Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Sophie Li



Sophie Li is a young upcoming indie artist from Liverpool who has recently signed to Big Condo Records. Sophie’s musical journey started out when she was a child playing piano and progressed to other instruments such as bass, and the guitar she so loves.

Sophie Li has spent most of her teenage years in and out of bands, playing at venues such as The Cavern Club where the Beatles played.

After years of practicing Sophie Li decided to go for more of a solo career being influenced by Catfish and the Bottlemen to John Mayer. Sophie Li is currently working on her debut album, featuring the song ‘Foreign Silhouette’, written about being in a constant state of paranoia. Sophie claims that this song was written during one of the worst parts of her life, and the rage and emotion she felt during that time was the main inspiration for the song. Sophie Li's new release '' Wish You Knew'' is a further extension of her last single.

Sophie Li is passionate about spreading awareness for mental illnesses and always writes about her own personal experiences, allowing her songs to showcase what goes on inside her mind. ‘Wish You Knew’ will be out this spring on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and Deezer from Jan 16th, with a launch party at Jimmys, Bold Street, Liverpool to celebrate with thanks to her record label, Big Condo Records.

Monday, January 17, 2022

Chick Corea



Chick Corea, byname of Armando Anthony Corea, (born June 12, 1941, Chelsea, Massachusetts, U.S.—died February 9, 2021), classically trained American jazz pianist, composer, and bandleader whose piano style and tunes were extensively imitated.

During the mid-1960s Corea played with Blue Mitchell, Willie Bobo, Cal Tjader, and Herbie Mann and in the late 1960s with Stan Getz and Miles Davis. Corea led his own groups called Circle and Return to Forever during the 1970s. With a piano style developed from those of Bill Evans, Horace Silver, and McCoy Tyner (with a touch of Paul Hindemith), he became the principal model for most young jazz pianists of the 1970s. The interval of a fourth is prominent in his left-hand figures. A Spanish flavour is common in much of his composing and improvising, the pieces “Spain” and “La Fiesta” being especially popular. His “Windows” became a jazz standard.

Combining his light, playful melodies with the use of synthesizers and numerous electric keyboard instruments plus the incorporation of rock and Spanish rhythms, Corea appealed to an audience beyond the boundaries of the jazz market. In the 21st century he continued to expand his stable of musical partnerships, collaborating with banjo virtuoso Béla Fleck and recruiting Bobby McFerrin to provide scat backing to Corea classics. Additionally, he reunited with Return to Forever, ending a hiatus for the band that had lasted more than two decades. Hot House (2012), one of several albums since the 1970s that paired him with vibraphonist Gary Burton, earned Corea his 20th Grammy Award. He won another Grammy for Antidote (2019), which he recorded with his Spanish Heart Band. He also received multiple Latin Grammy Awards.

Sunday, January 16, 2022

You’re Among Friends




You’re Among Friends is a band from Cleveland, Ohio. Tagged as “casual rock” by Powerpopaholic, their music has been described as having “rollicking blues at its core with a sugary coating of power pop” by Cleveland Scene and as “a laid-back style of funky, blues-infused folk rock” by Eclectic Music Lover. Although singer/guitarist/songwriter Anthony Doran and bassist Kevin Trask have been the constant core of each incarnation of the band, recent addition Mike Janowitz immediately became an essential member as soon as he joined on drums.

Anthony and Kevin formed You’re Among Friends with drummer Chris Tarka in January 2007. This original lineup hit the ground running by playing a bunch of shows at venues like the Red Parrot, the Grog Shop, the Hi-Fi, the Phantasy, the Symposium, Club 87, the Orange Street, Club Khameleon, and Verlie’s Cafe. Vickie Verlie described the band as “a pop trio — very ‘60s like, though the singer sounds like Elvis Costello. I could hear the Beatles, Tommy James and the Shondells, the Faces, and Tom Petty, but still in their own style. A band to watch.”

You’re Among Friends released their self-titled debut album on July 3, 2007. Cleveland Scene categorized the music as “bluesy powerpop.” The opening track, “From Now On,” received some local radio airplay on Inner Sanctum (92.3 K-ROCK) and Resident Rock (91.1 WRUW-FM). “Koumbaros” earned Anthony some more Elvis Costello comparisons. “Favourite” was called “top-drawer powerpop” by the Sweet Spot on Stranger Radio. Anthony, Kevin and Chris played shows throughout the summer to promote the album, including a CD release party at the Grog Shop.

The group started working on their second record in early 2008. Elements of rock ’n’ roll, power pop, blues, soul, funk, and jazz are scattered throughout these songs. Chris drummed on most of the new recordings before leaving the band that spring, but Sarah Luffred took over on drums just in time to play on “Until the Next Girl Comes Along.” The In Due Time EP was released on August 1, 2008. Powerpopaholic called the band’s music “casual rock” for the first time in a short blurb encouraging readers to check out the EP. “Until the Next Girl Comes Along” has been played on Franklee Speaking and Indie Pop Takeout. “Friends Like Me” and “Grandeur” have been played on the Music Authority and Odyssey Radio. “Basement” has been used as the closing song for many live sets over the years.

Anthony, Kevin and Sarah played shows at Club Khameleon, the Robin Hood Inn, the Symposium, the Outpost, and the Phantasy. In July 2009, Sarah was replaced by drummer Tony Randall. This new lineup played shows at Roc Bar, Wilbert’s, and the Cove by the end of that summer. The owner of Wilbert’s, Michael Miller, described the band’s music as “CLE rock ’n’ roll that is reminiscent of Graham Parker.”

Anthony and Kevin briefly reunited with original drummer Chris Tarka and added Ben Gilbert on saxophone in May 2010 to record a couple of new songs. The Enjoy Life & Half a Thought single was released on June 11, 2010. Cleveland Scene pointed out that both of the songs seem to be “Elvis Costello-inspired.” “Enjoy Life” has received quite a bit of radio airplay, while “Half a Thought” has become a lasting part of the band’s live sets. Anthony, Kevin, Chris, and Ben played a show together at the Symposium on New Year’s Day of 2011.

Throughout the summer and fall of 2011, Anthony and Kevin played some acoustic shows with keyboardist Bryan Garvin at Red’s, Wilbert’s, Bela Dubby, Bobby O’s, and the Rathskeller at Kent State University.

Anthony and Kevin were joined by drummer Adrian Higgins in the late summer of 2015. Over the next few months, the band sprinkled some new songs into their set lists when they played at venues like the Happy Dog, the Euclid Tavern, Wilbert’s, and the Grog Shop. Anthony, Kevin and Adrian recorded ten new songs throughout the first half of 2016. It was clear right away that songs like “Years Go,” “Any Day Now,” “Building Bridges to Burn,” and “The Opposite” would become indelible parts of the YAF canon. “A Way to Get Away” and “Rope” have both been used to close the band’s live sets. Early on in the mixing process that June, it was announced that the band was parting ways with Adrian. Drummer Chris Szuch joined the band just in time to play at the CD release party at the Euclid Tavern.

As We Watch the Years Go… was released on July 31, 2016. Cleveland Scene claimed that these songs “reveal a simple truth about You’re Among Friends: they just enjoy playing music, and want nothing more than for you to sit back and relax.” Eclectic Music Lover called this “a fun and mellow album that makes you think a little bit about life in all its craziness as you’re enjoying the music,” and he went on to say that he hears “touches of Steely Dan, Elvis Costello and The Grateful Dead in their sound, and Anthony’s vocals really channel Randy Newman at times.” Small Albums said that the album reminded them of “sprinklers watering the grass on a warm summer morning when you first wake up.” Divide and Conquer said that the album “exemplifies the mastery that You’re Among Friends has accumulated and hones in their many years in the business of creating entertaining and meaningful music.”

In January 2017, Cleveland Scene featured You’re Among Friends as their ‘Band of the Week’ as the group celebrated their tenth anniversary by playing at Wilbert’s. A couple of weeks later, CBS Cleveland mentioned the band in their ‘The Best Places to See Indie Rock in Cleveland’ piece by saying “on an average night, Wilbert’s hosts sublime indie groups like You’re Among Friends.” After a few more shows that spring at the Beachland Tavern, the Happy Dog, and the Grog Shop, the band was headed for yet another lineup change. Anthony and Kevin played shows as an acoustic duo at the Winchester and Now That’s Class that June to try to keep the momentum going.

In the summer of 2017, Frank Mirabelli became the next drummer to come through the group. Anthony, Kevin and Frank recorded four new songs together in July, and they went on to play a show at the Beachland Tavern in August.

One Day You’ll Look Back was released on November 28, 2017. Indientry said that the EP is “chock-full of power-pop disguised as bluesy rock,” adding that it “is nothing if not funky” and that “the bluesy sound is effortlessly cool.” Eclectic Music Lover called it “a nice little EP featuring songs with simple melodies and compelling lyrics that make for a highly pleasurable listen” and said that it “delivers the kind of honest, relatable songs about life and relationships the band does so very well.” Powerpopaholic mentioned that the band sounds “a little bit like a really loose version of Steely Dan” and that “the jazzy ‘I’m Happier Now’ and funky wah-wah chords on ‘Back To Work Tomorrow’ are worth exploring.” Franklee Speaking on 93.3 CFMU has played “I’m Happier Now” and “You Lost Interest First.” While playing most of the EP on his show, Joe Wright from Northern Pirate Radio remarked that “‘Back to Work Tomorrow’ is probably my favorite off of the new EP because I love the way the guitar sounds. It sounds very psychedelic ’60s, bellbottom-y, kind of hippie style – like there should be lava lamps all around me and whatnot!” The 1001 Records for Music Lovers blog included One Day You’ll Look Back on their ‘Best Records of December 2017’ and ‘Best Records of 2017’ lists, and they featured “I’m Happier Now” as part of their ‘Song of the Day’ series. According to Divide and Conquer, “this EP was short, fun and an easy but delightful listen. Recommended.” Bucketlist Music Reviews kicked off their review of the EP with the line “if there’s such a thing as a punk rock Randy Newman, I think this is it,” and they went on to say that “One Day You’ll Look Back certainly lives up to the power-pop name; this thing is seriously catchy. I can’t count the number of times the chorus of ‘I’m Happier Now’ has gone through my head today.” Best Song Day featured “I’m Happier Now” on their blog, and Review Rhino called it a “catchy tune with a NYC ’60s pop soul feel that will make you move.”

At the beginning of January 2020, Mike Janowitz became the band’s new drummer. Anthony, Kevin and Mike started working on a new album during their first afternoon together. All three members felt that the music flowed very naturally and organically during their weekly sessions. The stay-at-home orders issued as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic that spring didn’t interrupt the recording process too much since Anthony needed time to overdub his guitars and vocals anyway. When Anthony finished his tracks, he sent all of the files to Kevin for mixing.

Start Making Sense was released on May 8, 2020. In a review posted on the release date, Cleveland Scene said “the album begins with the punchy ‘Trying to Take It All In,’ a track that draws from the Grateful Dead’s poppier side (think ‘Touch of Grey’). Another highlight, the quirky ‘Once the Toothpaste Is Out of Its Tube,’ features lurching guitars and off-kilter tempo changes. ‘Hills You’re Willing to Die On,’ a song that begins with a thick bass riff, offers a change of pace as it has a jazzy feel, albeit with sneering vocals.” Eclectic Music Lover said “with Start Making Sense, You’re Among Friends have delivered yet another thoughtful and pleasing album for us to enjoy. As their name implies, it’s like the return of an old friend with whom we’re able to pick right back up from where we left off. And that, my friends, is a mighty good thing indeed. That comforting low-key vibe, combined with their thoughtful, down-to-earth lyrics about this crazy thing we call life, has a way of making me feel that everything’s gonna be alright. And boy, we can all use more of that right now!” CoolCleveland said that Start Making Sense is “a nine-track disc of relaxed folky pop tunes with an early ’70s vibe and even a faint hint of country/Southern rock,” going on to say that “the colloquial titles, such as ‘Once the Toothpaste Is Out of Its Tube,’ ‘Why Do I Dwell On Things?’ and ‘String a Few Nice Words Together,’ capture the unforced vibe of tunes that feel like they emerged, appropriately, from late-night conversations among friends.” Poprock Record said “I love the jazzy swing on ‘Waiting for Life to Start Making Sense,’ definitely a bit of early Elvis Costello-vibing here, and the groove anchoring ‘Once the Toothpaste is Out of its Tube.’” Powerpopaholic said that the album “plays out like a fun jam in someone’s basement studio. Love the funk melody on ‘Once the Toothpaste is Out of Its Tube.’ More terrific casual rock like ‘Just Keep Being Nice’ makes this a great album to chill with.” The Music Files (UK) called You’re Among Friends “the ultimate feel-good band that will automatically leave you in high spirits after the first listen,” going on to say that ‘Once the Toothpaste Is Out of Its Tube’ has a “sweet blend of soulful melodies carried on throughout. With the catchy drum beat, infectious bass line and upbeat guitar hooks, listeners will be hooked from the get-go. We recommend you listen to this track after a long day – within minutes you’ll be up dancing your worries away!”

Several songs from Start Making Sense have received podcast and radio airplay on Power Pop Overdose, Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More, Indie Pop Takeout, Garagerocktopia, Cobwebs and Strange, Blues-ish, Psychedelic Jukebox, the Rockin’ Blues Show, NWR Live with Mitch and Mark, Radio TFSC, Lone Frequencies, J.A.M. Radio, Indie Radio YFM, Pluto Radio, Odyssey Radio, Willow Haven, Mad Wasp Radio, Banks Radio Australia, Steve Garnett’s New Music Radio Show on Revival Radio, Rockin’ the KOR, Radio Candy, the Music Authority, and Northern Pirate Radio. “Why Do I Dwell On Things?” has been featured on the Radio Indie Alliance weekly Top 40 list. “Why Do I Dwell On Things?” and “On Again, Off Again” have both been featured on the Radio TFSC daily Top 24 list. Banks Radio Australia included “Once the Toothpaste Is Out of Its Tube” on their daily Top 10 Tracks list.

Anthony, Kevin and Mike recorded ten new songs together during the last few months of 2021. Good Enough Sometimes was released on January 10, 2022!

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Woody Allen and the New Orleans Band


The first time Eddy Davis met Woody was in Chicago in the early 1960s and
they are still playing old New Orleans jazz to this day. Eddy has never met anyone more
serious about there jazz than Woody.

When this band tours it is called Woody Allen’s New Orleans Jazz Band. But when
they play Monday nights at the Cafe Carlyle (as we have been for over 20 years) the
band is billed as “The Eddy Davis New Orleans Jazz Band with Woody Allen”.
The band was originally formed as a rehearsal band for a CD called “The Bunk

In 1996 the band decided to try touring. The first tour was of Europe. We
performed 19 concerts in 21 days and produced a documentary film of the tour
called “Wild Man Blues”. There was also a CD from the film named the same.
These were the musicians on the tour: Cynthia Sayer (piano), Simon Wettenhall
(trumpet), John Gill (drums), Woody Allen (clarinet), Greg Cohen (string bass),
Dan Barrett (trombone) and Eddy Davis (banjo and musical director).

When the band started Mondays at the Cafe Carlyle the trombonist became Jerry
Zigmont, the drummer was Rob Garcia and the rest of the band remained the same.
During these last 20 plus years John Gill returned on drums, Debbie Kennedy took
over the string bass chair and the piano chair was filled by the “one and only”
Conal Fowkes. This band has made many, many tours since.

Friday, January 14, 2022

Sandra Vanreys


Sandra Vanreys has over 35 years of stage experience on national and international stages, her own voice, a sympathetic appearance and the capacity to win over any audience, making Sandra Vanreys a singer of stature. She is particularly fond of the country genre. She has since been voted the best and favorite Dutch country singer 8 times by the Dutch country audience. Sandra has also been dubbed millennium country singer in the Netherlands. A unique achievement! In America she shone for 42 million viewers (!) in the live broadcast TV show “Nashville Now” and she performed at home and abroad. She has toured in England, Germany, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Belgium, Canada and America. Recently, at the request of the Dutch Embassy, ​​she was a guest in Guatemala City where Sandra gave performances at the Holanda Festival in Guatemala. If a train is also named after you in the Achterhoek; then you can safely conclude that Sandra Vanreys is doing well. 

 From country singer Sandra grows into an all-round singer in various music styles. She achieves a record success with the CD singles Let us try (Tipparade tip 10 ) and Ev'rybody is Rocking. Various TV programs, including the Five Hour Show, Peter Jan Rens Late Night and Veronica Call TV, make her nationally known. Partly due to the achieved success, her debut CD album “Heartstrings” is released. Germany is also interested in her, and Sandra decides to record her first German-language single. A resounding success because the song entitled “Wenn du nicht weisst wohin” has been listed in the Top 10 of the NDR Schlagerparade for several weeks. At the end of '99 her second CD album will be released entitled COUNTRY FEELINGS-From me to you. A pure country album with 14 country pieces, including 7 songs by her own hand. Sandra Vanreys participated in the Theater show COUNTRY ROAD. In collaboration with the top of the Dutch Country, they provide standing ovations in Dutch theaters.

 Summer 2004 is the season that Sandra presents her latest CD album “LET GO” to a wide audience. A modern pop/country tinged album gives Sandra a lot of good reviews in the written press. The album is created under the direction of Bert Kuipers and Caspar Falke . RTV Oost is making a TV special in response to the new album. Shortly afterwards she was proclaimed “Star of Overijssel”. The CD is played very well nationally and has been chosen many times as “the CD of the week”. At the end of 2006, the Dutch-language single CD entitled 'A world without you' followed. The music video for this single got a lot of TV airtime . Tv Oranje broadcast the clip frequently and other TV channels follow. In the winter of 2009 the DVD Christmas with Sandra Vanreys will be released. In a music special of more than 30 minutes, Sandra sings Christmas carols at beautiful atmospheric locations in the Achterhoek. Songs such as Silent Night, Little town of Bethlehem and many other well-known songs have been sung especially for this DVD and have a musical sound that makes Sandra so recognizable as a singer. 

Sandra has also been a successful singing coach for several years. She coaches young but also older singing talents. One of her students (Laura van Kaam) recently became the winner of the TV program The voice kids. Sandra can be booked solo, but also as an acoustic trio under the name Trio Sandra Vanreys. In addition, she has an occasional formation Sandra & Friends (5-piece band) and she works with various show and country orchestras.

Thursday, January 13, 2022

JAM Radio - New Bulletin. 1/14/2022





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Yard of Blondes



Yard of Blondes is a French alternative rock band now based in Los Angeles. They started out as a folk pop act made up of singer/songwriter and guitarist/vocalist Vincent Walter Jacob and bassist/vocalist Fanny Hill, and after relocating to L.A., they expanded the band lineup with the addition of guitarist Burak Yerebakan and drummer Forrest Mitchell. They were featured on the 2016 compilation I love you all the time, along with Eagles Of Death Metal, Florence & The Machine, Kings Of Leon, Jimmy Eat World and many more. All the proceeds were given to the victims of the Paris attacks.

On November 1, 2019 they released the first single “You and I & I” from the forthcoming album, and returned on Valentine’s Day with a second single “Lowland“. The single is accompanied by the release of a wonderful video produced by Fanny and Vincent, featuring footage filmed at LAX and Disneyland on their phones. About the song, Vincent explains “‘Lowland’ depicts the dark place we always go to when we are distressed. It’s the place where all our monsters live. In the song I feel I’m going back to that dark place, but this time you’ll accompany me to get out of here, just like Orpheus going to get Eurydice from death, except here the roles are reversed because Fanny is the one who is pulling me out from inside.”

The song features chugging riffs of exuberant layered guitars, propelled by hard-driving rhythms. Vincent and Burak’s guitar work is superb, and Forrest’s drums are spot-on, assertive yet restrained where needed. Fanny lays down a solid bass line while lending her soft backing vocals to the mix. Vincent’s beautiful, plaintive vocals convey a strong sense of vulnerability as he pleads for emotional support. Everything explodes in the bridge into a maelstrom of blistering riffs and thunderous percussion, Vincent’s raw, impassioned vocals rising to the occasion, and covering me with chills.

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Tesla, the true inventor of radio


Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) is said to have invented the 20th century. We owe him the coils for the alternating current electric generator, the spark plugs, the alternator, the remote control and many other discoveries that have made our lives easier. However, the general public is unaware of this Croatian genius born in the Austro-Hungarian Empire in July 1856, since what was brilliant was also impractical and many of his inventions ended up filling the list of other less scrupulous subjects. Perhaps one of the most striking cases is that of the radio.

Tesla used his alternating current technology to invent, in 1895, the radio transmission system. However, the Italian Guillermo Marconi used the oscillator developed by Tesla and 17 other Croatian patents to transmit signals across the ocean in 1901, patent the invention in 1904 and, to finish off history, win the Nobel Prize in 1909. Marconi He did not mention or acknowledge the role that Tesla had indirectly played in his discovery and without which it probably would not have been possible. In 1943, the same year as Tesla's death, the United States Supreme Court recognized Tesla's merit and returned the patent to him.

As a child he had a talent for mathematics and a prodigious memory. It is said that he did not need to make plans, as he kept everything in his head, and that he only slept three hours a day. He studied engineering in Vienna and Prague, worked in various European electrical companies, and in 1884, at the age of 28, he moved to New York. In the big city he would go to work under the orders of Thomas Alva Edison, with whom he disputed the 'War of the Currents' because Edison defended the use of standard direct current for the lighting of cities and Tesla opted for alternating, that it would end up showing itself better and imposing itself.

The purely financial interests of Edison made him reject the idea of ​​Tesla and try to sabotage and ridicule him, so the Croatian inventor ended up resigning and joining the Westinghouse company, which bought his patents and installed a generator in Niagara Falls (the first hydroelectric power station) with which he saved his economy. The funny thing is that Tesla, in another of his impractical gestures, waived the royalties as a thank you to the company and went bankrupt.

In the later years he became darker and more eccentric. Tesla lived in hotels that he left when he couldn't pay the bill and embarked on such strange projects as lighting up part of the Sahara desert for Martians to see or building the Wardenclyffe Tower or Tesla Tower. This imposing structure would serve to materialize Tesla's dream and be able to transmit free energy through the air, without cables, taking advantage of the conductivity of the ionosphere. He never got there and died poor and alone, accompanied only by the pigeons he fed.

After his death, a campaign of forced oblivion took place so that his figure and achievements were hidden. Many of his inventions and discoveries began to be associated with names that did not correspond instead of Tesla's and even the FBI went so far as to requisition most of the documents of the Croatian inventor, whose family had to recover after long trials. The little affection that the academic community felt for Tesla and the clash of interests with the electricity companies for his idea of ​​creating a free energy system caused a temporary oblivion that has been disappearing in recent years, returning to Nikola Tesla the merit and the place he deserves in history.

Tuesday, January 11, 2022



The Spanish-born singer and guitarist has developed a timeless yet fresh pop-rock sound with undertones of neo-soul, funk and R&B.

Having started her musical journey as the front woman for Sons of Rock in her teen years, ALBA has taken stages by storm, captivating audiences with her unique songwriting style and by playing guitar behind her head in reminiscence of Hendrix.

ALBA embarked on her solo project after moving to London in 2016 and making it her base of operations. She has performed on stages across the UK including The Cavern Club, Ronnie Scott’s, Lancaster Music Festival, or The Alternative Escape, and opening for acclaimed acts such as The Waterboys.

ALBA is a passionate environmental campaigner and likes to use her music to make a difference and speak up about social and climate issues. She joined forces with several nonprofit organisations to raise funds and awareness around climate change and how music can be greener.

Following a string of critically acclaimed single releases; her music has been added to rotation in radios around the globe, and has received coverage from well-known publications, blogs and tastemakers such as Guitar magazine, Amazing Radio, Wonderland Magazine and BBC Radio. Guitar magazine, Amazing Radio, Wonderland Magazine and BBC Radio.



Monday, January 10, 2022

The Just Imagines

Tyler Cressman is a member of The Just Imagines with Ciroyelle. They are a real life power couple who met through music and are now engaged and have formed a band. From the USA, the instrumentalist and producer in the band and Ciroyelle is from Germany and they compose the lyrics and do vocals. Ciroyelle is in charge of all visual art and promotion of the band. They are in the process of releasing their debut album, which tells their true love story as they wait for Ciroyelle to be able to move to the USA. This album includes songs from across the musical spectrum, including blues, folk, jazz, reggae, rock, funk, classical and more! The intention is that the album sounds as diverse as their love for one another. 

The first single, Not a Chance Encounter, is out now and is a sultry and psychedelic blues epic proclaiming their meeting could not have been by accident.  They both do vocals in this song and it features long and powerful guitar solos conveying the vibes of the song.  It has already been featured on multiple FM stations, podcasts, youtube shows, and internet radios. There is a pop art style music video for this song on their youtube channel as well. 



Sunday, January 9, 2022

Ten books about music subcultures




1. Deep Down in the Ghetto by Roger D Abrahams
In 1964, a folklorist based in Philadelphia managed a neat trick: he published one of the most important books ever written about hip-hop, long before hip-hop actually existed. In this classic study, Abrahams records and analyses a trove of mid-century Black oral literature, setting down street-corner rhymes, tall tales and boasts – some of which are as violent, and as bawdy, as the rap records that shocked the world in the decades to come.


2. The Nashville Sound by Paul Hemphill
Hemphill was not exactly a Nashville insider, which explains part of the charm of this book, published in 1970: he captured the genius and the weirdness of a country-music industry that was just starting to think of itself as such. Like virtually everyone who came after him, he noted that the genre seemed split between “traditionalists” and “the new breed”. He noticed that the town was full of performers who were “modernising the simple music of their rural southern childhoods and blurring the distinction between country and pop music” – and of course it still is.


 3. Like Punk Never Happened by Dave Rimmer
A very strange book: a sharp treatise on the aesthetics of pop, masquerading as a just-in-time biography of Boy George and Culture Club. In fact by the time this book was published, in 1985, Culture Club’s time at the top of the charts was pretty much over. Knowing this adds some wistfulness to Rimmer’s narrative. And it adds some context to his argument, which is that, in the aftermath of the punk explosion, a new “pop” sensibility emerged, rebelling against the punk-rock rebellion by steadfastly refusing to be rebellious. So what if it didn’t last? Who says great pop is supposed to last?


 4. I’m With the Band by Pamela Des Barres
When this book was published, at the peak of the hair-metal craze, some readers might have mistaken it for a gossipy compendium of backstage tales. The book’s subtitle is Confessions of a Groupie, but the main draw is the way that Des Barres, sometimes drawing from old diary entries, charts her evolution from a curious consumer of rock ’n’ roll records to an important participant in the scene that helped create the myth of the rock star. Her writing is precise and perceptive, affectionate but unsentimental. In one memorable passage, she remembers listening to Led Zeppelin II while hanging out in Jimmy Page’s hotel room. “I had to comment on every solo,” she writes, “and even though I believed the drum solo in Moby Dick went on endlessly, I held my tongue and went on pressing his velvet trousers and sewing buttons on to his satin jacket.”


5. The Death of Rhythm and Blues by Nelson George
For much of the 1980s, George was a music editor at Billboard magazine, which gave him extraordinary insight not only into the genre of R&B but the industry that nurtured it. This classic study is both a history and a manifesto – and also, more than 30 years later, a time capsule. George writes tenderly about the Black business owners who supported R&B, and skeptically about the way that 80s R&B singers (including Michael Jackson and Prince) found pop success, sometimes seeming to leave the genre behind. Was that really progress?


6. Black Noise by Tricia Rose
This book, published in 1994, was one of the first academic investigations of hip-hop, although, like many of the books that came afterward, it was not entirely celebratory. Rose was devoted to hip-hop, but she was also devoted to the idea of hip-hop as a vehicle for resistance and emancipation, which means she can’t help but notice the ways in which it often failed to live up to these ideals. In describing (and sometimes decrying) the genre’s tendency to focus on “male predatory sexual behaviour”, and its existence within a network of white-owned, multinational businesses, she anticipated the way hip-hop would continue to delight and frustrate its biggest fans for decades to come.


7. Energy Flash by Simon Reynolds
An enthusiastic and often contagious history of dance music, with a focus on pleasure: Reynolds conjures up not only how house and techno (and their many offshoots) evolved, but what it really feels like to love them. This feeling has not always been entirely organic: Reynolds pays close attention to the relationship between dance music and drugs, explaining how often, when the high changes, the beat changes, too.


8. Lords of Chaos by Michael Moynihan and Didrik Soderlind
An intense, scary book about an intense, scary scene: black metal, which in the 1990s took heavy metal’s obsession with darkness and evil to its logical conclusion. Moynihan and Soderlind chronicle a world of murder, hatred and madness; even if you don’t have any interest in the bands (or in the 2018 Jonas Åkerlund film based on this book), you may come away with a new appreciation for what it means for music to be truly extreme.


9. Love Saves the Day by Tim Lawrence
How do you capture a party? Often, you don’t: the revellers go home, the DJ packs up, people move on. But in this careful work of excavation, Lawrence shows how, in 1970s New York, casual get-togethers spawned glamorous nightclubs, and eventually an entire musical subculture, reconstructing the prehistory of disco, and gesturing toward all the sounds and scenes that came afterward.

10. Girls to the Front by Sara Marcus
Riot grrl was at least two things at once: a musical movement, which bloomed briefly in the 1990s, and a literary movement, sparked by fanzines, which jammed together punk rock and feminism, challenging and changing the identities of both of them. This book is an indispensable cultural history that emphasizes both the strangeness and the sensibleness of riot grrrl, an unlikely movement that seems, in retrospect, inevitable.

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Great Spanish-speaking rock bands


Do you love Spanish rock bands? Read on to learn about 13 huge bands in the Spanish music industry. It’s a wonderful genre to enjoy while practicing your Spanish.

Spanish rock bands with female singers are somewhat rare, but there are many great solo female artists in Spanish rock.

1. Hombres G

Hombres G is a Spanish rock band named after the American movie G-Men who made their debut at Madrid’s festival, Rockola, in the 80s. They signed to an independent label called Twins and their song Devuélveme A Mi Chica was the smash hit that took them to stardom. 

In 1986, La Cegaste was released and also became a huge hit. Because of their songwriting skills and catchy lyrics, Hombres G has been recognized as one of the best rock bands in Latin America and Spain. 

The band consists of Javi Molina on the drums, David Summers on the bass and vocals, and Rafael Gutierrez and Dani Mezquita on guitar. Hombres G stood out in large part thanks to the captivating talent of their drummer. 

Their unique sound is evident in their catchy songs, such as: 

  • Devuelveme mi chica (Give me back my girl)
  • Si no te tengo a ti (If I don’t have you), and 
  • Te quiero (I Love You).


2. Enanitos Verdes

Enanitos Verdes is another Argentinian band that came out in the 1980s. This legendary Spanish rock band gained popularity with their second album Contrarreloj

Their single La muralla verde (The Green Wall) was a smash hit throughout Latin America and Spain. People love to sing along to their incredible hits. Lamento boliviano (Bolivian Sorrow) is another of this band’s greatest Spanish rock songs. 

3. Café Tacvba

Café Tacvba (or Café Tacuba) is one of the most famous Mexican rock bands of all time. Their rebellious and unique sound fits into the alternative and pop rock genre. 

The group began in 1989. Their best songs include Eres (You Are), La Ingrata (The Ingrate), and El Aparato (The Apparatus). International music buffs compare their sound to The Cure. 

The band’s sound uses traditional Mexican music styles, reimagined, in their songs. They honor their country in the music that they write. Listening to Café Tacuba is a splendid way to learn more about the Mexican culture. 

4. Maná

Maná is another famous Spanish rock band from Mexico. Although they started in the 1970s, Maná had to wait almost for 11 years to gain popularity. 

Finally, in the 90s they became the phenomenon that they are today. Their album, Dónde jugarán los niños, (Where Will The Kids Play) took them to stardom. 

Some of their best songs are: 

  • Labios compartidos, (Shared Lips)
  • Rayando el sol (The Rays of Sunlight), and 
  • Bendita tu luz (Bless Your Light).

Ever since, critics and fans recognize Maná as one of the most influential Spanish rock bands of all time.


5. Soda Stereo

Soda Stereo is an amazing Argentinian Spanish rock band. Their music is legendary due to their poetic lyrics and catchy melodies. Many say that their approach to music has changed the genre for the better.

Their lead singer, Gustavo Cerati, wrote many of the songs. Soda Stereo reached the height of their popularity in the 80s. 

Two of their most famous songs are:

  • De música ligera (Of Light Music) and 
  • Persiana americana (American Blinds). 


6. Molotov

Molotov is a rebel Spanish rock band that mixes rap, heavy rock, and pop. Many of their lyrics are about doing whatever you want, whenever you want. 

Molotov is popular with younger audiences. They came out in the 90s and continue to impact the Spanish rock genre today. 

People compare them to Rage Against the Machine and the Beastie Boys. If you’re into punk rock, this is the Spanish rock band for you.


7. Carlos Santana

Carlos Santana is one of the most famous guitarists in the world. Rolling Stone Magazine ranks him as one of the most influential artists of all time. Santana came out in the 60s and continues to play with both English and Spanish rock bands. 

Santanta has 13 Grammys so far, and he’s played multiple world tours. This 70-year-old rocker continues to play his guitar and inspire his multitude of fans. 

8. Aterciopelados

Aterciopelados is a unique Spanish rock band from Colombia. They use traditional Colombian sounds mixed with rock and roll. The lead singer is a woman, and their crossover style has gained them world recognition. 

Many say that their album El dorado (The Golden) is one of the best Spanish rock albums of all time. Florecita rockera (Rockin Little Flower) is an amazing pop rock song that’s super fun to dance to. 

9. Zoé

Zoé is one of the most unique Mexican Spanish rock bands out there. This grunge band started in 1994.

Leon Larrengui, their lead vocalist, created a one-of-a-kind lineup. Since the 90s, this Mexican band has found its own sound. Two of their most popular songs are Paula and Nada (Nothing).

10. Caifanes

Caifanes is a Spanish rock band from the 80s. Led by Saul Hernandez, they’re one of the most respected Spanish rock bands in Mexico. They blend British new wave, Latin beats, and progressive rock. 

Fans love them for their use of music to make social and political commentaries. Some of their most recognized songs are Afuera (Outside) and Viento (Wind). 

Hurricane Highway


Amazing things have happened Hurricane Highway in their short few years together. From a chance meeting in a pub, singer Ed Holland and guitarist Kevin Collins recorded their first single ‘Your Man’ in 2014. It received great critical acclaim and very quickly became a radio hit. A video of the same song they made also did very well for them.

The band plays a style of American Country Rock that appeals to a lot of people. Based out of the West Coast of Ireland the have been creating ripples in the industry which have become waves recently.

‘Yeah’ was their second release also accompanied by a video which was quickly picked up by satellite TV stations and started the brand building process for them.

Then came the recording and video of ‘Keep them Kisses Comin’ which catapulted Hurricane Highway to new heights. This reached nearly two million views between YouTube and Facebook and other internet platforms and still growing.

This was boosted by the amount of airplay on Sky channels 191, 266, 389 and other Country Music channels not to mention a slot on the Ray Darcy TV Show and being play listed by RTE 1 Radio. National exposure and regional airplay has driven national awareness and brand recognition for the band.

‘Hey Pretty Girl’ was the next single and was accompanied by a beautiful video which featured an older man looking back on his life. This has already touched over half a million people and won the Irish TV Country Music Award 2016 Best Video of the Year.

The hallmark of Hurricane Highways success has been the high quality of their recordings and videos. This is well recognised in the industry and Country Music channels and Radio stations always look forward to receiving their new material. Ed Holland and Kevin Collins come from two different musical backgrounds and sometimes when these are mixed something magical happens. Hurricane Highway is a perfect example of this.

April 2017 saw the release of their greatly anticipated album ‘EXPOSED’ which went straight to No. 1 in the iTunes charts and is doing really well for the band. Further singles from the album ‘If it Gets You Where You Wanna Go’ and ‘Make you Mine’ have received great airplay and the video for ‘Make You Mine’ won the Irish Post/TG4 Country Music Award for Best Video of the Year 2017 for the second year in a row.

They are definitely doing something right. Hurricane Highway was also nominated for the 2017 Best Live Band 2017 and Best Album of the Year 2017.Having played some of the biggest festivals of the year 2017 their new original single ‘If this is Goodbye’ is released early November 2017. This plus their song gave Hurricane Highway two GRAMMY nominations in 2019 and this brought the band to the notice of international audiences and promoters.

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The Metal Byrds



The Metal Byrds band are born musicians. London born Suzanne Birdie, has a power-pop rock voice, that compliments Sly Rye's ripping rock riffs and lead guitar solos in every song!
These catchy songs are throwback to a time where female front-women dominated the radio waves with rocking sounds. A time where Hair Bands and Classic Rock & Roll ruled the world.

"Our sound comes from our individual influences over the decades.  Sly Rye's guitar playing style has been influenced anywhere from classic rock all the way from metal to alternative rock. Suzanne's singing style is heavily influenced by all the great women in rock history. From Joan Jett, Pat Benetar, Stevie Nicks and Heart. We are not the typical cookie-cutter sounding rock band, and if you listen closely, you will hear a sound like none-other." says the band of creating songs together.

The Metal Byrds have received rotation on both international and national online and FM radio stations, and have a fan base that keeps on growing.  Currently having three songs from their latest album, that have risen up the radio charts to reach #1, they maintain at least one song on any given time on a top ten chart, every week since the beginning  of 2020, as well as being featured on several explosive and popular Spotify playlists that feature other great up and coming Indie Rock bands and musicians.

Their fourth full length album, 4, available now online, for streaming and purchase on BandCamp, Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, Deezer, Tidal, Napster, YouTube Music, and YouTube.



Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Most Famous Unknown Rock Band in History

                                                         The group BIG STAR

The story of rock and roll is full of missed opportunities, poor decisions, and tragic turns of fate that consigned many worthwhile artists to obscurity. While many are little more than footnotes in musical history, some, like the legendary Memphis combo Big Star, pick up a second life as an influential force far beyond their original lifespan. 2022 will mark the 50th anniversary of the release of Big Star’s debut 1 Record. Though their shimmering Beatles-influenced guitar pop sound was acclaimed by critics, very few people heard Big Star, but as Brian Eno famously noted about the Velvet Underground, many of those who did would start their own bands.

Barely out of their teens, the duo of Chris Bell and Alex Chilton composed songs that fused the chiming guitars of the 1960s British Invasion sound with touches of the gritty soul sounds that put Memphis on the musical map. Bell knew his way around the studio as a session musician at Ardent Studios, where many local R&B hits were born, and Chilton was already a cynical veteran of the music industry from his time in the Box Tops. Bassist Andy Hummel and drummer Jody Stephens completed the group.

The songs on #1 Record (1972) expressed a strident self-confidence, “The Ballad of El Goodo”, and a deep spiritual yearning, “Try Again”, but they could also keep pace with the AM radio sound of the time, on rockers like “In The Street”, which would become adapted as the theme from 1990s sitcom That ‘70s Show, and the Rolling Stones-styled boogie of “Feel”. The acoustic ballad “Thirteen” evoked the feeling of early adolescence like few songs in the rock idiom, previously or since. Strong reviews, however, did not translate into sales, and the record sank from view.

Disappointment over the record’s failure led Bell to quit the group before the 1974 followup Radio City was recorded, but Big Star forged on as a trio led by Chilton. Songs like “September Gurls”, later covered by The Bangles, “Back of a Car” and “O My Soul” were evidence that the magic of the debut was no fluke. But as a rare rock group on soul label Stax Records’ roster, and because of a failed distribution deal, few of their records made it to the shelves. The band remained a well-kept secret to anyone other than a few journalists and industry insiders.

With little left to lose or to strive for, Alex Chilton retreated to the studio and recorded what would become the third album with various musicians and noted producer Jim Dickinson. Songs like “Big Black Car”, “Nighttime” and “Kanga Roo” were harrowing but beautiful, and Chilton seemed to reflect on Big Star’s failures with sarcasm (“Thank You Friends”) and anger (“You Can’t Have Me”). The recordings of what would be known as Big Star’s Third were the nihilistic sound of an artist and band falling apart, and true to Big Star’s commercial fate, other than a few bootlegs the record was shelved until the late 1970s when it was released in England.

Alex Chilton continued on as a solo act, making many eclectic, often difficult records that would also achieve their own cult-like appreciation. His later music could be heard as a rejection of the “power pop” sound he helped to pioneer and the Big Star myth, as he would become a prickly godfather of the spirit of punk and independent music. Chilton resurrected Big Star in the 90s and kept it going—on his own terms, of course—off and on until his death from a heart attack in 2010, including a new collection of songs released under the Big Star name in 2005. After leaving the band he started, Chris Bell would eventually give up on music and died in a motorcycle crash in 1978, but not before recording an album’s worth of songs with Beatles engineer Geoff Emerick while in France. These recordings were issued posthumously as the collection I Am The Cosmos and stand alongside the very best music that Big Star released. Bell’s pre-Big Star work was included in the Big Star box set Keep An Eye on the Sky, along with other Big Star rarities.

Big Star would find their listeners; in fact, all three records have been included in Rolling Stone’s ever-evolving 500 Greatest Albums of All Time list. Artists like Beck, Wilco, R.E.M., the Replacements, and Teenage Fanclub would claim them as an influence. Since Chilton’s death, a collective of musicians from across the musical spectrum including surviving member Jody Stephens and latter-day Big Star members from the band The Posies have gathered to perform Big Star’s music in epic concerts on stages around the world. A 2016 show at Glendale’s Alex Theatre was captured on the live recording and DVD Thank You Friends: Big Star’s Third Live and More. More archival live sets and radio sessions would emerge, enhancing the Big Star archival legacy, including a comprehensive collection of the Big Star Third sessions. Most illuminating of all was the 2013 documentary Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me, which finally told the story of rock’s most celebrated cult band.

15 New Blues & Rock Songs You Must Hear


Robin Trower, Maxi Priest, Livingstone Brown
When three legendary artists come together to create a sound all their own, it doesn’t always work out the way it does on United State Of Mind by Robin Trower, Maxi Priest and Livingstone Brown released October 9, 2020 on Manhaton Records. A trio of musicians you might not necessarily put together, they blend their unique sounds to create an album of singular beauty.

Song “United State of Mind” 

The Black Moods
The Black Moods play raw, amplified rock and roll with a modern update of a timeless sound. They breathe a blast of fresh air into electric guitars, anthemic hooks and percussive stomp. A power trio made up of frontman/guitarist Josh Kennedy, drummer Chico Diaz and bassist Jordan Hoffman that makes great, crunching rock music with excellent lyrics. Their new album Sunshine is respectful of the past and plugged into the present. The Black Moods built their audience the old fashioned way—by hitting the road, touring heavily and promoting their albums.

Song “Sunshine”

Artur Menezes
Brazilian blues/rock guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter Artur Menezes impresses on every level on his new record Fading Away, a super-hot eight-song set that blends blues with psychedelic rock, funk and Brazilian rhythms. Produced by Josh Smith, the album features guest appearances by Smith as well as Joe Bonamassa. A superb guitar player and strong singer/songwriter, Menezes combines vintage influences with his own contemporary style. Winner of the Gibson/Albert King Award for Best Guitarist, even if this song doesn’t resonate, check out his other musical offerings.

Song “Northeast” 

Jeremiah Johnson
Talented blues guitarist, singer and songwriter Jeremiah Johnson released two albums this year, and this one is in response to the pandemic. One of the hottest prospects on the blues scene over the last decade, Mississippi native Johnson knows a thing or two about hard work. By all  accounts, Johnson has come up the hard way, day-jobbing as a billboard laborer while recording and self-releasing some mighty fine blues records. With rocking swagger, Johnson turns up the heat on the record with his power trio.

Song “Unemployed Highly Annoyed” 

The Immediate Family
The Immediate Family put their superb rock and roll spin on their new EP, Slippin’ and Slidin’ out October 16, 2020. The Immediate Family is made up of legendary musicians Danny Kortchmar (guitar, vocals), Waddy Wachtel (guitar, vocals), Leland Sklar (bass), Russ Kunkel (drums) and Steve Postell (guitar, vocals.) The Immediate Family is the epitome of cool. They’ve played together for decades, their chemistry undeniable, their talents limitless. The term “supergroup” has been loosely bandied about for years, but it definitely applies here. There is true excellence not just in the musicianship on Slippin’ and Slidin’ but in the poetic songwriting as well.

Song “Cruel Twist” 

Sam Morrow
Gettin’ By On Gettin’ Down by Sam Morrow is a blast of fresh air, fuel for your pandemic-weary soul. Produced by award-winning producer and president/label owner Eric Corne, the record is funky country rock with a modern feel. Outstanding vocalist, songwriter and guitarist Sam Morrow has a serious feel for groove that’s inherent in each of the nine songs. With slinky slide guitars and super-tight drumming and bass, this album is a musical feast. Morrow is a compelling artist with a unique sound, backed by top-tier musicians who have a tight grip on rhythm.

Song “Golden Venus” 

Cary Morin
Cary Morin’s “Prisoner” opens with some of the finger-style guitar-work for which Morin has become famous. Morin makes his instrument sing, moan and talk, like the great Robert Johnson with a personality all its own. Soulful, rich vocals abound on his new album, Dockside Saints. Behind Morin’s magic, the band kicks up a slow and colorful blues jam.

Song “Prisoner” 


Kevin Burt
Guitarist, harp player, songwriter, and vocalist Kevin Burt comes straight out of Iowa with a load of blues power on his new release Stone Crazy. Produced by Mike Zito, the set features ten soul-infused blues songs that showcase all of Burt’s considerable talents, especially his powerfully expressive voice, which easily goes from a smooth-and-sweet seduction mode to a commanding growl in a hot second. Burt’s vibe is influenced by Aaron Neville, Bill Withers, and B.B. King. What a voice.

Song “Ain’t Got No Problem With It” 

Hurricane Ruth
The great Willie Dixon once told Ruth “You’re the only hurricane I can appreciate.” Ruth LaMaster has performed with John Lee Hooker, B.B. King, Willie Dixon, Taj Mahal, Ramsey Lewis Trio, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Royal Southern Brotherhood, and more. Her vocals are deeply rooted in the blues but she also rocks the house. Hurricane Ruth gives it everything she’s got on her new album Good Life, a smoking-hot set that adds up to another huge blast of the deeply soulful two-fisted blues. Backed up by an ultra-powerful band made up of Scott Holt (guitar), Bruce Katz (Hammond B-3, keyboards), Calvin Johnson (bass), and Tony Braunagel (drums), Ruth comes on strong and delivers a performance that would blow the roof off of any roadhouse in the world.

Song “Dirty Blues” 

Oz Noy
Contemporary funk/fusion/jazz guitar master Oz Noy presents another batch of his iconoclastic musical style on his new album Snapdragon. Born in Israel, Noy began playing professionally at just 13 years old doing jazz, blues, rock, and pop. Since moving to New York City in 1996, Oz has made a huge impact on the local and international music scene. He’s broken all the rules of instrumental guitar music by focusing on the groove. Oz has toured with just about everyone so no list of names is needed.

Song “Just Groove Me” 

Bette Smith
Fierce rock and soul vocalist Bette Smith puts down a big sound on her new record The Good, The Bad & The Bette. Produced by Drive-By Trucker Matt Patton and engineer/drummer Bronson Tew, the album features Smith infusing gospel and soul into rock and roll, with guests including Luther Dickinson and fellow DBT member Patterson Hood. The set is proof positive that an old school mix of soul and rock music never goes out of style and that Smith has every bit of the power displayed by past masters up to and including Aretha Franklin. Smith is a wildly emotive singer with a fearless swagger that permeates everything she does.

Song “Fistful of Dollars”

The Michael Mills Band
The Michael Mills Band stirs up blues/rock fire on their new album, Stand Up. With tasty guitar riffs along with strong, expressive vocals and a tight band, these blues rockers hail from Huntington Beach, CA, and have been lighting up the club scene up and down the California Coast, plus a standing gig at The House of Blues. From blues-funky to straight up blues/rock, this is the band to watch.

Song “I Know”


Gráinne Duffy
You might not have heard of her, but Ireland’s own Gráinne Duffy is an emerging blues star on her new album Voodoo Blues. One of the most notable blues guitarists, vocalists, and songwriters rising to prominence in the European scene, Duffy’s sound is a mix of blues, rock, roots music, and soul blended with Duffy’s own Irish/Celtic style. It’s a swampy, sensual, heartfelt, and spellbinding experience focused on Duffy’s powerful, heart-shredding voice and highly melodic guitar work.

Song “Voodoo Blues”

Eric Johanson
A growing force in the blues and roots/rock scene, Johanson’s music is distinct—it’s moody, sometimes haunting and dark, blessed with groove. Visual storytelling, mind- blowing guitar, and soulful, strong vocals abound on Below Sea Level. Whatever transpired in that studio with this artist’s songs and musical talents, Cody Dickinson on drums, Terrence Grayson on bass (Victor Wainwright) and Luther Dickinson’s production, summoned some kind of magic. For Below Sea Level, Eric teamed up with Luther and Cody Dickinson and recorded the album. A better match could not have been made.

Song “Dose of Forget” 

Magnolia Bayou
Mississippi blues swamp rockers Magnolia Bayou’s sound is reminiscent of the golden age of rock n’ roll, flavored with heavy southern swagger that’s distinctly theirs. A soulful, distinctive vocalist and tight band, Magnolia Bayou’s new album, Strange Place is steeped in the group’s origins, tapping into elements of southern, psychedelic, funk, and blues-based rock and roll that the group has reinvented and bent to their will.

Song “Tupelo” 

Monday, January 3, 2022

Keith Shaw



KeithShaw is a singer / songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. He is a 2021 International Singer-Songwriter Award FINALIST for Album of the Year for "Haunted" and Single of the Year for "Little Pretty Thing". He also is a 2020 International Singer-Songwriter Association (ISSA) Award finalist for Male Rising Star, Single of the Year for "Until The Rain Comes", Songwriter of the Year, and Emerging Artist of the Year. Keith also is a 2-time finalist for "Best Rock Song" and in 2021 for Best Pop Song in the World Songwriting Awards (WSA). Keith writes all music and lyrics for his songs, and plays guitars, bass, keyboards, percussion on all tracks, as well as producing, mixing and mastering. He also does his own art production.

His brand new album "Haunted" featuring the title track is available now on CD Baby, Spotify, Amazon Music and more.

Single releases include: "Until The Rain Comes" , "There's A Tie That Binds Us", "I'm Going Home", “Cherry Red”, "(It’s A) Race To The Bottom”, "L.M.A.O.", and "17" which are getting solid airplay around the world. In fact, all 7 have hit both Top 10 and Top 20 charts.