Monday, November 27, 2023

Mark Easton


Mark Easton tackles all instruments and lead vocals by himself, with an emphasis on a guitar sound. The only assistance being from two occasional background vocalists. There is really nothing here approaching blues-rock, things are more in a rock vein. He blends electric and acoustic guitars to great effect. The drumming is pretty rudimentary but is just right for the music.

Indian tom-toms lead into what else but “Indian Summer”. An infectious beat is laid down by acoustic guitar. He contributes some nicely wailing harmonica. Loud guitar rock powers the self explanatory “Your Driving’s Driving Me Crazy”. He describes the foibles of bad drivers in a hoarse vocal delivery. “Rumour Has It” gets its’ kick off by driving drums. More intense harmonica over acoustic slide guitar.

“It’s Never Going To Be The Same” goes back and forth from slow acoustic guitar to heavy electric guitar. It’s a bit of a heavy metal ballad. The narrator tells of his dream of a H-bomb dropping and he’s the only man left among “13 Women”. He runs down a litany of bad manors on “I Don’t Hate You, I Just Hate Everything You Do” to the accompaniment of Led Zeppelin style ringing acoustic guitar.

“Highland Fling” contains a tricky electric guitar figure. The world situation is bandied about on the title track “Free Yourself”. More of the same is the subject of “Digging Your Own Grave”. The Foghat treatment with traded off guitar lines is given to “I Just Want To Make Love To You”. Mark rocks out in grand style with the backing vocalists along for the guitar ride.

Mark has managed quite effectively to become his own rock band. He has the ensemble sound down to a tee complete with a driving beat. This CD is a virtual Garden Of Eden for lovers of the classic rockers of the seventies. Mark makes it all sound so seamless. Rock on!

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