Tuesday, November 21, 2023

In the Distance

Growing up in the Minneapolis music scene, Matt Davis and Mike Maggiolo have spent the better part of twenty years writing and recording the music that they love. Matt and Mike first joined forces in an experimental punk band called Wedge in the mid-90s. In 1998, after the dissolution of Wedge, Mike Maggiolo recruited his brother Justin Maggiolo, and they formed In the Distance. Saturated with talent, the band had a revolving door of band members, the band eventually went on hiatus with the rise of Mike and Matt’s new band Anamnesis at the end of the 90s. Now, after decades of writing, recording, and playing their own original work in Anamnesis, Morningtide, and other bands, Matt Davis and Mike Maggiolo have recruited Justin Maggiolo to reform In the Distance. 

In the Distance blends the raw power of punk rock, post-punk, hardcore, emo, and metal in an experimental fusion that is at once difficult to categorize yet also a refreshing change of pace from what one might expect from these genres. Mike Maggiolo’s guitar work can be crushing at one moment and subtly haunting the next. Justin Maggiolo’s drumming brings a primitive and raw dissonance to every driving rhythm. And Matt Davis’s vocals are raw with an emotional intensity that leaves the listener singing along long after each song has ended. In the Distance eschews the technical proficiency that is the hallmark of many modern bands, but what they lack in virtuosity they make up for with a creativity and passion that makes every listen and every live performance unforgettable.


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