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Wilson T. King

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Wilson T. King is the alias of multi-instrumentalist/songwriter and producer Tim Wilson.

He is the main exponent of the musical form he mentioned in his Blues Matters interview in May 2010, as "future blues." Both debut album, Follow Your First Mind and second release "Last of the Analogues" have received world-wide critical acclaim in such publications as Classic Rock, Guitar Player, Total Guitar, Blues Matters and "Blues Rock Magazine" . Wilson has caused debate amongst some in the blues/guitar community due to his comments about the state of modern blues; especially what he calls "karaoke blues" artists.

In an interview with Alternative Magazine Online and a BBC Radio interview, Wilson adopted an aggressive stance against "karaoke blues" artists, considering them nothing more than merchants of parody and pastiche.

His main guitar influences stylistically would seem to be Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Dave Gilmour, Albert King and Duane Allman, while his voice takes a more modern laid-back approach eschewing the typical blues sound.

His compositions tend to vary from the very simplistic to near avant-garde while maintaining a modern feel with the bass lines tending to be crucial to the minimalist approach.

Follow Your First Mind was released in February 2010 via 19 Miles High and distributed through Interscope Digital Distribution. The album was recorded in Manhattan and in Wilson's home town of Newark-on-Trent, England, and mastered at Abbey Road Studios by Christian Wright. Wilson has stated via his Facebook page that he is the final stages of recording his second album with an intended release date of mid-2011.

Last of the Analogues was released in October 2012 to universal critical acclaim. The album was recorded in the US and UK and featured Josh Lattanzi of Norah Jones on bass and Dan Whitley brother of the late Blues Great Chris Whitley on Harmonica as guest players. Grammy award winner Brian Lucey famed for his work with Dr John and the Black Keys mastered the record. Reviews included Classic Rock Magazine 8/10, Blues Rock Magazine 8/10 and part of their best of 2012, Guitar Player Magazine March 2013 " A psychedelic tour de force", Blues Matters "Probably Album of the year" as well as on-line reviews such as Music News 5/5, Blues Rock Review 9/10. Metal Discovery 10/10, Rock Guitar Daily "Blade Runner Blues". Wilson was featured artist again in Guitar Player 20edition of 13 March as well as Blues Matters.

In the Guitar Player March 2013 interview Wilson mentioned that this record was more widescreen with more focus on song writing and production.

According to an interview with Wilson in the December 2010 issue of Guitar Player Magazine, he is trying to push the blues in new directions by creating records that are void of the typical blues cliches. Lyrically and sonically adventurous, while still deeply embedded within the blues form, he calls the blues the DNA of his recordings.

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