Sunday, June 16, 2024

RJ Archer & the Painful Memories

Primarily inspired by blues-influenced rock music from the 1960’s and 1970’s, RJ Archer & the Painful Memories were formed in July 2019 when Richard Archer (guitar, vocals) received a prize of some studio time in a songwriting competition. Two long-term friends Roger James and Ben Kingsbury agreed to help with the recording session, playing bass and drums respectively. The results were so good that they decided to make the band a permanent thing.

Recording with just a few days of studio time scheduled across the next two years, the band completed a debut album ‘Hot Mess’ in September 2021 to an enthusiastic critical response, with Rock & Roll Circus citing a “"A 60's R&B vibe, fused with a more contemporary feel" and Robs Raw Music hearing "Powerful and tough Blues/Rock and dare I say an infusion of punk"!

With acclaimed live sets at the Cambridge Salty Dog Blues Festival and Six Six Bar under their belts and a growing reputation as a killer live act, their second album ‘Horseplay!’ was released to more acclaim in September 2023 with Music For All proclaiming it as a “practically perfect album” and comparisons being drawn to everyone from MC5 to Grand Funk Railroad to Dr.Feelgood!!

The band have since expanded to a four piece with the addition of Marc Ritchie on drums and Ben moving to second guitar. They are currently working on new songs for a new album expected for release late 2024.

X (formerly Twitter): @RickyBoom_Boom

Saturday, June 15, 2024

Rare Union

Rare Union has released their first release "Brother of Mine" again in honor of lead vocalist Max Soler who recently passed. "Brother of Mine" is a deeply personal album, featuring a daring mix of percussion-driven Blues Rock with reviling, soul baring, heartfelt vocals. The guitar work is fantastic, and fresh all original. The drums, percussion and Max Soler’s vocals make this release a must.

Rare Union, a band that came out of the pandemic with musicians from 5 different states found their first release “Bother of Mine" in the top 100 Blues Rock CDs on RMR charts for 2022. All original, Rare Union's "Brother of Mine" is incredible.

Friday, June 14, 2024

Black Tie Affair ft Dennis van Aarssen

A formation in which musicians can easily change—but one common goal: exploring. Expect the unexpected as soon as the musical world of Black Tie Affair reveals itself to you. A unique combination of musicians that now consists of jazz singer Dennis van Aarssen, assisted by MC & producer Skiggy Rapz, written by Jeff Franzel, Maria Christensen, and Dennis van Aarssen. They dare to push it to the limits and beyond. There are no clear-cut frames but a broad audio spectrum that resonates with musical varieties such as ‘pop,’ ‘jazz,’ and ‘soul’ & Latin influences. There are no limitations or genre restrictions. The unique talent of each member of Black Tie Affair and the chemistry they share shape the sound, structure, and compositions. They challenge and strengthen each other, drawing from their diverse musical backgrounds. The result is a musical experience that transcends individual contributions. 

Dennis van Aarssen, the unmistakable 'singing tour guide ', leads you on a musical journey. Surrender to his music, and you'll be exposed to a variety of musical flavors from around the world.

"Scenes from a Rooftop" is the annual Black Tie Affair track featuring the talented Dennis van Aarssen. Every year they explore new sounds and vibes. At the end of the year they will release an album with the collection so far.

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Rockin' Like Thunder

Rockin' Like Thunder is now taking the Philippines by Storm. Just finished a sold-out concert of 3,000 people to welcome their new record.
Zamboanga City, A small island in the Philippines, comes the sensational group, Rockin' Like Thunder. They're taking the Philippines by storm and will be heading to the USA in the near future.

Sunday, June 9, 2024

Kenneth Cole

Kenneth Cole's newest release "You and Me Together" is sure to be a hit with your listeners. Hot out of Nashville, TN, it gives a new fast paced song which they can't help but sing along with. Great song for line dancing and toe tapping. "You and Me Together" just may be the next hit song on your radio broadcast.

Kenneth Cole has had several songs rise high on Cashbox, Cross Country, PowerSource Music Nashville and other charts.

Thursday, June 6, 2024


'KAT leaves us dazzled...Vocals have strong character & fiery power... a catchy melody & hook greets us with a blaze! Her rock style vocal has a great raw power & a volcanic eruptive impact' (Sinusoidal Music)

'Powerful pop sound with an edgy rock twist... Absolute banger' (TJPL News)

Pop-Rock powerhouse and singer-songwriter KAT releases latest single "Liar Liar". Blending different elements from a range of genres with dark soulful vocals expressing raw emotion - KAT brings her own style of soulful pop with a rock edge. Music influences include Bishop Briggs, Sia, Jeff Buckley, Prince, Tina Turner and Aretha Franklin.

KAT is an artist who writes straight from the heart, with tracks based upon her own life experiences. "Liar Liar" is a reminder of self-worth when going through the worst of breakups or tough times. "Liar Liar" is the first single to be released from KAT’S debut EP "Warrior Heart".

Wednesday, June 5, 2024

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Monday, June 3, 2024

Michael Nero


Michael Nero is a South Texas singer-songwriter who writes and performs from a life that’s been “rode hard and put up wet”... the trade-off being years of songwriting material.

Since he is comfortable in multiple American roots genres, his music has been described as being somewhere East of Memphis and West of Nashville. So, he guesses that he is technically an Americana artist. But Blues, both acoustic and electric, has played such a major role in his musical development, he does not suppose he could ever completely erase it’s fingerprint off any thing he does.