Tuesday, May 30, 2023

DownTown Mystic

"Live" is the 3rd single to be released off the new DownTown Mystic "AmeriKarma" album. "Live" features Steve Holley (Paul McCartney, Elton John) on drums and harmony vocals while Paul Page (Ian Hunter, Dion) steps out front on bass. Harmonica wiz Jerry Fierro adds some funky flavor to the track, which was mastered by the legend, Leon Zervos at Studios 301 in Australia.

DownTown Mystic writer/producer Robert Allen comments, 'Most of the songs on "AmeriKarma" are a product of the Covid pandemic. I think people had a chance to really take stock of their lives and "Live" is a song about getting a second chance to do something'.

Monday, May 29, 2023

A Black Rainbow


A Black Rainbow is the music project and brainchild of Wilson Gonzalez Ochsenknecht.

A Black Rainbow stands for the outsider who doesn't fit into the picture at first glance, but is nevertheless a soulful, profound, multi-layered person. A rainbow whose colours have yet to be fathomed. Dark basses meet harmonious melodies, underpinned by strict beats and arrangements rich in contrast, plus an incomparable visual style. A mixture of rock'n'roll, wave, electro and techno. As multi-layered as a rainbow, yet unadjusted and rebellious. Like the black sheep of the family.

After his first acting successes, it was clear to Wilson that he would be more than "just" a child star. At 16, he moved to Los Angeles, where he studied film and art at the Idyllwild Arts Academy. But acting was never Wilson's only passion. At the same time, he was always making records. His greatest strength: a diverse musical taste that blurs genre boundaries and with which he intuitively reacts to the moods of the respective audience. Wilson regularly demonstrates this musical empathy and spontaneity on the dance floors of the republic.

Alongside his fascination for the music of other artists is his passion for self-made music. His own songs allow him to show the world facets of himself that would otherwise remain hidden in acting.

Over the years, Wilson has been on stage again and again as a musician. In 2010, together with friends, he finally founded A Black Rainbow - the music project of which the 31-year-old is still the singer and songwriter today and with which he now unfolds a new side of himself. Mysterious, dark and androgynous ... and yet always accompanied by a spark of hope.

After many ideas, experiments and countless hours in the rehearsal room, A Black Rainbow were now back in the studio to record their first EP. And in May the time had come. The debut single "The Inbetween" was released. Followed by two more tracks and a few Open Air Shows he finished recording the Debut EP “Face” that was released in spring 2023.

Fitting for spring now follows the new single with the video to “Don’t touch my heart”.

Mission Control: A Black Rainbow has landed!


Sunday, May 28, 2023

Markus Schukowski

"What It Feels Like" is a real genre bender, combining powerful rock music with electronic sounds from the drum and bass genre. It is highly energetic and fast!


Saturday, May 27, 2023

The Verve Jazz Ensemble


It takes a bold, knowledgeable, and inventive group to call itself The Verve Jazz Ensemble. The moniker Verve conjures the legendary jazz label Verve Records: once home to the greatest pioneering names in the artform – from Duke Ellington, Stan Getz and Ella Fitzgerald to Bill Evans, Count Basie, and Buddy Rich. It is in the spirit of the Verve label’s 1950s - ‘60s hard bop heyday that The Verve Jazz Ensemble composes, arranges, and performs jazz of a timeless quality. Across eight albums and counting – the latest entitled All In – the “VJE” has been satisfying the cravings of critics and audiences alike, consistently placing near or at the very top of the JazzWeek radio chart for the past decade. No less than Ellis Marsalis, the late, revered patriarch of the highly distinguished Marsalis Family that gave us Wynton, Branford, Jason and Delfeayo Marsalis, observed, “The VJE is the new MJQ,” referring to the fabled Modern Jazz Quartet.

Drummer Josh Feldstein founded The Verve Jazz Ensemble in 2006 as a band that paid homage to the past while vehemently establishing newer, younger audiences for the now vintage sound. “Part of the band’s mission,” said Feldstein, “is to expand the audience of classic instrumental jazz, to identify melodies that pop audiences can easily relate and groove to – but not need a degree in music to dig.”

The Verve Jazz Ensemble is a band that “chooses to move in a musical direction that’s appealing to radio as well as our broad base of US and international listeners,” Josh added. “Our mission is to bring forward the acoustic jazz artform in a way that both veteran listeners and newcomers to Jazz easily appreciate.”

Feldstein’s passion for acoustic jazz stems back to when he was 11 years old and living with his family in Queens, New York. He was taking drum lessons at the time from a teacher who turned him onto the volcanic Gene Krupa.   “One day my teacher told me I sounded like Krupa,” Josh recalled. “Well, I don’t think that was remotely true, but I dug Gene’s drumming intensely and couldn’t stop listening.” The LP he pointed Josh to was Verve’s Choice: The Best of Gene Krupa.” Josh was hooked.  

"I spent the next 10 years grabbing up all of the jazz albums recorded for Verve Records that I could,” he states. “I hung out listening to Papa Jo Jones and the Countsmen at the West End Café on Broadway and 113th street in Manhattan.  I’d catch the incredible Buddy Rich and his big band, and legends like Max Roach, Art Blakey, and Count Basie.  Any given month would bring into town the best of the best like (saxophonist) Stan Getz, (pianist) Monty Alexander, and on and on. 


“I put music on the backburner once I entered college, however, because I didn’t think I could make money as a jazz musician,” Josh said. “While I kept practicing and did play from time to time – I even toured for a while with a big band in the mid-Atlantic area – it was part-time stuff by and large. 


“Some years later, when I was living in Connecticut, I came across the playing of a young saxophonist / keyboardist named Jon Blanck. He really impressed me as a young cat who could really play in the authentic hardbop idiom, which is my foundation. I approached him to play locally – just for fun. We ended up booking restaurants and country clubs and becoming close friends.  The band developed a strong reputation and a faithful following. Once the VJE started playing clubs throughout Connecticut and eventually in New York proper, things started happening.”


The VJE was a quintet when it first ventured into the studio to record its debut album, It’s About Time (2012), followed by East End Sojourn (2014) which featured guest Peter Bernstein on guitar. Both charted Top 10 on the JazzWeek radio charts. Those albums were followed by top 25 Perimeter (2016) and yet another top 10 album, Swing-A-Nova (2017), recorded by the rhythm section as a trio album.  For 2018, Feldstein expanded the tenor sax, trumpet, piano, bass and drums quintet into a septet with alto / flute and trombone for the VJE’s fifth albumConnect The Dots, a change that shot the band to the #1 position atop the JazzWeek chart for two weeks. Next came Night Mode (2019) – another top 10-charter – followed during the Covid lockdown by The VJE: Very Live! (2021) - recorded at a pre-pandemic benefit concert in Hadley, MA - which kept the VJE brand alive and well. 


For VJE’s eighth and latest album, All In, the septet joyfully explores the theme of “Mid-20th century Americana” via two original compositions and eight arrangements of some classic and other little-heard material. The band consists of Tatum Greenblatt on trumpet, Willie Applewhite on trombone, Alexa Tarantino on alto sax / flute, Jon Blanck on tenor sax, Matt Oestreicher on piano and guitar, Elias Bailey on bass, and VJE leader Josh Feldstein on drums.

Highlights of the album include the Tatum Greenblatt original title track, “All In;” an Afro Cuban approach to Neal Hefti’s beloved “The Odd Couple Theme;” another Greenblatt original entitled “What I Meant to Say Was,” set up as a musical conversation between trumpet and alto sax; and a piano trio whirl through Jean “Toots” Thielemans “Bluesette.” 


All this music, along with the rest of “All In,” is in passionate keeping of The Verve Jazz Ensemble’s sworn mission to expand the audience of instrumental jazz in the United States and worldwide. “This is very important to all of us,” Feldstein shares. “My daughter is in high school, and she and her friends like our music. There are listeners everywhere of all ages who don’t know any jazz history.  But when they hear our approach to jazz, they soak it in.  Identifying and performing jazz melodies that pop audiences can relate to – catchy yet legitimate music, with a pulse – that’s our target.”


Friday, May 26, 2023

Jon Mullane

Jon Mullane always intended on writing a new summer song for the modern era, especially after several years living in Los Angeles. “The Sun in the Summertime” is the result, an infectious, upbeat, feel good summer anthem with nods to the 60s (Beach Boys, Four Seasons), 70’s ( Raspberries), 80’s (Eric Carmen), 90s (Four Non Blondes), 00s (Smashmouth), and more. Add in a slick production with fresh harmonies by producer Creighton Doane, and everything is so fine, fine, fine.

From his new EP "California'" set for release on June 9, 2023.

Jon Mullane is an award winning, Billboard charting singer, songwriter and performer originally hailing from Halifax, NS Canada. He has gained International acclaim and attention through his music, as his songs have been heard on commercial and satellite radio stations, featured in numerous television shows, films and commercials and played at International sporting events.


Thursday, May 25, 2023

Stevie Williams

Stevie: “I was born in Salford UK and raised on dreams and fresh air!"

It all started when I was 5yrs old and I borrowed a bag of vinyl records. An old collection of mixed up 78s 33s and 45rpm which was fun changing the speeds! I was six years old when I started teaching myself to sing and play. Piano first then guitar and bass guitar and I was eight years old when I wrote my first song.

At about the same time I formed a duo with a school friend and we performed our first gig on my front door step! Shortly after I started experimenting with recording and tape looping, layering vocal harmonies and generally exploring the multi-track recording process. A big decision was to trade my bike for an electric guitar and an old record player which I used as a guitar amp until I blew all the electricity in the house!

From there my musical interest spiralled beautiful out of control and I discovered many other artists and styles in Pop, Rock & Roll, Jazz, Folk, Americana, Soul, Gospel, Country and more!

I’ve played bass for and recorded and toured with a large number of artist. Here are a few highlights:

Jim Mullen - John Cooper Clarke - Tanita Tikaram - Hamish Stuart (Average White Band) - Christy Moore - Ralph McTell - Hot House Flowers.

Support tours with: Frankie Beverly and Maze, Freddie Jackson, Joe Cocker, Sheryl Crow, Alexander O’Neal and more!

“My motivation? … good songwriting and the way music connects with people.”


Monday, May 22, 2023

The Static dive


The Static Dive follows a string of underground hits like "High & Dry" and "Only a Snowfall" with a guitar-fueled cover of John Lennon's anti-war anthem "Give Peace a Chance".

Of the release, Bob Smith (The Static Dive) says, 'Each year I drop a single on my birthday (April 15). Considering the disturbing state of the world, I thought this was the perfect gift for me and a my fellow pacifist Lennon fans.'

"Give Peace a Chance" by The Static Dive pairs modern psychedelic rock vibes with the sing-along spirit of the original; to bring John Lennon's simple and beautiful proposition to a new light.


Thursday, May 18, 2023

Steve Major

"Torn" has two versions: one in full English, and the other will have English and Ukrainian lyrics.

Steve's new track aims to bring continued awareness to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. A music video (to be released by the end of the month), which was created with scenes from the war, will be edited and directed by Ukrainian film maker Anton Popov.

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Tape Five

“Bad Boy Good Man” gained around 50 million streams (at Spotify and Pandora). Now in 2023, 14 years after creating that song, Tape Five thought it’s time for a facelifted version. Thanks to the audience, here it is! Original vibes from the times when Electro Swing was young, and Tape Five is a true pioneer of that genre.


Monday, May 15, 2023

Tony Venuto

This is the debut album of poet and indie rock songwriter Tony Venuto. He is joined by the epically talented Tim Lefebvre (David Bowie - Blackstar, Tedeschi Trucks Band, Departed soundtrack) on bass and the album is mixed by Grammy winner Brendan Dekora. The album has 89k streams on Spotify in less than 3 months. "20 Years" already cracked one of the top 200 North American college radio charts.


Saturday, May 6, 2023

Karen Wolfe

The Queen of Soul Blues has transition to new record label Sweet Success Records LLC with a new sound, new attitude but with the same powerful show and now a new sound. Right out the blocks Karen’s new single entitled “Girls Night Out” followed by the hot new single " Grown Folk Step" is evident on how determined she is on changing the Soul Blues genre and crossing it over to also R&B Soul to allow the genre to breath and expand. she came out with three new hot songs "Just GOODBYE", "Don't Try Me" and "Let's Play"


“Karen is no newcomer to the world of R&B and Soul Blues. However, “Karen Wolfe” recorded her first album with a Gospel Quartet group called “The Harmonettes” the CD was titled “Stop by Here”. The group later changed their name to “Direction” and went on to record their sophomore CD that was titled “God Don’t Make Mistakes”. After the group dissolved, “Karen’s” musical career took a change in direction. “Karen” joined the Soul & Blues arena by singing background behind the Queen of the Blues, the Legendary Denise LaSalle.


Back-to-back hits allowed Karen to perform and tour for four plus years all around the country but eventually like all great singers she had this burning desire to do something new. During those four years of traveling the global several looked alike appeared but when the dust settled only one Princess of Soul and Blues emerged. Karen knew she had to bring the fire to let them know that chick ain’t me and with a new year, new manager comes new music, new attitude, and now she had two new hot songs in soul that she just couldn’t wait to release but just couldn’t finding the right time to release them.


Even with all of the hits her fans were crying for that answer to “Man Enough so in 2017 Karen released the “That Chick Ain’t Me” which was followed in 2018 by “You Ain’t Woman Enough” and the fans were happy. Karen saw the times were changing and she wanted to diversify her music, so she moved over to Sweet Success Records (SSR) in and in 2019 and released a bomb shell entitled “Girls Night Out”

(www.KarenWolfeMusic.com ). It was the perfect time for the women wanting to hang out and have a great time. She has now touched a new demographics and getting ready to work on her second amazing project.  The Karen Wolfe-Bass is here to stay.



Thursday, May 4, 2023

Mikolas Josef

Mikolas Josef returns with single Boys Don't Cry set for release 24.3.2023!

The Prague born singers return follows almost 3 year media silence. The Eurovision sensation made history in Lisbon after outscoring every previous entry his country ever sent to the biggest European stage. Coming 6th in 2018 he has been undefeated since. Former street performer and office cleaner now Forbes 30 under 30 became a radio number 1 in two countries two years after his Eurovision debut and kept his steady growth with all of his 3 latest releases certified gold.

His upcoming single Boys Don't Cry features several new superstar collaborators such as the 5 time Grammy award winning mix engineer and producer Chris Lord-Alge or the BTS "Butter" producer Rob Grimaldi. The all star team goes on with 12x gold and 20x platinum awarded Cristiano Cesario and the Hans Zimmer violinist Rusanda Panfili just to name a few.

Scoring 17 New Music Friday playlists on Spotify, his latest single "Lalalalalalalalalala" was a massive radio success in Italy and nearly 3 years after its release its still charting in Japan peaking number 13 this February.

MJ returned to social media on March 1 announcing the first single "Boys Dont Cry" from the higly anticipated debut album. Alltogether the upcoming track, set to be the biggest release of Mikolas Josef up to date, features 6 producers and 6 songwriters. 24.3.2023!


Wednesday, May 3, 2023

The Heartland Collective

The Heartland Collective's new single "Gun to My Head" epitomizes their love of aligning dark and light whether in sound or emotion; it's angst fueled, nihilistically cast realm a seduction of trespass and tenebrific almost terrifying beauty.

"Gun to My Head" is an adrenaline-inducing, heart-pumping track that has the raw Punk energy of the Sex Pistols mixed with the dynamic Hard Rock power of Velvet Revolver! This rollicking and compelling song will get your blood pumping!

Eagerly anticipated, the song, and the video which accompanies it, has already been critically acclaimed by being selected for a host of film awards and festivals.

Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Apache Rose

Apache Rose is back with a banging soft/loud track "Cabin Fever". The track starts out with a chill vibe but then goes full throttle with pummeling drums and haunting vocals

The lyrics draw from lockdown and personal situations you get stuck in.

Apache Rose is a rock band from Moscow, Russia. They have released several singles and a debut album (“Attention!”) in 2021. The band is centered around vocalist and songwriter Ilya Novokhatskiy with prominent Russian rock musicians lending their skills in the studio. All songs are in English with inspiration drawn from mostly American classic rock and alternative scenes.