out of Africa (1985) and Dances with Wolves (1990).

John Barry died in Oyster Bay, New York, on January 30, 2011 of a heart attack.

Friday, September 22, 2023

Rare Union



The start of Rare Union began in 2019. It started with LA Smith from New York, percussionist. LA Smith had been wanting to produce a CD, with a lot of percussion. To pass percussion on to kids all over the world. After completing a national tour with The Randy Oxford Band in 2014, LA decided to play at festivals with headliners, and do percussion workshops, passing on 12 sets of bongos at each workshop to low-income kids all over the western hemisphere.At the same time, Martin Cage lead guitarist from Nemesis, was looking to put some of his original compositions into a CD. 

LA Smith now out of Columbia MO, and Martin Cage out of Salt Lake UT, decided to get together, and see what would happen.They went into El Centro studio in Columbia, Missouri and start recording. They added Jerry Russo, a local rhythm drummer and the three of them put together first six songs.Then the pandemic hit, and it was a challenge to bring any artists in to the studio. The studio added UV lighting, and slowly they started to work on the CD. Martin Cage had played with vocalist, guitar player, Max Soler from FT Myers, in the group Nemesis. So, when they called Max he was ready to go. Over the next year and a half, they had several recording sessions. They had Will Reeves on bass and Danny Carrol on drums, both from Columbia, MO. They played together in several groups. Before too long they had 9 more songs.The songs started to get real heart felt lyrics, guitar breaks and solos that bring out the original sound that Rare Union turned out to be. They did not go into the studio trying to produce a particular sound, just wanted to make good music. What happened was chemistry, with five artists, with all different backgrounds, from 5 different states playing together. As the songs Martin had composed evolved and began to take shape, Max would add lyrics, guitar. Both Martin Cage and Max Soler would switch off on lead and rhythm. LA Smith and Danny Carroll would build the structure of the songs and decide how to incorporate the drums and percussion. Will Reeves did the bass lines and engineered the CD. They ended up with a new blues rock sound.The addition of Micael Kott on Cello, from Santa Fe NM, was added. His recording was done at Frogville Studios in Santa Fe, NM. Michael Kott plays cello all over the world with Peter Buffet. His cello is on “Won’t Be Lost” and “Brother of Mine”.With the CD getting produced, and final vocals getting finished the band needed a name. That’s where Dawn Smith suggested Rare Union. It described this band, born in a pandemic, from five states, with all new original music. Dawn set up all the production of the CD, web site, Domain, copywrite and trademarks. 

Naming the CD was easy, Max Soler and Martin Cage had a friend who passed, and he was considered a brother. So, the band named the CD, “Brother of Mine”.Rare union is now setting dates to do three videos and the start of the next CD in March. Wanting to have it out by the middle of October.They have been invited to several festivals, and are lining up festivals around the world to play. Hopping for 2023, but with the pandemic may be 2024.

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Fans JAM 66 Radio


Check the Fans JAM 66 Radio blog where you can read daily posts, Latest blues, rock  and bluesrock News, know the coming blues and rock concerts and Listen to the station. 

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HiSQ & Terri and Norman Bergen



HiSQ is known for catchy tunes in many genres. Now they try rockin’ country! 

They teamed up with Norman Bergen, a legend who wrote for instance ”Only A Fool Breaks His Own Heart”. Norman asked his wife Terri to sing this duet with him. It’s like Willie Nelson and Dolly Parton reunited. The HiSQ band wanted their original song to sound both modern and traditional with slap-bass and everything. Luckily they also got Norman to play the piano solo.

”I’ll Never Let You Go” with Terri and Norman Bergen tells a story that HiSQ hopes nobody can relate to. But hey, it’s still a compelling country tune!

Saturday, September 16, 2023

David T Carter


David T Carter is an Australian singer/songwriter from the Trailer Park Rangers and a pioneering force of the new Modern Americana Era. He was nominated four years in a row as Best Americana Act in the North Bay Bohemian and has been an AAA/AC Radio Artist since 1996. He has performed over 3,000 live performances nationally and internationally since 1991.

A few quotes will be listed below:

“A distinctly individual and promising new talent”
-Rolling Stone

“… More home-grown wit in one song than most alt-country bands do in an entire CD.”
-Greenman Review, Mike Stiles

“... anyone who gets excited about inventiveness that is intelligent will find David T. Carter compulsive listening.”
-London Temple, Maverick Magazine, UK Rate: 4.5 stars

“At every turn the music is impressive”
-Matt Kramer, Pacific Sun

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Kelsie Kimberlin

American-Ukrainian artist Kelsie Kimberlin, working with Grammy winners, recorded "Armageddon" about the unjust war against Ukraine.

In the song she says that Ukraine will stop the Armageddon facing the world and that Ukraine is protecting the world from the terror being experienced in Ukraine. The song is very powerful and is being submitted to the Grammys in the Social Change category.

Kelsie visited Ukraine for two weeks to film the video on sites of some of the worst atrocities in Bucha, Irpin and Kyiv. The video will be released in the second week of September 2023. She is the only artist to be given permission to film in these areas.

President Zelensky, speaking at the Grammys, asked all artists to use their music to keep the attention on Ukraine. Kelsie has done this with "Armageddon".

Sunday, September 10, 2023

Ten Karat

Ten Karat Gold is one of Baltimore's Best R&B and dance bands. Ten Karat Gold's latest single "U & Me & Love" is dedicated to those who are in love, want to be in love or those who are always in love. The single is a follow-up to their LP "Party House".

Ten Karat Gold is a high energy performing band. They have performed in over 1,000 concerts and venues and have a large following on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Opening for national artists such as The Drifters, Blue Magic, The Ebonys, The Chi-Lites, The Intruders and Harold Melvin's Blue Notes, just to name a few.

Friday, September 8, 2023

Wilson T. King

Listen to Wilson T. King at JAM 66 Radio.

Wilson T. King is the alias of multi-instrumentalist/songwriter and producer Tim Wilson.

He is the main exponent of the musical form he mentioned in his Blues Matters interview in May 2010, as "future blues." Both debut album, Follow Your First Mind and second release "Last of the Analogues" have received world-wide critical acclaim in such publications as Classic Rock, Guitar Player, Total Guitar, Blues Matters and "Blues Rock Magazine" . Wilson has caused debate amongst some in the blues/guitar community due to his comments about the state of modern blues; especially what he calls "karaoke blues" artists.

In an interview with Alternative Magazine Online and a BBC Radio interview, Wilson adopted an aggressive stance against "karaoke blues" artists, considering them nothing more than merchants of parody and pastiche.

His main guitar influences stylistically would seem to be Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Dave Gilmour, Albert King and Duane Allman, while his voice takes a more modern laid-back approach eschewing the typical blues sound.

His compositions tend to vary from the very simplistic to near avant-garde while maintaining a modern feel with the bass lines tending to be crucial to the minimalist approach.

Follow Your First Mind was released in February 2010 via 19 Miles High and distributed through Interscope Digital Distribution. The album was recorded in Manhattan and in Wilson's home town of Newark-on-Trent, England, and mastered at Abbey Road Studios by Christian Wright. Wilson has stated via his Facebook page that he is the final stages of recording his second album with an intended release date of mid-2011.

Last of the Analogues was released in October 2012 to universal critical acclaim. The album was recorded in the US and UK and featured Josh Lattanzi of Norah Jones on bass and Dan Whitley brother of the late Blues Great Chris Whitley on Harmonica as guest players. Grammy award winner Brian Lucey famed for his work with Dr John and the Black Keys mastered the record. Reviews included Classic Rock Magazine 8/10, Blues Rock Magazine 8/10 and part of their best of 2012, Guitar Player Magazine March 2013 " A psychedelic tour de force", Blues Matters "Probably Album of the year" as well as on-line reviews such as Music News 5/5, Blues Rock Review 9/10. Metal Discovery 10/10, Rock Guitar Daily "Blade Runner Blues". Wilson was featured artist again in Guitar Player 20edition of 13 March as well as Blues Matters.

In the Guitar Player March 2013 interview Wilson mentioned that this record was more widescreen with more focus on song writing and production.

According to an interview with Wilson in the December 2010 issue of Guitar Player Magazine, he is trying to push the blues in new directions by creating records that are void of the typical blues cliches. Lyrically and sonically adventurous, while still deeply embedded within the blues form, he calls the blues the DNA of his recordings.

Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Tinsley Ellis

A hard-rocking, high-voltage blues guitarist most often compared to Stevie Ray Vaughan, Tinsley Ellis is hardly one of the legions of imitators that comparison might imply. Schooled in a variety of Southern musical styles as evidenced by his 1988 Alligator debut Georgia Blue (a label he has been signed to three different times), Ellis draws not only from fiery Vaughan-style blues-rock, but also Texas bluesmen like Freddie King and Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown, the soulful blues of B.B. King, the funky grit of Memphis soul, and numerous other electric bluesmen. Later offerings such as 1997's Fire It Up showcased fine hopped-up originals alongside striking covers penned by everyone from Mickey Newbury and Danny Kirwan, to Magic Sam and Los Lobos. Ellis has been praised in many quarters for the relentless, storming intensity of his sound. His early 21st century sides such as The Hard Way in 2004 (Telarc), 2013's Midnight Blue, and 2016's Red Clay Soul (on his own Heartfixer Music label) earned him the general acknowledgement that he has been a consistent and formidable instrumentalist and solid songwriting talent. The guitarist returned to Alligator for 2018's Winning Hand, and followed with Ice Cream in Hell in 2020 and his 20th album, The Devil May Care in 2022.

Ellis was born in Atlanta in 1957, and spent most of his childhood in southern Florida. He began playing guitar in elementary school, first discovering the blues through the flagship bands of the British blues boom: John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers, the Peter Green-led Fleetwood Mac, the Yardbirds, the Rolling Stones, and so on. He soon moved on to a wide variety of original sources, becoming especially fond of B.B. King and Freddie King. After high school, Ellis moved back to Atlanta in 1975 to attend Emory University, and soon found work on the local music scene, joining a bar band called the Alley Cats (which also featured future Fabulous Thunderbird Preston Hubbard). In 1981, Ellis co-founded the Heartfixers with singer/harmonica player Chicago Bob Nelson, and they recorded an eponymous debut album for the tiny Southland imprint. They soon signed with the slightly larger Landslide and issued Live at the Moon Shadow in 1983, by which point they were one of the most popular live blues acts in the South. However, Nelson left the group shortly after the album's release, and Ellis took over lead vocal chores.

The Heartfixers' first project in their new incarnation was backing up blues shouter Nappy Brown on his well-received 1984 comeback album, Tore Up. Ellis debuted his vocals on record on the Heartfixers' 1986 LP Cool on It, which brought him to the attention of Alligator Records. Ellis left the Heartfixers to sign with Alligator as a solo artist in 1988, and they picked up his solo debut, Georgia Blue, for distribution. The album helped make Ellis a fixture on the blues circuit, and he toured heavily behind it, establishing a hard-working pattern he would follow for most of his career. The follow-up, Fanning the Flames, appeared in 1989 and explored similar territory. Released in 1992, Trouble Time helped land Ellis on album rock radio thanks to the track "Highwayman," but it was 1994's Storm Warning that really broke Ellis to a wider blues-rock audience, earning more media attention than any of his previous recordings; additionally, guitar prodigy Jonny Lang later covered Ellis' "A Quitter Never Wins" on Lie to Me.

For 1997's Fire It Up, Ellis worked with legendary blues-rock producer Tom Dowd (the Allman Brothers, Derek & the Dominos), as well as Booker T. & the MG's bassist Donald "Duck" Dunn. Ellis subsequently left Alligator and signed with Capricorn; unfortunately, shortly after the release of 2000's Kingpin, Capricorn went bankrupt, leaving the album high and dry. Still, Ellis soon caught on with Telarc, releasing his initial disc Hell or High Water on the label in 2002, followed by The Hard Way in 2004. One year later, Ellis was back with Alligator, putting out the live set Live! Highwayman and 2007's Moment of Truth, the first studio album to contain original material since Hell or High Water. Ellis toured relentlessly behind the album, and reentered the studio in early 2009. Speak No Evil was released that October, but it would be another three and a half years before he issued another studio album, with Ellis choosing to focus on live performance for the intervening period.

When the all-instrumental Get It! did arrive in March 2013, it contained tributes to a number of his blues guitar heroes such as Freddie King, Bo Diddley, and Albert Collins. Before the end of the year he had also prepared another album with the same lineup as the Get It! sessions: Kevin McKendree on keyboards, Lynn Williams on drums, and Ted Pecchio on bass. Midnight Blue was released in January of 2014, followed quickly by Tough Love in 2015 and Red Clay Soul in 2016. In 2018, Ellis returned with Winning Hand, co-produced in Nashville with rhythm guitarist and keyboardist McKendree. The very same team of players reconvened in the fall to cut Ice Cream in Hell, released in January of 2020. During the worst of the pandemic, Ellis hunkered down in quarantine and wrote more than 200 songs. He chose ten for his 20th album, the Kevin McKendree-produced The Devil May Care, issued by Alligator in January 2022.

Sunday, September 3, 2023

Chris Chitsey

Chris Chitsey's "Last Time I Saw You'' is a catchy, country radio hit you will enjoy playing over and over again. Chitsey's smooth and powerful song will charm and mesmerize, and make you want to it keep it on repeat. Chitsey is known to Country radio as having three number one hit songs since 2015.