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JAM 66 Radio started in 2015 under the name Route 66 Radio, later called Classic 66 Radio, it broadcast country, folk, blues and rock music and music related to American Route 66 and also programs that contained those musical styles. Since 2019, the radio has been renamed JAM Radio, and broadcasts the same musical styles as its predecessor, and without losing the new music that every week sounds as novelty on the station. Later it was renamed JAM 66 Radio, which definitely plays blues, bluesrock and rock and the newest of those genres.

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The blog of JAM 66 Radio posts updated blues, country, rock, blues-rock, jazz news every week. Also, this blog posts lots of news about new bands playing those genres.

To listen to the radio, find the apps or the links and player on the right column of this blog.

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PD. Share JAM 66 Radio and insert its radio player in your blog or site. Let your visitors enjoy all the great music played on this station. You only have to copy and paste on your site this code: 


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