Saturday, November 4, 2023

Gene O.

Gene O. is a veteran indie recording artist hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area. "You're The One For Me" is a love song of desire and realization that the love they were looking for was right in front of them.

'Gene O. deserves to be mentioned among the top notch Indie musicians emerging from the Bay Area in the last decade...' - Garth Thomas, Hollywood Digest

Gene is a #1 chart-topping artist on ReverbNation and, and has had his music synced on TV. His solo work includes the album "Geneology" and singles "Crazy World" and "Cool". He has released a remastered 80's album with his rock band The Make titled "Up Sessions" that was featured in PowerPlay Magazine and played on heavy rotation on Radio Samara Maximum 104.3 during their "Hit Parade of Premieres" show that won them 2nd place.

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