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Eddy Davis


Eddy Ray Davis was born on September 26, 1940. He was an American musician and bandleader of trad jazz, who was internationally known mainly through the decades of collaboration with the clarinetist and filmmaker Woody Allen.

Davis started playing banjo during his senior year in high school to play Dixieland with a college band called The Salty Dogs. The Purdue-based group played across the Midwestern United States and had pre-appearances of greats like The Four Freshmen and The Kingston Trio. He moved to Purdue for a year, then to Chicago. There, he became an integral part of the jazz scene at venues such as the "Gaslight Club" and Bourbon Street and often worked for variety or comedy acts, among others. with actor David Huddleston. He also appeared on a Dixieland revue in Disneyland and served as musical director for a tour resumption of the musical Whoopee! In 1966, he recorded his debut album "Live! At the Old Town Gate", with a group that from then on operated as "Eddy Davis Dixie Jazzmen". The next albums under the Davis name included "Whiz Bang" (1973), a satirical production with flute and tuba and "Plays and Sings Just For Fun".

Davis went to New York and received recognition from the jazz traditionalists there: he played drums in the earliest edition of Vince Giordano's "Nighthawks". In 1976, he performed in Germany with his European colleagues Herbert Christ, Jean-Pierre Mulot and René Franc in the "Hot Jazz Orchestra of Europe". In the American edition of this "Hot Jazz Orchestra" he played in 1979 with Max Kaminsky, Vince Giordano, Bobby Gordon and Dill Jones; In 1983, the clarinetist Jack Maheu and the pianist Don Ewell were part of "Eddy Davis and The Hot Jazz Orchestra". With "Stanley’s Washboard Kings" around Stan King, Davis went on a Japanese tour in the same year. He also orchestrated and conducted a musical by Terry Waldo, with whose "Waldo’s Gutbucket Syncopators", he recorded several albums.

When the conductor performed Maurice Peress Paul Whiteman's "Aeolian Hall Concert" from 1924 on its 60th anniversary, he hired Davis as a banjoist. At that time he performed regularly in the club Red Blazer Too in a trio with his banjo colleague Cynthia Sayer and the bassist Pete Compo. With Sayer, Davis also founded the "New York Banjo Ensemble", which recorded an album with compositions by George Gershwin in 1984 and an album with Rags in 2005.

Davis's connection with Woody Allen was established in Chicago in the 1960s when Davis was headlining a club on Rush Street and Allen was a comedian at that club, but also played in his band. Allen played in Eddy Davis's "New Orleans Jazz Band", with which Allen - otherwise known as a filmmaker - held the court as a clarinetist in New York for around 35 years. The band has played in the "Café Carlyle"' every Monday evening since 1997 (when it wasn't on an international tour); before that she had appeared in "Michael’s Pub" every week since 1985. Davis also appeared on the soundtrack for Allen's film "Radio Days" "(1987) and appeared on "Sweet and Lowdown" as a band member. For his contribution to the soundtrack for "Midnight in Paris" he received a Grammy Award. The documentary Wild Man Blues records Allen's first tour with Davis’s band. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Davis was also heard every week in the restaurant called "The Cajun" on Eighth Avenue in Chelsea. In the band he led there, Scott Robinson played on C melody saxophone. In addition, other recordings such as The Bunk Project (1993) or Just Sittin ’Here Strummin’ This Ole Banjo (2005) were created.

Davis was involved in 73 recording sessions between 1957 and 2012, including: with Leon Redbone, Turk Murphy, Doc Cheatham and Frank Vignola. Davis died in April 2020 of the SARS-CoV-2 infection at Mount Sinai West Hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic in New York City. He was 79 years old.

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This blog JAM Radio has been selected as one of the Top 35 Blues Music Blogs on the web by the site 

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Celtas Cortos


Celtas Cortos is a Spanish Celtic rock band. They have sold over two million records during their career, making them one of the most commercially successful Spanish groups of all time.

They formed in Valladolid (Castilla y León) in 1986. Eight friends, four of whom played in the group Almenara, decided to participate in a music contest under the name "Colectivo Eurofolk". They won the first prize and continued to play together, changing their name to Celtas Cortos. Nacho Castro, the former drummer, suggested the name based on his favourite tobacco.

They won another contest in April 1987, where the prize was the production of an album. They shared the prize with two other winners, and contributed three songs to the album Así es como suena: Folk joven.

Executive producer Paco Martín helped them get out their first album, Salida de emergencia, with only instrumental songs. The next album, Gente Impresentable added the voice and the lyrics of Jesús H. Cifuentes (Cifu) to the powerful instruments. Their celtic rock style was combined with protest and other more melancholic lyrics. Through the years their music mixed with different styles such as Caribbean music, flamenco, electronic music or reggae. Their list of hits include 20 de Abril, La senda del tiempo and Tranquilo Majete.

In 2002 Cifu left the group, a definitive turning point after the departure of César Cuenca and Nacho Martín. At the beginning of 2006 Cifu came back to the group to prepare their next release, 20 years after their foundation. Their 2008 album 40 de Abril was very popular, landing in the top five of the Spanish albums chart. Between 2008 and 2016 they released another four albums.

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Phil Vassar



Phillip George Vassar Jr. (born May 28, 1962) is an American country music artist. Vassar made his debut on the country music scene in the late 1990s, co-writing singles for several country artists, including Tim McGraw ("For a Little While", "My Next Thirty Years"), Jo Dee Messina ("Bye, Bye", "I'm Alright"), Collin Raye ("Little Red Rodeo"), and Alan Jackson ("Right on the Money"). In 1999, he was named by American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP) as Country Songwriter of the Year.

Later that same year, Vassar was signed to Arista Nashville as a recording artist. His debut album, Phil Vassar, was released in early 2000, producing five hits on the U.S. Billboard country singles charts and earning a gold certification in the United States. He followed it in 2002 with American Child, Shaken Not Stirred in 2004, and finally Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 in 2006 before Vassar left the label for Universal South Records (now Show Dog-Universal Music). His first album for that label, Prayer of a Common Man, was released in early 2008. He has charted nineteen singles on Billboard's Hot Country Songs, including two which peaked at No. 1: 2000's "Just Another Day in Paradise" and 2004's "In a Real Love".

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The Allman Brothers Band



The Allman Brothers Band were an American rock band formed in Jacksonville, Florida in 1969 by brothers Duane Allman (founder, slide guitar and lead guitar) and Gregg Allman (vocals, keyboards, songwriting), as well as Dickey Betts (lead guitar, vocals, songwriting), Berry Oakley (bass guitar), Butch Trucks (drums), and Jai Johanny "Jaimoe" Johanson (drums). Subsequently, based in Macon, Georgia, the band incorporated elements of blues, jazz, and country music, and their live shows featured jam band-style improvisation and instrumentals.

The group's first two studio releases, The Allman Brothers Band (1969) and Idlewild South (1970) (both released by Capricorn Records), stalled commercially, but their 1971 live release, At Fillmore East, represented an artistic and commercial breakthrough. The album features extended renderings of their songs "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed" and "Whipping Post", and is considered among the best live albums ever made.

Group leader Duane Allman was killed in a motorcycle accident later that year – on October 29, 1971 – and the band dedicated Eat a Peach (1972) to his memory, a dual studio/live album that cemented the band's popularity and featured Gregg Allman's "Melissa" and Dickey Betts's "Blue Sky". Following the motorcycling death of bassist Berry Oakley one year and 13 days later on November 11, 1972, the group recruited keyboardist Chuck Leavell and bassist Lamar Williams for 1973's Brothers and Sisters. This album included Betts's hit single "Ramblin' Man" and instrumental "Jessica". These tunes went on to become classic rock radio staples, and placed the group at the forefront of 1970s rock music. Internal turmoil overtook them soon after; the group dissolved in 1976, reformed briefly at the end of the decade with additional personnel changes, and dissolved again in 1982.

The band reformed once more in 1989, releasing a string of new albums and touring heavily. A series of personnel changes in the late 1990s was capped by the departure of Betts. The group found stability during the 2000s with bassist Oteil Burbridge and guitarists Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks (the nephew of their original drummer) and became renowned for their month-long string of shows at New York City's Beacon Theatre each spring. The band retired for good in October 2014 after their final show at the Beacon Theatre.

Butch Trucks died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound on January 24, 2017, in West Palm Beach, Florida, at the age of 69. Gregg Allman died from complications arising from liver cancer on May 27, 2017, at his home in Georgia, also at the age of 69. The band has been awarded seven gold and four platinum albums, and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1995.

Wednesday, January 26, 2022




LIVE365 is an Internet radio broadcasting and listening network where users are able to create their own online radio stations, or choose to listen to thousands of human curated stations created by people from around the globe. LIVE365 is unique in that online radio stations on the LIVE365 network were created and managed by music and talk enthusiasts, including both hobbyists and professional broadcasters. LIVE365 also has many well established AM and FM stations that utilized the LIVE365 broadcasting platform to simulcast their terrestrial radio streams via the Live365 distribution network. The Live365 network also features radio stations from well-known artists such as Johnny Cash, David Byrne, Pat Metheny, Jethro Tull, Frank Zappa, and more. LIVE365 was created in 1999, and remains one of the longest running internet radio websites for listeners and broadcasters.

With the pending expiration of the lower royalty rate allowed for small broadcasters, investors removed their support of the company. In late December 2015, LIVE365 laid off most of its employees and vacated its office, and the few remaining employees were working from home. On January 31, 2016, LIVE365 ceased webcasting and its website redirected listeners and users to a list of competing services. The shutdown of LIVE365 also affected terrestrial AM and FM stations that used the platform, causing them to disperse to other live streams. Nearly a year to the day after its closure, LIVE365 relaunched its site and streaming services.

On January 6, 2018, Live365 was reorganized under Media Creek Inc., a Delaware-based holding company. The service is available in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, with licenses from those countries' performance rights societies.

Nanocosm Inc. (the parent company of Live365) was a technology startup founded by two roommates from the Princeton class of 1981, Alex Sanford and Steve Follmer, whose initial product was NanoHome, a 3D "Virtual Home" website featuring 3D homepages on the World Wide Web. The first release of Live365 was built by a small skunkworks team of workers at Nanocosm; it had its beginnings in a hosted community radio project developed by Nanocosm employee Andy Volk in his free time using Shoutcast technology, and later modified by employee Brian Lomeland. In 1998, Andy Volk shared the idea with Nanocosm CTO Peter Rothman, and they developed the concept for a new large-scale hosted community radio service dubbed Live365. Live365's explosive initial growth after launch in July 1999 quickly eclipsed NanoHome, and the company soon shifted to solely focus on Live365 and online audio streaming services.

At launch, broadcasting and listening on Live365 was free of charge. Stations had a maximum listener cap of 365 simultaneous listeners and 365 megabytes of storage for music and audio. In September 2001, Live365 began charging for use of its broadcasting services to remain financially viable in the wake of rising music royalty costs. More expensive plans allowed stations to have more simultaneous listeners and a greater amount of music file storage space. Members who joined before September 2001 could continue broadcasting with their original package for free. This model would later be replaced with one in which all members pay, but those who joined before September 2001 received a discount. In March 2003, Live365 launched their commercial-free membership called VIP, giving millions of listeners the opportunity for an enhanced listening experience. Since that time, Live365 has continued to progress as an internet broadcasting and listening leader.

The Webcaster Settlement Act of 2009 expired in January 2016, ending a 10-year period in which smaller online radio stations, Live365 among them, could pay reduced royalties to labels. On January 31, 2016, webcasters who are governed by rules adopted by the Copyright Royalty Board were required to pay to SoundExchange an annual, nonrefundable minimum fee of $500 for each channel and station, the fee for services with greater than 100 stations or channels being $50,000 annual.

In July 2016, Live365 was acquired by Jon Stephenson, owner of content delivery network EmpireStreaming. The following month, the website returned to its live status with signs of a possible relaunch.

An article dated May 22, 2017 appeared on the site's official Twitter page the next day, and begins with the following: "You may have heard the buzz that Live365 is officially back! Open sign-ups launched last week after giving former broadcasters from the “old” Live365 a chance to restart their stations. Now anyone with an internet connection can create a legal internet radio station in a matter of minutes by joining Live365."

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Billy Mick




Billy Mick, a gay singer/songwriter based out of Orlando, is celebrating life, his community, family and friends in his music. While attending Manchester Pride in 2018 with his husband, Billy was inspired by the overwhelming sense of community and acceptance he experienced. And after seeing so many diverse and talented performers on the musical stages, he realized the time was right to share his music with others. 

Billy released his first studio album, "Just B.",  last June during quarantine and earlier this year released his second album, "Leveling Up", exclusively on!

Billy has been honored to perform at Orlando's Miss GayDays Pageant, Space Coast Pride, as well as, participating in several Virtual Pride events across the globe. He takes the opportunity to perform onstage at HAOS on Church in Orlando, Florida whenever possible. Billy has stepped into the role of Producer, as well, creating his sell-out one-man show, his own monthly variety show, and is currently working on his second "Super Gay Wednesday" event.  His dream is to continue producing new and diverse entertainment while promoting local artists and to perform onstage and at Pride events around the world.

Billy Mick has found his voice and he is excited for what the future holds.


Monday, January 24, 2022

Lydia Salett


Lydia Salett Dudley is the bandleader for the group JAZZ XPRESSIONS feat. LYDIA SALETT DUDLEY, a contemporary jazz group, based in Raleigh, NC.    

Jazz Xpressions consist of music educators & performers who can be seen performing at various festivals, public and private venues.  The band has released several projects including; Jazz Xpressions, which is comprised of uniquely arranged jazz standards released in September 2019.  This Is Christmas, a holiday project, released in December 2019 is comprised of traditional holiday standards, hymns and original compositions.  Her recent 2020 single 'WHATCHA GONNA SAY' was featured in the NY Times magazine article.  

Her latest single "There's A Winner In You" was released in June 2021.  She received a grant from the Chamber Music America for  Her work as a female led jazz band leader and plans to release a project in the fall of 2022.  Her nonprofit organization The Salett Art Center, Inc. is geared to served at risk youth by provide music education that empowers each individual to express their own voice.   Her most memorable performance was at the childhood home of Nina Simone in Tryon, NC, which was declared a national treasure in 2018.

Sunday, January 23, 2022

The Suicide Notes



The Suicide Notes ooze gutter-trash rock n' roll. Low-slung buzzsaw guitars and raw nicotine-soaked vocals, rock 'n' roll swagger, and whiskey on the rocks; the illegitimate sons of punk and sleaze, conceived on a bed of red wine, cigarettes, and back alley attitude.

Born under the bad sign of guttercat rock n’ roll in 2019, the band swiftly secured management and a sponsorship deal with Cloven Hoof Rum before launching two acoustic singles - which have had continuous radio play since their release in July 2019. These were soon followed up with a third well received single 'Momma Sang The Blues' and the release of their debut acoustic and electric 'Pleasures Of Despair' EPs. These gained rave reviews across the board and the band were No.1 on Only Rock Radio in Spain, and No. 16 across all stations on the Radio Indie Alliance Top 40.  

The gig calendar for 2020 was all-but wiped out by the Covid 19 pandemic, but not before the band had garnered stellar reviews for their debut gig at London’s Hope & Anchor, and for performances at the Dublin Castle, Camden’s Unicorn, and Dementia Aware Fest in Wolverhampton. Securing a new management deal with Forge A.M.P and adding the extra sonic assault of second guitarist Danny Gould, the Suicide Notes were widely acknowledged as one of the Day 1 highlights of the rescheduled HRH Sleaze 2021, along with a number of festival appearances, support slots with Last Great Dreamers, Healthy Junkies ans a bunch of headline shows. 

2022 sees a return to Hard Rock Hell with a headline appearance at HRH AOR, a support slot with ‘Greatest Rock n’ Roll Band In The World’ Supersuckers, and festival appearances at RoadRage, CC7 XIII Shades of Black, Mayors Fest, and a third Punk n’ Roll Rendezvous, plus a return to multiple Dementia Fest 2021 events.

Saturday, January 22, 2022

Carol Markstrom



From the West to the East to the far north of Alaska, audiences have been captivated by Carol Markstrom’s vocals and the storytelling quality of her lyrics that transport to other places, times, and people. Carol’s songs tap into Western Roots, Folk, Americana, and Outlaw and Classic Country. Her ballads and love songs range from the whimsical to bittersweet, and the beauty of Western landscapes inspires some of her songwriting. Carol also writes non-fiction about Native American history and culture which have influenced some of her songs. She enjoys performing crowd favorites delivering them with a fresh approach. Carol has released three CDs, two award-winning. Her song about Dakota Sioux leader, Medicine Bottle, is in the soundtrack of a 2019 documentary film titled “The Indian System.” 

Feedback from Fans: Fans remark on Carol’s clear, emotion-filled vocals. She reminds them of such varied artists as Emmylou Harris, Suzy Bogguss, Linda Ronstadt, Sheryl Crow, and Natalie Merchant. Yet others are drawn to Carol’s unique vocal qualities. Whether original or covers—her song selections go over well. 

Radio and Performances: You can hear Carol’s songs played on radio programs across the U.S. and internationally including Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Sweden, New Zealand, and other countries. Carol has also been popular with DJs for interviews. 

She performs a broad repertoire of songs at a range of venues including festivals and concerts, cowboy gatherings, wineries and saloons, coffeehouses, guest ranches, libraries, and museums. Carol is a member of the International Western Music Association (and serves on the Board), the Academy of Western Artists, Folk Alliance International, the Native American Music Association, the Western Writers of America, and Tucson Kitchen Music Association. 


Friday, January 21, 2022

Tally Koren


 Fringe Award Winner for Best Singer Songwriter 2011.

Tally’s track record as an independent artist includes, play-listing
for BBC Radio 2 and shows such as Graham Norton, Chris Evans and Steve
Wright. TV appearances on London Live and Virgin Media playlis.

Other recent performances include the Royal Albert Hall, The National
Arboretum, The Belgrade Theatre, The House of Lords and singing live
at the start of a football match at MK Dons.

Tally has been using her voice in the last few years to build bridges between different cultures with her UK tour 'Vision of Hope', with the message - “We all speak the same language through music”.

Tally’s velvety voice caught the attention of James Bond directors, placing her as an Israeli agent in the film ‘Quantum of Solace’.

  The haunting song “I Am Calling You” has been chosen to be the first single of Tally Koren starting the year 2022.

“Her feelings when performing these beautiful songs move forward to the listener and change him or her forever, with her ability to combine intelligence and emotions while singing and convey these to the listener.”

The mood of the music and the emotion of the lyric is one of Tally’s fans favourite songs.“I’ve reproduced  the song with Phil Curran (Tears For Fears), to encourage people to start this New Year with that optimism for finding love”

“I Am Calling You” the 6th single to be taken from Tally’s forthcoming album ‘The Garden of Love’ based on the poem by William Blake and is due for release on 18th March  2022. The album is based on poems that Tally edited and turned into songs; including  a new production of the BBC Radio 2 playlisted song ‘Beauty of The Duty’ which also started life as a poem. Koren track record as an independent artist includes, Fringe Award Winner for Best Singer-Songwriter 2011, playlisting for BBC Radio 2. TV appearances on Virgin Media playlist, London Live, and performances at the Royal Albert Hall and The House of Lords. 

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The Shrubs


The Shrubs started out when Spike and RJ, college classmates originally from upstate New York, started jamming in the basement of Spike's mother's house. Their mutual influences were the Police, Rush and XTC among others. Later, an acquaintance introduced Charlie to the guys. Aer jamming for a while, the trio decided they needed a name. They came up with The Shrubs are dismissing other names (Dumpster Juice& Piggy Pucker among them). They found a new pracce home in the basement of a friend's house and soon were playing at pares there, other house pares, bars and even a local Rod and Gun Club. They started writing and recording their own music, producing 3 albums of original music (Another Day Goes By..., One Happy Zucchini and Who's Cow's in the Hoosegow).

Where to find us - iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Digital Download, Amazon Music, Google Play, Spotify and all major streaming services.
Website -

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Radio streaming: Icecast


Icecast is a streaming media project released as free software maintained by the Xiph.Org Foundation. It also refers specifically to the server program which is part of the project. Icecast was created in December 1998/January 1999 by Jack Moffittand Barath Raghavan to provide an open-source audio streaming server that anyone could modify, use, and tinker with. Version 2, a ground-up rewrite aimed at multi-format support (initially targeting Ogg Vorbis) and scalability, was started in 2001 and released in January 2004.

Icecast was originally developed by Moffitt in 1998 for SMU's radio station. At the time, the station was constantly losing its FCC license and was at the time only able to reach listeners in the same building. Given that all of the dorms throughout campus had Ethernet connectivity, using streaming audio to broadcast was a natural solution, but currently available audio streaming software, such as RealAudio, was too expensive. Moffitt created Icecast, allowing the station to easily reach everwhere on campus without the necessity of FCC licensing or a transmitter upgrade. Initially developed to support mp3's, Vorbis support was added shortly after. 

The Icecast server is capable of streaming audio content as Opus or Vorbis over standard HTTP, video as WebM or Theora over HTTP, and MP3, AAC, and NSV over the SHOUTcast protocol. Theora, AAC, and NSV are only supported in version 2.2.0 and newer.

Icecast requires external programs, called "source clients", to originate the streams, and the Icecast project includes a source client program known as IceS. The source runs typically in the place where the audio is generated (e.g., a studio) and the Icecast server where a high-bandwidth connection is available (e.g., a colocation centre). Since version 2.4.0 source clients can use plain HTTP standard PUT requests instead of the custom SOURCE method.

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Sophie Li



Sophie Li is a young upcoming indie artist from Liverpool who has recently signed to Big Condo Records. Sophie’s musical journey started out when she was a child playing piano and progressed to other instruments such as bass, and the guitar she so loves.

Sophie Li has spent most of her teenage years in and out of bands, playing at venues such as The Cavern Club where the Beatles played.

After years of practicing Sophie Li decided to go for more of a solo career being influenced by Catfish and the Bottlemen to John Mayer. Sophie Li is currently working on her debut album, featuring the song ‘Foreign Silhouette’, written about being in a constant state of paranoia. Sophie claims that this song was written during one of the worst parts of her life, and the rage and emotion she felt during that time was the main inspiration for the song. Sophie Li's new release '' Wish You Knew'' is a further extension of her last single.

Sophie Li is passionate about spreading awareness for mental illnesses and always writes about her own personal experiences, allowing her songs to showcase what goes on inside her mind. ‘Wish You Knew’ will be out this spring on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and Deezer from Jan 16th, with a launch party at Jimmys, Bold Street, Liverpool to celebrate with thanks to her record label, Big Condo Records.

Monday, January 17, 2022

Chick Corea



Chick Corea, byname of Armando Anthony Corea, (born June 12, 1941, Chelsea, Massachusetts, U.S.—died February 9, 2021), classically trained American jazz pianist, composer, and bandleader whose piano style and tunes were extensively imitated.

During the mid-1960s Corea played with Blue Mitchell, Willie Bobo, Cal Tjader, and Herbie Mann and in the late 1960s with Stan Getz and Miles Davis. Corea led his own groups called Circle and Return to Forever during the 1970s. With a piano style developed from those of Bill Evans, Horace Silver, and McCoy Tyner (with a touch of Paul Hindemith), he became the principal model for most young jazz pianists of the 1970s. The interval of a fourth is prominent in his left-hand figures. A Spanish flavour is common in much of his composing and improvising, the pieces “Spain” and “La Fiesta” being especially popular. His “Windows” became a jazz standard.

Combining his light, playful melodies with the use of synthesizers and numerous electric keyboard instruments plus the incorporation of rock and Spanish rhythms, Corea appealed to an audience beyond the boundaries of the jazz market. In the 21st century he continued to expand his stable of musical partnerships, collaborating with banjo virtuoso Béla Fleck and recruiting Bobby McFerrin to provide scat backing to Corea classics. Additionally, he reunited with Return to Forever, ending a hiatus for the band that had lasted more than two decades. Hot House (2012), one of several albums since the 1970s that paired him with vibraphonist Gary Burton, earned Corea his 20th Grammy Award. He won another Grammy for Antidote (2019), which he recorded with his Spanish Heart Band. He also received multiple Latin Grammy Awards.

Sunday, January 16, 2022

You’re Among Friends




You’re Among Friends is a band from Cleveland, Ohio. Tagged as “casual rock” by Powerpopaholic, their music has been described as having “rollicking blues at its core with a sugary coating of power pop” by Cleveland Scene and as “a laid-back style of funky, blues-infused folk rock” by Eclectic Music Lover. Although singer/guitarist/songwriter Anthony Doran and bassist Kevin Trask have been the constant core of each incarnation of the band, recent addition Mike Janowitz immediately became an essential member as soon as he joined on drums.

Anthony and Kevin formed You’re Among Friends with drummer Chris Tarka in January 2007. This original lineup hit the ground running by playing a bunch of shows at venues like the Red Parrot, the Grog Shop, the Hi-Fi, the Phantasy, the Symposium, Club 87, the Orange Street, Club Khameleon, and Verlie’s Cafe. Vickie Verlie described the band as “a pop trio — very ‘60s like, though the singer sounds like Elvis Costello. I could hear the Beatles, Tommy James and the Shondells, the Faces, and Tom Petty, but still in their own style. A band to watch.”

You’re Among Friends released their self-titled debut album on July 3, 2007. Cleveland Scene categorized the music as “bluesy powerpop.” The opening track, “From Now On,” received some local radio airplay on Inner Sanctum (92.3 K-ROCK) and Resident Rock (91.1 WRUW-FM). “Koumbaros” earned Anthony some more Elvis Costello comparisons. “Favourite” was called “top-drawer powerpop” by the Sweet Spot on Stranger Radio. Anthony, Kevin and Chris played shows throughout the summer to promote the album, including a CD release party at the Grog Shop.

The group started working on their second record in early 2008. Elements of rock ’n’ roll, power pop, blues, soul, funk, and jazz are scattered throughout these songs. Chris drummed on most of the new recordings before leaving the band that spring, but Sarah Luffred took over on drums just in time to play on “Until the Next Girl Comes Along.” The In Due Time EP was released on August 1, 2008. Powerpopaholic called the band’s music “casual rock” for the first time in a short blurb encouraging readers to check out the EP. “Until the Next Girl Comes Along” has been played on Franklee Speaking and Indie Pop Takeout. “Friends Like Me” and “Grandeur” have been played on the Music Authority and Odyssey Radio. “Basement” has been used as the closing song for many live sets over the years.

Anthony, Kevin and Sarah played shows at Club Khameleon, the Robin Hood Inn, the Symposium, the Outpost, and the Phantasy. In July 2009, Sarah was replaced by drummer Tony Randall. This new lineup played shows at Roc Bar, Wilbert’s, and the Cove by the end of that summer. The owner of Wilbert’s, Michael Miller, described the band’s music as “CLE rock ’n’ roll that is reminiscent of Graham Parker.”

Anthony and Kevin briefly reunited with original drummer Chris Tarka and added Ben Gilbert on saxophone in May 2010 to record a couple of new songs. The Enjoy Life & Half a Thought single was released on June 11, 2010. Cleveland Scene pointed out that both of the songs seem to be “Elvis Costello-inspired.” “Enjoy Life” has received quite a bit of radio airplay, while “Half a Thought” has become a lasting part of the band’s live sets. Anthony, Kevin, Chris, and Ben played a show together at the Symposium on New Year’s Day of 2011.

Throughout the summer and fall of 2011, Anthony and Kevin played some acoustic shows with keyboardist Bryan Garvin at Red’s, Wilbert’s, Bela Dubby, Bobby O’s, and the Rathskeller at Kent State University.

Anthony and Kevin were joined by drummer Adrian Higgins in the late summer of 2015. Over the next few months, the band sprinkled some new songs into their set lists when they played at venues like the Happy Dog, the Euclid Tavern, Wilbert’s, and the Grog Shop. Anthony, Kevin and Adrian recorded ten new songs throughout the first half of 2016. It was clear right away that songs like “Years Go,” “Any Day Now,” “Building Bridges to Burn,” and “The Opposite” would become indelible parts of the YAF canon. “A Way to Get Away” and “Rope” have both been used to close the band’s live sets. Early on in the mixing process that June, it was announced that the band was parting ways with Adrian. Drummer Chris Szuch joined the band just in time to play at the CD release party at the Euclid Tavern.

As We Watch the Years Go… was released on July 31, 2016. Cleveland Scene claimed that these songs “reveal a simple truth about You’re Among Friends: they just enjoy playing music, and want nothing more than for you to sit back and relax.” Eclectic Music Lover called this “a fun and mellow album that makes you think a little bit about life in all its craziness as you’re enjoying the music,” and he went on to say that he hears “touches of Steely Dan, Elvis Costello and The Grateful Dead in their sound, and Anthony’s vocals really channel Randy Newman at times.” Small Albums said that the album reminded them of “sprinklers watering the grass on a warm summer morning when you first wake up.” Divide and Conquer said that the album “exemplifies the mastery that You’re Among Friends has accumulated and hones in their many years in the business of creating entertaining and meaningful music.”

In January 2017, Cleveland Scene featured You’re Among Friends as their ‘Band of the Week’ as the group celebrated their tenth anniversary by playing at Wilbert’s. A couple of weeks later, CBS Cleveland mentioned the band in their ‘The Best Places to See Indie Rock in Cleveland’ piece by saying “on an average night, Wilbert’s hosts sublime indie groups like You’re Among Friends.” After a few more shows that spring at the Beachland Tavern, the Happy Dog, and the Grog Shop, the band was headed for yet another lineup change. Anthony and Kevin played shows as an acoustic duo at the Winchester and Now That’s Class that June to try to keep the momentum going.

In the summer of 2017, Frank Mirabelli became the next drummer to come through the group. Anthony, Kevin and Frank recorded four new songs together in July, and they went on to play a show at the Beachland Tavern in August.

One Day You’ll Look Back was released on November 28, 2017. Indientry said that the EP is “chock-full of power-pop disguised as bluesy rock,” adding that it “is nothing if not funky” and that “the bluesy sound is effortlessly cool.” Eclectic Music Lover called it “a nice little EP featuring songs with simple melodies and compelling lyrics that make for a highly pleasurable listen” and said that it “delivers the kind of honest, relatable songs about life and relationships the band does so very well.” Powerpopaholic mentioned that the band sounds “a little bit like a really loose version of Steely Dan” and that “the jazzy ‘I’m Happier Now’ and funky wah-wah chords on ‘Back To Work Tomorrow’ are worth exploring.” Franklee Speaking on 93.3 CFMU has played “I’m Happier Now” and “You Lost Interest First.” While playing most of the EP on his show, Joe Wright from Northern Pirate Radio remarked that “‘Back to Work Tomorrow’ is probably my favorite off of the new EP because I love the way the guitar sounds. It sounds very psychedelic ’60s, bellbottom-y, kind of hippie style – like there should be lava lamps all around me and whatnot!” The 1001 Records for Music Lovers blog included One Day You’ll Look Back on their ‘Best Records of December 2017’ and ‘Best Records of 2017’ lists, and they featured “I’m Happier Now” as part of their ‘Song of the Day’ series. According to Divide and Conquer, “this EP was short, fun and an easy but delightful listen. Recommended.” Bucketlist Music Reviews kicked off their review of the EP with the line “if there’s such a thing as a punk rock Randy Newman, I think this is it,” and they went on to say that “One Day You’ll Look Back certainly lives up to the power-pop name; this thing is seriously catchy. I can’t count the number of times the chorus of ‘I’m Happier Now’ has gone through my head today.” Best Song Day featured “I’m Happier Now” on their blog, and Review Rhino called it a “catchy tune with a NYC ’60s pop soul feel that will make you move.”

At the beginning of January 2020, Mike Janowitz became the band’s new drummer. Anthony, Kevin and Mike started working on a new album during their first afternoon together. All three members felt that the music flowed very naturally and organically during their weekly sessions. The stay-at-home orders issued as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic that spring didn’t interrupt the recording process too much since Anthony needed time to overdub his guitars and vocals anyway. When Anthony finished his tracks, he sent all of the files to Kevin for mixing.

Start Making Sense was released on May 8, 2020. In a review posted on the release date, Cleveland Scene said “the album begins with the punchy ‘Trying to Take It All In,’ a track that draws from the Grateful Dead’s poppier side (think ‘Touch of Grey’). Another highlight, the quirky ‘Once the Toothpaste Is Out of Its Tube,’ features lurching guitars and off-kilter tempo changes. ‘Hills You’re Willing to Die On,’ a song that begins with a thick bass riff, offers a change of pace as it has a jazzy feel, albeit with sneering vocals.” Eclectic Music Lover said “with Start Making Sense, You’re Among Friends have delivered yet another thoughtful and pleasing album for us to enjoy. As their name implies, it’s like the return of an old friend with whom we’re able to pick right back up from where we left off. And that, my friends, is a mighty good thing indeed. That comforting low-key vibe, combined with their thoughtful, down-to-earth lyrics about this crazy thing we call life, has a way of making me feel that everything’s gonna be alright. And boy, we can all use more of that right now!” CoolCleveland said that Start Making Sense is “a nine-track disc of relaxed folky pop tunes with an early ’70s vibe and even a faint hint of country/Southern rock,” going on to say that “the colloquial titles, such as ‘Once the Toothpaste Is Out of Its Tube,’ ‘Why Do I Dwell On Things?’ and ‘String a Few Nice Words Together,’ capture the unforced vibe of tunes that feel like they emerged, appropriately, from late-night conversations among friends.” Poprock Record said “I love the jazzy swing on ‘Waiting for Life to Start Making Sense,’ definitely a bit of early Elvis Costello-vibing here, and the groove anchoring ‘Once the Toothpaste is Out of its Tube.’” Powerpopaholic said that the album “plays out like a fun jam in someone’s basement studio. Love the funk melody on ‘Once the Toothpaste is Out of Its Tube.’ More terrific casual rock like ‘Just Keep Being Nice’ makes this a great album to chill with.” The Music Files (UK) called You’re Among Friends “the ultimate feel-good band that will automatically leave you in high spirits after the first listen,” going on to say that ‘Once the Toothpaste Is Out of Its Tube’ has a “sweet blend of soulful melodies carried on throughout. With the catchy drum beat, infectious bass line and upbeat guitar hooks, listeners will be hooked from the get-go. We recommend you listen to this track after a long day – within minutes you’ll be up dancing your worries away!”

Several songs from Start Making Sense have received podcast and radio airplay on Power Pop Overdose, Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More, Indie Pop Takeout, Garagerocktopia, Cobwebs and Strange, Blues-ish, Psychedelic Jukebox, the Rockin’ Blues Show, NWR Live with Mitch and Mark, Radio TFSC, Lone Frequencies, J.A.M. Radio, Indie Radio YFM, Pluto Radio, Odyssey Radio, Willow Haven, Mad Wasp Radio, Banks Radio Australia, Steve Garnett’s New Music Radio Show on Revival Radio, Rockin’ the KOR, Radio Candy, the Music Authority, and Northern Pirate Radio. “Why Do I Dwell On Things?” has been featured on the Radio Indie Alliance weekly Top 40 list. “Why Do I Dwell On Things?” and “On Again, Off Again” have both been featured on the Radio TFSC daily Top 24 list. Banks Radio Australia included “Once the Toothpaste Is Out of Its Tube” on their daily Top 10 Tracks list.

Anthony, Kevin and Mike recorded ten new songs together during the last few months of 2021. Good Enough Sometimes was released on January 10, 2022!

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Woody Allen and the New Orleans Band


The first time Eddy Davis met Woody was in Chicago in the early 1960s and
they are still playing old New Orleans jazz to this day. Eddy has never met anyone more
serious about there jazz than Woody.

When this band tours it is called Woody Allen’s New Orleans Jazz Band. But when
they play Monday nights at the Cafe Carlyle (as we have been for over 20 years) the
band is billed as “The Eddy Davis New Orleans Jazz Band with Woody Allen”.
The band was originally formed as a rehearsal band for a CD called “The Bunk

In 1996 the band decided to try touring. The first tour was of Europe. We
performed 19 concerts in 21 days and produced a documentary film of the tour
called “Wild Man Blues”. There was also a CD from the film named the same.
These were the musicians on the tour: Cynthia Sayer (piano), Simon Wettenhall
(trumpet), John Gill (drums), Woody Allen (clarinet), Greg Cohen (string bass),
Dan Barrett (trombone) and Eddy Davis (banjo and musical director).

When the band started Mondays at the Cafe Carlyle the trombonist became Jerry
Zigmont, the drummer was Rob Garcia and the rest of the band remained the same.
During these last 20 plus years John Gill returned on drums, Debbie Kennedy took
over the string bass chair and the piano chair was filled by the “one and only”
Conal Fowkes. This band has made many, many tours since.

Friday, January 14, 2022

Sandra Vanreys


Sandra Vanreys has over 35 years of stage experience on national and international stages, her own voice, a sympathetic appearance and the capacity to win over any audience, making Sandra Vanreys a singer of stature. She is particularly fond of the country genre. She has since been voted the best and favorite Dutch country singer 8 times by the Dutch country audience. Sandra has also been dubbed millennium country singer in the Netherlands. A unique achievement! In America she shone for 42 million viewers (!) in the live broadcast TV show “Nashville Now” and she performed at home and abroad. She has toured in England, Germany, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Belgium, Canada and America. Recently, at the request of the Dutch Embassy, ​​she was a guest in Guatemala City where Sandra gave performances at the Holanda Festival in Guatemala. If a train is also named after you in the Achterhoek; then you can safely conclude that Sandra Vanreys is doing well. 

 From country singer Sandra grows into an all-round singer in various music styles. She achieves a record success with the CD singles Let us try (Tipparade tip 10 ) and Ev'rybody is Rocking. Various TV programs, including the Five Hour Show, Peter Jan Rens Late Night and Veronica Call TV, make her nationally known. Partly due to the achieved success, her debut CD album “Heartstrings” is released. Germany is also interested in her, and Sandra decides to record her first German-language single. A resounding success because the song entitled “Wenn du nicht weisst wohin” has been listed in the Top 10 of the NDR Schlagerparade for several weeks. At the end of '99 her second CD album will be released entitled COUNTRY FEELINGS-From me to you. A pure country album with 14 country pieces, including 7 songs by her own hand. Sandra Vanreys participated in the Theater show COUNTRY ROAD. In collaboration with the top of the Dutch Country, they provide standing ovations in Dutch theaters.

 Summer 2004 is the season that Sandra presents her latest CD album “LET GO” to a wide audience. A modern pop/country tinged album gives Sandra a lot of good reviews in the written press. The album is created under the direction of Bert Kuipers and Caspar Falke . RTV Oost is making a TV special in response to the new album. Shortly afterwards she was proclaimed “Star of Overijssel”. The CD is played very well nationally and has been chosen many times as “the CD of the week”. At the end of 2006, the Dutch-language single CD entitled 'A world without you' followed. The music video for this single got a lot of TV airtime . Tv Oranje broadcast the clip frequently and other TV channels follow. In the winter of 2009 the DVD Christmas with Sandra Vanreys will be released. In a music special of more than 30 minutes, Sandra sings Christmas carols at beautiful atmospheric locations in the Achterhoek. Songs such as Silent Night, Little town of Bethlehem and many other well-known songs have been sung especially for this DVD and have a musical sound that makes Sandra so recognizable as a singer. 

Sandra has also been a successful singing coach for several years. She coaches young but also older singing talents. One of her students (Laura van Kaam) recently became the winner of the TV program The voice kids. Sandra can be booked solo, but also as an acoustic trio under the name Trio Sandra Vanreys. In addition, she has an occasional formation Sandra & Friends (5-piece band) and she works with various show and country orchestras.

Thursday, January 13, 2022

JAM Radio - New Bulletin. 1/14/2022





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Yard of Blondes



Yard of Blondes is a French alternative rock band now based in Los Angeles. They started out as a folk pop act made up of singer/songwriter and guitarist/vocalist Vincent Walter Jacob and bassist/vocalist Fanny Hill, and after relocating to L.A., they expanded the band lineup with the addition of guitarist Burak Yerebakan and drummer Forrest Mitchell. They were featured on the 2016 compilation I love you all the time, along with Eagles Of Death Metal, Florence & The Machine, Kings Of Leon, Jimmy Eat World and many more. All the proceeds were given to the victims of the Paris attacks.

On November 1, 2019 they released the first single “You and I & I” from the forthcoming album, and returned on Valentine’s Day with a second single “Lowland“. The single is accompanied by the release of a wonderful video produced by Fanny and Vincent, featuring footage filmed at LAX and Disneyland on their phones. About the song, Vincent explains “‘Lowland’ depicts the dark place we always go to when we are distressed. It’s the place where all our monsters live. In the song I feel I’m going back to that dark place, but this time you’ll accompany me to get out of here, just like Orpheus going to get Eurydice from death, except here the roles are reversed because Fanny is the one who is pulling me out from inside.”

The song features chugging riffs of exuberant layered guitars, propelled by hard-driving rhythms. Vincent and Burak’s guitar work is superb, and Forrest’s drums are spot-on, assertive yet restrained where needed. Fanny lays down a solid bass line while lending her soft backing vocals to the mix. Vincent’s beautiful, plaintive vocals convey a strong sense of vulnerability as he pleads for emotional support. Everything explodes in the bridge into a maelstrom of blistering riffs and thunderous percussion, Vincent’s raw, impassioned vocals rising to the occasion, and covering me with chills.

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Tesla, the true inventor of radio


Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) is said to have invented the 20th century. We owe him the coils for the alternating current electric generator, the spark plugs, the alternator, the remote control and many other discoveries that have made our lives easier. However, the general public is unaware of this Croatian genius born in the Austro-Hungarian Empire in July 1856, since what was brilliant was also impractical and many of his inventions ended up filling the list of other less scrupulous subjects. Perhaps one of the most striking cases is that of the radio.

Tesla used his alternating current technology to invent, in 1895, the radio transmission system. However, the Italian Guillermo Marconi used the oscillator developed by Tesla and 17 other Croatian patents to transmit signals across the ocean in 1901, patent the invention in 1904 and, to finish off history, win the Nobel Prize in 1909. Marconi He did not mention or acknowledge the role that Tesla had indirectly played in his discovery and without which it probably would not have been possible. In 1943, the same year as Tesla's death, the United States Supreme Court recognized Tesla's merit and returned the patent to him.

As a child he had a talent for mathematics and a prodigious memory. It is said that he did not need to make plans, as he kept everything in his head, and that he only slept three hours a day. He studied engineering in Vienna and Prague, worked in various European electrical companies, and in 1884, at the age of 28, he moved to New York. In the big city he would go to work under the orders of Thomas Alva Edison, with whom he disputed the 'War of the Currents' because Edison defended the use of standard direct current for the lighting of cities and Tesla opted for alternating, that it would end up showing itself better and imposing itself.

The purely financial interests of Edison made him reject the idea of ​​Tesla and try to sabotage and ridicule him, so the Croatian inventor ended up resigning and joining the Westinghouse company, which bought his patents and installed a generator in Niagara Falls (the first hydroelectric power station) with which he saved his economy. The funny thing is that Tesla, in another of his impractical gestures, waived the royalties as a thank you to the company and went bankrupt.

In the later years he became darker and more eccentric. Tesla lived in hotels that he left when he couldn't pay the bill and embarked on such strange projects as lighting up part of the Sahara desert for Martians to see or building the Wardenclyffe Tower or Tesla Tower. This imposing structure would serve to materialize Tesla's dream and be able to transmit free energy through the air, without cables, taking advantage of the conductivity of the ionosphere. He never got there and died poor and alone, accompanied only by the pigeons he fed.

After his death, a campaign of forced oblivion took place so that his figure and achievements were hidden. Many of his inventions and discoveries began to be associated with names that did not correspond instead of Tesla's and even the FBI went so far as to requisition most of the documents of the Croatian inventor, whose family had to recover after long trials. The little affection that the academic community felt for Tesla and the clash of interests with the electricity companies for his idea of ​​creating a free energy system caused a temporary oblivion that has been disappearing in recent years, returning to Nikola Tesla the merit and the place he deserves in history.

Tuesday, January 11, 2022



The Spanish-born singer and guitarist has developed a timeless yet fresh pop-rock sound with undertones of neo-soul, funk and R&B.

Having started her musical journey as the front woman for Sons of Rock in her teen years, ALBA has taken stages by storm, captivating audiences with her unique songwriting style and by playing guitar behind her head in reminiscence of Hendrix.

ALBA embarked on her solo project after moving to London in 2016 and making it her base of operations. She has performed on stages across the UK including The Cavern Club, Ronnie Scott’s, Lancaster Music Festival, or The Alternative Escape, and opening for acclaimed acts such as The Waterboys.

ALBA is a passionate environmental campaigner and likes to use her music to make a difference and speak up about social and climate issues. She joined forces with several nonprofit organisations to raise funds and awareness around climate change and how music can be greener.

Following a string of critically acclaimed single releases; her music has been added to rotation in radios around the globe, and has received coverage from well-known publications, blogs and tastemakers such as Guitar magazine, Amazing Radio, Wonderland Magazine and BBC Radio. Guitar magazine, Amazing Radio, Wonderland Magazine and BBC Radio.



Monday, January 10, 2022

The Just Imagines

Tyler Cressman is a member of The Just Imagines with Ciroyelle. They are a real life power couple who met through music and are now engaged and have formed a band. From the USA, the instrumentalist and producer in the band and Ciroyelle is from Germany and they compose the lyrics and do vocals. Ciroyelle is in charge of all visual art and promotion of the band. They are in the process of releasing their debut album, which tells their true love story as they wait for Ciroyelle to be able to move to the USA. This album includes songs from across the musical spectrum, including blues, folk, jazz, reggae, rock, funk, classical and more! The intention is that the album sounds as diverse as their love for one another. 

The first single, Not a Chance Encounter, is out now and is a sultry and psychedelic blues epic proclaiming their meeting could not have been by accident.  They both do vocals in this song and it features long and powerful guitar solos conveying the vibes of the song.  It has already been featured on multiple FM stations, podcasts, youtube shows, and internet radios. There is a pop art style music video for this song on their youtube channel as well. 



Sunday, January 9, 2022

Ten books about music subcultures




1. Deep Down in the Ghetto by Roger D Abrahams
In 1964, a folklorist based in Philadelphia managed a neat trick: he published one of the most important books ever written about hip-hop, long before hip-hop actually existed. In this classic study, Abrahams records and analyses a trove of mid-century Black oral literature, setting down street-corner rhymes, tall tales and boasts – some of which are as violent, and as bawdy, as the rap records that shocked the world in the decades to come.


2. The Nashville Sound by Paul Hemphill
Hemphill was not exactly a Nashville insider, which explains part of the charm of this book, published in 1970: he captured the genius and the weirdness of a country-music industry that was just starting to think of itself as such. Like virtually everyone who came after him, he noted that the genre seemed split between “traditionalists” and “the new breed”. He noticed that the town was full of performers who were “modernising the simple music of their rural southern childhoods and blurring the distinction between country and pop music” – and of course it still is.


 3. Like Punk Never Happened by Dave Rimmer
A very strange book: a sharp treatise on the aesthetics of pop, masquerading as a just-in-time biography of Boy George and Culture Club. In fact by the time this book was published, in 1985, Culture Club’s time at the top of the charts was pretty much over. Knowing this adds some wistfulness to Rimmer’s narrative. And it adds some context to his argument, which is that, in the aftermath of the punk explosion, a new “pop” sensibility emerged, rebelling against the punk-rock rebellion by steadfastly refusing to be rebellious. So what if it didn’t last? Who says great pop is supposed to last?


 4. I’m With the Band by Pamela Des Barres
When this book was published, at the peak of the hair-metal craze, some readers might have mistaken it for a gossipy compendium of backstage tales. The book’s subtitle is Confessions of a Groupie, but the main draw is the way that Des Barres, sometimes drawing from old diary entries, charts her evolution from a curious consumer of rock ’n’ roll records to an important participant in the scene that helped create the myth of the rock star. Her writing is precise and perceptive, affectionate but unsentimental. In one memorable passage, she remembers listening to Led Zeppelin II while hanging out in Jimmy Page’s hotel room. “I had to comment on every solo,” she writes, “and even though I believed the drum solo in Moby Dick went on endlessly, I held my tongue and went on pressing his velvet trousers and sewing buttons on to his satin jacket.”


5. The Death of Rhythm and Blues by Nelson George
For much of the 1980s, George was a music editor at Billboard magazine, which gave him extraordinary insight not only into the genre of R&B but the industry that nurtured it. This classic study is both a history and a manifesto – and also, more than 30 years later, a time capsule. George writes tenderly about the Black business owners who supported R&B, and skeptically about the way that 80s R&B singers (including Michael Jackson and Prince) found pop success, sometimes seeming to leave the genre behind. Was that really progress?


6. Black Noise by Tricia Rose
This book, published in 1994, was one of the first academic investigations of hip-hop, although, like many of the books that came afterward, it was not entirely celebratory. Rose was devoted to hip-hop, but she was also devoted to the idea of hip-hop as a vehicle for resistance and emancipation, which means she can’t help but notice the ways in which it often failed to live up to these ideals. In describing (and sometimes decrying) the genre’s tendency to focus on “male predatory sexual behaviour”, and its existence within a network of white-owned, multinational businesses, she anticipated the way hip-hop would continue to delight and frustrate its biggest fans for decades to come.


7. Energy Flash by Simon Reynolds
An enthusiastic and often contagious history of dance music, with a focus on pleasure: Reynolds conjures up not only how house and techno (and their many offshoots) evolved, but what it really feels like to love them. This feeling has not always been entirely organic: Reynolds pays close attention to the relationship between dance music and drugs, explaining how often, when the high changes, the beat changes, too.


8. Lords of Chaos by Michael Moynihan and Didrik Soderlind
An intense, scary book about an intense, scary scene: black metal, which in the 1990s took heavy metal’s obsession with darkness and evil to its logical conclusion. Moynihan and Soderlind chronicle a world of murder, hatred and madness; even if you don’t have any interest in the bands (or in the 2018 Jonas Åkerlund film based on this book), you may come away with a new appreciation for what it means for music to be truly extreme.


9. Love Saves the Day by Tim Lawrence
How do you capture a party? Often, you don’t: the revellers go home, the DJ packs up, people move on. But in this careful work of excavation, Lawrence shows how, in 1970s New York, casual get-togethers spawned glamorous nightclubs, and eventually an entire musical subculture, reconstructing the prehistory of disco, and gesturing toward all the sounds and scenes that came afterward.

10. Girls to the Front by Sara Marcus
Riot grrl was at least two things at once: a musical movement, which bloomed briefly in the 1990s, and a literary movement, sparked by fanzines, which jammed together punk rock and feminism, challenging and changing the identities of both of them. This book is an indispensable cultural history that emphasizes both the strangeness and the sensibleness of riot grrrl, an unlikely movement that seems, in retrospect, inevitable.