Thursday, November 30, 2023

Jeff Hartman

A prolific singer-songwriter and lifelong lover of music, Jeff Hartman has been writing and performing uniquely memorable music for over thirty years. He’s developed a soothing, guitar-driven melodic style that blends elements of smooth jazz and soulful, adult contemporary pop, earning him comparisons to artists like Brian Adams, James Taylor, and Richard Marx. What sets Hartman’s music apart is its tender, authentic vocal style, enhanced by his detailed narrative lyrics approach to songwriting. He incorporates Spanish into 3 of his latest releases, shifting the text to embrace both languages and appeal to an even broader range of listeners. His lyrics tend to focus on inspirational yet relatable themes: life’s blessings, the challenges of growing up, and the peaks and valleys of romantic relationships. “I write a lot about love, because love is so important! A number of my songs are written to and for my grandchildren and for their generation— instructional songs about the importance of apologizing when you’re wrong, how to forgive others, lullabies for the young ones, that kind of thing. I want to infuse my songs with love and the lessons I’ve learned in life.”

One of eight children, Hartman grew up in Moorestown, New Jersey, surrounded by music. His father was a jazz trumpet and clarinet player, and his grandmother was a child violin prodigy. Hartman was first drawn to the guitar at age ten, after witnessing a young church member and guitar virtuoso perform rock-ballad praise songs at a contemporary mass service. His father bought him his first guitar, and Hartman taught himself to play and sing along. He learned to play the trumpet and string bass in school bands, and later taught himself to play a little keyboard to support his songwriting. His strongest musical influences came in the form of classic 1970s and 1980s solo artists like Don McLean, Dan Fogelberg, and Carol King— artists whose music told rich, emotional stories that evoked a strong response in any listener.

After college, Hartman began a 30-year career teaching high school English and Spanish in Maryland, then to New Jersey, winning a number of awards for his unique, unorthodox teaching methods and dedication to his students’ development. As a tennis coach, he trained and developed hundreds of tennis players, many of whom earned NCAA Division 1 scholarships. He eventually built a successful business training junior athletes for the state, and international levels throughout southern New Jersey. “Tennis was my second passion and a good part of the reason my musical career took a turn in a new direction.” As various career opportunities arose, Hartman continued to play and write music on his own, and with which led to a serendipitous run-in with Philadelphia rhythm and blues legend Joe Jefferson. When Hartman was just 21, a chance encounter with the artist on a tennis court led to a lifelong friendship and decades-long musical collaboration. Jefferson became an important mentor and music industry guide for Hartman: “He taught me the ins and outs of the business”. “Most importantly, he taught me how to write great songs, and that it takes time, effort and selective use of words with power and punch. He was a model for excellence in songwriting. That’s why he wrote so many hits!” The two men met frequently to discuss music and write songs together, collaborating on the track "Young Love" (co-written with Randy Cantor) which charted on Billboard's "Hot Black" charts for five weeks, and the track “Guilty” performed by Starleana for Virgin Records.

Since that time, Hartman has become an internationally recognized songwriter and acclaimed recording artist with many well-loved releases under his belt, from the 2012 narrative pop-rock EP Curtain Call and the more acoustic-leaning 2017 EP Mansfield to his 2017 original full-length album Legacy. He was an active voting member of the Recording Academy for 15 years as well as a current voting member of the Society of Composers and Lyricists. As the owner of Screaming Wife Productions, LLC, he’s written over 50 original songs and released 7 albums to date, working with a range of Grammy-nominated writers and artists. In recent years, Hartman has been writing and recording with Kit Worton at Right Touch Studios in Northfield, NJ and Bob Fowler at SSR Recording in Smithville, honing his craft and fine-tuning his lyrical dexterity through co-writing a variety of music genres with talented local artists and producers.

Hartman’s skill and dedication to his craft have led to a steadily growing fan base and continuing recognition of his work as an artist. 2019 saw the release of the EP Average Joe, In 2020, Hartman released two new albums, 7 and Under Cover, as well as ten singles including both covers and new originals. His single “Cielito Lindo,” a Spanish-language track featuring acoustic guitar and vocals, just hit number one on Spotify’s Release Radar, as did his recent single “Sweet Johnny.” His music currently garners well over 30,000 Spotify streams as of this date and has amassed 500,000 spins on Jango Radio to date, as stream counts continue to grow daily. In 2021, Spotify’s “Release Radar” awarded Jeff 24, #1’s to date. With no plans to slow down, Hartman is poised to release “Jeff Hartman Acoustic Favorites,” a compilation of 27 of his most popular and current original songs. His music, including both originals and covers, can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, and most major streaming platforms.

Jeff resides in Margate, NJ with his wife Paula owner of the Hartman Home Team, an award winning, nationally ranked real estate team.

Monday, November 27, 2023


Marciaxilla developed her interest in music at an early age when she received classical piano training at the age of three. Under the influence of her parents, she was introduced to a range of musical styles. This helped foster a lifelong appreciation of music through exploring different genres over the years. As a self-taught songwriter and artist, Marciaxilla writes, records, arranges and produces her own music. 

Her music spans a wide range of styles as she sets no limits to her artistic creativity through experimenting and trying new things in music creation. Her debut single “Wine of Love” is an intriguing piece of music which captures the graceful essence of what it feels like to be in love. Another upbeat tune called “Breakthrough” presents a blend of dynamic drum beats, elegant strings, captivating synths and effects. 

Other releases include the powerful, uplifting and inspirational tune called “The Lighthouse” and “Beauties of Life”, a piece of relaxing and tuneful music which recalls a search for a blissful and fulfilling life. Her latest single is a lively and cheerful tune called “Love Carousel”. The music set an upbeat mood with a bouncy tune making people reminisce about the happy times that they have spent with their loved ones. 

Marciaxilla puts her heart into her music with dedication and passion. Creating music is a rewarding experience which gives her enjoyment and fulfilment. She hopes to bring joy to her audience through her music.

Mark Easton


Mark Easton tackles all instruments and lead vocals by himself, with an emphasis on a guitar sound. The only assistance being from two occasional background vocalists. There is really nothing here approaching blues-rock, things are more in a rock vein. He blends electric and acoustic guitars to great effect. The drumming is pretty rudimentary but is just right for the music.

Indian tom-toms lead into what else but “Indian Summer”. An infectious beat is laid down by acoustic guitar. He contributes some nicely wailing harmonica. Loud guitar rock powers the self explanatory “Your Driving’s Driving Me Crazy”. He describes the foibles of bad drivers in a hoarse vocal delivery. “Rumour Has It” gets its’ kick off by driving drums. More intense harmonica over acoustic slide guitar.

“It’s Never Going To Be The Same” goes back and forth from slow acoustic guitar to heavy electric guitar. It’s a bit of a heavy metal ballad. The narrator tells of his dream of a H-bomb dropping and he’s the only man left among “13 Women”. He runs down a litany of bad manors on “I Don’t Hate You, I Just Hate Everything You Do” to the accompaniment of Led Zeppelin style ringing acoustic guitar.

“Highland Fling” contains a tricky electric guitar figure. The world situation is bandied about on the title track “Free Yourself”. More of the same is the subject of “Digging Your Own Grave”. The Foghat treatment with traded off guitar lines is given to “I Just Want To Make Love To You”. Mark rocks out in grand style with the backing vocalists along for the guitar ride.

Mark has managed quite effectively to become his own rock band. He has the ensemble sound down to a tee complete with a driving beat. This CD is a virtual Garden Of Eden for lovers of the classic rockers of the seventies. Mark makes it all sound so seamless. Rock on!

Saturday, November 25, 2023

Rhett May

In the realm of rock music, there are artists who play, and there are those who live and breathe it. Rhett May undoubtedly falls into the latter category.

With a career spanning decades, May has become a name synonymous with the soulful, unadulterated essence of rock and roll. His music transcends mere melodies, delving into the core of human emotions.

May’s latest release is a testament to his unwavering dedication to the craft. A journey through the intricacies of human feelings, portrayed through the powerful medium of rock music. Each track a brushstroke, painting vivid pictures of life’s highs and lows.

"Rock and Roll Emotions - Part One" is an emotional odyssey to touch our hearts and stir the deepest recesses of our souls.

Thursday, November 23, 2023

Freddi / Henchi and the Soulsetters

Freddi/Henchi and The Soulsetters are well-known as 'The Prophets of Funk'. The musical party act first established their exciting stage presence through live shows at night clubs, they created their fun-loving recording identity as the good humored Crown Princes of Funk which includes their international hit "Funky To The Bone". Their all- time classic Dance album full of infectious early 1970s monster hits is now available on Amazon Prime, iTunes, Spotify and other streaming platforms.. Dance your ass off!

The song has over a million views on YouTube.

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

In the Distance

Growing up in the Minneapolis music scene, Matt Davis and Mike Maggiolo have spent the better part of twenty years writing and recording the music that they love. Matt and Mike first joined forces in an experimental punk band called Wedge in the mid-90s. In 1998, after the dissolution of Wedge, Mike Maggiolo recruited his brother Justin Maggiolo, and they formed In the Distance. Saturated with talent, the band had a revolving door of band members, the band eventually went on hiatus with the rise of Mike and Matt’s new band Anamnesis at the end of the 90s. Now, after decades of writing, recording, and playing their own original work in Anamnesis, Morningtide, and other bands, Matt Davis and Mike Maggiolo have recruited Justin Maggiolo to reform In the Distance. 

In the Distance blends the raw power of punk rock, post-punk, hardcore, emo, and metal in an experimental fusion that is at once difficult to categorize yet also a refreshing change of pace from what one might expect from these genres. Mike Maggiolo’s guitar work can be crushing at one moment and subtly haunting the next. Justin Maggiolo’s drumming brings a primitive and raw dissonance to every driving rhythm. And Matt Davis’s vocals are raw with an emotional intensity that leaves the listener singing along long after each song has ended. In the Distance eschews the technical proficiency that is the hallmark of many modern bands, but what they lack in virtuosity they make up for with a creativity and passion that makes every listen and every live performance unforgettable.

Sunday, November 19, 2023

Russ Lorenson

Skip the Christmas caroling and spend a cozy winter's evening with Russ Lorenson and his holiday album "What I Want for Christmas." From the swingin’ to the romantic, it's pure magic listening to these classics, dusted off and delivered with Lorenson's fresh delivery.

'Christmas records are special keepsakes that come out once a year. The best ones transport me back to my days as a small boy, celebrating the holidays with my family in Pennsylvania', said Lorenson. 'As a singer, I have always wanted to create one of those ‘special keepsakes,’ something I hope will be treasured year after year.'

A terrific voice. Charisma to spare. A delightful raconteur. Impeccable musical taste and vocal phrasing. Unassuming nice guy. They all apply to Russ Lorenson, whose burnished tenor has thrilled audiences throughout the US and Europe. Since his breakout club debut in 2005, Russ Lorenson has established a reputation as one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s leading interpreters of jazz standards. As a singer, he is equally at home whether entertaining a concert hall audience or performing in the more intimate cabaret setting. With comparisons to Tony Bennett, Mel Tormé, and Chet Baker, Lorenson has a voice one savors and remembers. It’s no wonder he’s called “San Francisco’s Favorite Crooner.” In recognition of his solid and sophisticated musical vocabulary, Downbeat called him “a showman of taste and discretion.” The Los Angeles Times said that he brings “a supple voice and strong sense of characterization to all his songs.” The San Diego Union-Tribune said that his “relaxed, easy deliveries…seem natural and heartfelt.” The Coronado Journal simply called him “…irresistible…”

Friday, November 17, 2023

Kelsie Kimberlin

Kelsie's new song and video "Another Chance to Live Again" are about the profound feelings of loss that so many people in Ukraine have experienced since they were attacked by war criminals starting in 2014.

Kelsie about the track:
'I wanted to express and encapsulate the feelings not only of individual people but of an entire country and society so I used religious and spiritual references in the music and lyrics. I traveled to Ukraine to film the video in some of the locations of the worst atrocities in Irpin and Bucha. The video begins at a destroyed cultural center that was once the go-to place for plays, concerts, and other happy community events. '

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Chris Comet & Friends

Chris Comet has a new album coming out November 2023. 

Chris Comet & Friends -- Going Back In Time 

A progressive rock album that Chris has been working on with several other artists/musicians, including:

 Lead Vocals: Bernie Chiaravalle, Steph Honde and Robbie Wyckoff, Rudiger Guitars: Scott Van Zen, Bernie Chiaravalle, Steph Honde, Glenn DeLaune Drums: Bodo Schopf, Chad Cromwell, Simon Philips, Shannon Forrest Bass: Craig Young, Antoine Katz Backup Vocals: Windy Wagner, Bernie Chiaravalle, Robbie Wyckoff, Glenn DeLaune Keyboards, Synthesizers and Organ: Chris Comet Original songs composed by Chris Comet, in collaboration with Bernie Chiaravalle, Steph Honde and Glenn DeLaune. Chris Comet produced, engineered, recorded, mixed and mastered all songs at Soaring Eagle Studios, Texas. 

Chris Comet Bio 

Chris Comet is a composer, producer, arranger, keyboard player. After a successful musician/producer/session man career over Europe, Chris Comet came to the US 35 years ago, in Hollywood and started playing and producing in famous studios such as Westlake, A&M, Record Plant, Fantasy, Jackson family private studio and so on… He worked with musicians such as Lenny Castro, Vinny Colaiuta (Drummer for Sting, Madonna, Jeff Beck, Frank Zappa…), Michael Landau, Freddie Washington, Manu Katche (drummer for Peter Gabriel and Sting), Sam Riney on Sax, Glenn DeLaune, Bernie Chiaravalle, Chad Cromwell, Shannon Forrest, Robbie Wyckoff, Craig Young, Scott Van Zen, Bodo Schopf, (of The Michael Schenker Group), and many more. Today Chris Comet is the owner of Soaring Eagle Studio, where he produces and records his projects with an array of talent and musicians from all over the world.

Sunday, November 12, 2023

Mike Pinera

Fool’s Game by Mike Pinera is not just a song; it’s a heart felt and powerful anthem that resonates deeply with the realities of war and the human suffering it inflicts. Mike Pinera, a rock and roll veteran with an impressive musical pedigree, has crafted a musical masterpiece that captures the essence of his decades-long career and his commitment to addressing pressing global issues. Pinera’s journey in the music industry, from his early days with Blues Image to his collaborations with iconic bands like Iron Butterfly, Alice Cooper, and Led Zeppelin, has undoubtedly contributed to the depth and maturity of his musical style. Fool’s Game showcases his seasoned vocal prowess and guitar skills, reminding us why he’s a legend in the rock scene. His vocals are not just powerful; they are emotionally conflicts. The accompanying music video for Fool’s Game elevates the song’s message to a whole new level. By using footage from various global conflicts and political events, the video drives home the stark reality of warfare and its devastating impact on innocent civilians. It serves as a poignant visual testament to the song’s antiwar message. One commendable aspect of this release is Mike Pinera’s commitment to making a difference. Allocating a portion of the single’s profits to the Ukrainian Relief Effort is a noble gesture. It demonstrates his dedication to helping those affected by war on a tangible level, providing them with essential resources like food, money, and medical supplies. 

As for the song itself, Fool’s Game lives up to its magnificent title. The emotive and profoundly moving lyrics tackle the heart- wrenching topic of the Ukrainian war with sensativity and grace. While the song’s storyline unfolds at a deliberate pace, it emits a sense of hope and resilience, infusing the listener with energetic vibes. The strength and tenderness in the powerful chorus make it truly memorable. The instrumental on in Fool’s Game is a testament to Pinera’s mastery of his craft. His guitar work stands out brilliantly, conveying the depth of his emotions regarding the war. The passion with which he plays the guitar elevates the listening experience to something truly spectacular. This song deserves a wide audience. It’s not only a musical gem but also a meaningful piece of art that addresses a crucial global issue. Listening to Fool’s Game and watching its accompanying video is not just an entertainment experience; it’s an opportunity to reflect on the world’s conflicts and the importance of working towards peace. I wholeheartedly recommend this track on multiple levels – for its lyrics, its musical quality, and its impactful message. Therefore, Fool’s Game by Mike Pinera is a brilliant fusion of music and activism. It invites listeners to engage with the profound message it carries while enjoying the catchy melodies and exceptional musicianship. This song has the power to broaden musical tastes and deepen one’s appreciation for the role music can play in addressing critical global issues. It’s a must-listen, and I believe it will leave a lasting impression on all who take the time to experience it.

Friday, November 10, 2023

Winamp news

For millions of people, the name 'Winamp' was synonymous with music a couple of decades ago. This program for Windows was capable of playing our MP3 files like no other, with a simple but very powerful interface and above all, customizable with 'skins' to our liking.
Like so many other programs, Winamp suffered greatly in the migration of users to smartphones; Although there was an official Winamp app for Android, it was not very successful as it was focused on playing music stored locally in the mobile memory, while streaming platforms such as Spotify were triumphing.

Today, not much remains of the original Winamp. Its creators, Nullsoft, were sold to Internet giant AOL and disappeared; and the Winamp brand ended up being sold to the Belgian company Radionomy, which announced ambitious plans to revive it.

Now, those plans have materialized with a new Winamp app, which was first launched for computers but did not take long to reach mobile phones. The Llama Group, the developer created by Radionomy for this project, has announced the limited release of the Winamp app for Android and iOS. At the moment, it is a closed 'beta' to which few users are allowed, but over time it will be opened to more people.

The new Winamp stands out for including music streaming functions, as well as for its new interface, more modern and adapted to current times; However, it is not a simple copy of Spotify, since its creators claim that they have managed to balance the needs of both users and creators. The result is called "Fanzone", a section from which we can follow our favorite artists, with exclusive access to their songs and original content such as publications and a merchandise store. Creators will be able to charge each user $1 each month to access this exclusive area. Therefore, instead of paying a fee that is divided among all the artists on the platform, at Winamp we will pay directly to the artists we like the most.

Winamp will continue to be a local music player, with access to sound files stored in the mobile memory; but with Fanzone, it aims to expand and monetize the service in a different way than the rest. It is clear that the company's plan is to attract users who may recognize the Winamp name to sign up for the Fanzone; although at the moment, the list of artists who have signed up seems somewhat short.

In reality, Winamp already had an app for Android, but the latest version dates back to 2014, after the fall of Nullsoft and the sale of the rights. The APK can still be found on the usual pages, although it is obviously an obsolete app at this point. In that sense, the new Winamp can fill a gap.

The new Winamp app is on Google Play, although we may not be able to install it yet as it is in closed beta.

Wednesday, November 8, 2023

James Leeds

Following radio plays from renowned German radio station SWR3 as well as across the UK, US and Europe, composer and producer James Leeds returns with a brilliant pop song "Happy Days" featuring vocals from Australian Sora Lion.

"Happy Days" has a positive message and the melody and lyrics easily get stuck in your head. 

Monday, November 6, 2023

Susan Aquila

Electric violinist and vocalist, Susan Aquila has made a career of playing sideman to celebrity artists. She played the "Last Play at Shea" with Billy Joel. She has worked with Paul McCartney, Elton John, Steven Tyler, Beyoncé to name a few. Most recently, she played Radio city with Diana Ross.

Miss Aquila has branched out on her own releasing this new Holiday single. This catchy, fun, upbeat, tongue-in-cheek pop rocker might be just what the world needs as an alternative to "Santa Baby" and Mariah Carey.

Most importantly, Miss Aquila is donating her proceeds of the song to children’s charities and foster care. She doesn’t want any child to feel alone at Christmas. Help her make an impact!

Saturday, November 4, 2023

Gene O.

Gene O. is a veteran indie recording artist hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area. "You're The One For Me" is a love song of desire and realization that the love they were looking for was right in front of them.

'Gene O. deserves to be mentioned among the top notch Indie musicians emerging from the Bay Area in the last decade...' - Garth Thomas, Hollywood Digest

Gene is a #1 chart-topping artist on ReverbNation and, and has had his music synced on TV. His solo work includes the album "Geneology" and singles "Crazy World" and "Cool". He has released a remastered 80's album with his rock band The Make titled "Up Sessions" that was featured in PowerPlay Magazine and played on heavy rotation on Radio Samara Maximum 104.3 during their "Hit Parade of Premieres" show that won them 2nd place.

Thursday, November 2, 2023

Russ Lorenson


Start with one healthy pour of brand-new holiday tunes, add a jigger of lesser-known gems from the Golden Age of Christmas Music, shake them together with a 16-piece big band, garnish with a candy-cane crooner, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for an intoxicating Yuletide cocktail that will get you In the Holiday Spirit!

"In the Holiday Spirit" has been awarded four stars by the editors of Downbeat and was included in the magazine’s prestigious “Best Albums of 2015” list: 'A showman of taste and discretion, Lorenson admires Bobby Darin, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin without imitating them or adopting a Rat Pack smugness.'

A big band, a swingin' crooner, and holiday tunes you're not already sick of hearing – what else do you need to get In the Holiday Spirit?

A terrific voice. Charisma to spare. A delightful raconteur. Impeccable musical taste and vocal phrasing. Unassuming nice guy. They all apply to Russ Lorenson, whose burnished tenor has thrilled audiences throughout the US and Europe.

Since his breakout club debut in 2005, Russ Lorenson has established a reputation as one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s leading interpreters of jazz standards. As a singer, he is equally at home whether entertaining a concert hall audience or performing in the more intimate cabaret setting. With comparisons to Tony Bennett, Mel Tormé, and Chet Baker, Lorenson has a voice one savors and remembers. It’s no wonder he’s called “San Francisco’s Favorite Crooner.”

In recognition of his solid and sophisticated musical vocabulary, Downbeat called him “a showman of taste and discretion.” The Los Angeles Times said that he brings “a supple voice and strong sense of characterization to all his songs.” The San Diego Union-Tribune said that his “relaxed, easy deliveries…seem natural and heartfelt.” The Coronado Journal simply called him “…irresistible…”