Friday, June 14, 2024

Black Tie Affair ft Dennis van Aarssen

A formation in which musicians can easily change—but one common goal: exploring. Expect the unexpected as soon as the musical world of Black Tie Affair reveals itself to you. A unique combination of musicians that now consists of jazz singer Dennis van Aarssen, assisted by MC & producer Skiggy Rapz, written by Jeff Franzel, Maria Christensen, and Dennis van Aarssen. They dare to push it to the limits and beyond. There are no clear-cut frames but a broad audio spectrum that resonates with musical varieties such as ‘pop,’ ‘jazz,’ and ‘soul’ & Latin influences. There are no limitations or genre restrictions. The unique talent of each member of Black Tie Affair and the chemistry they share shape the sound, structure, and compositions. They challenge and strengthen each other, drawing from their diverse musical backgrounds. The result is a musical experience that transcends individual contributions. 

Dennis van Aarssen, the unmistakable 'singing tour guide ', leads you on a musical journey. Surrender to his music, and you'll be exposed to a variety of musical flavors from around the world.

"Scenes from a Rooftop" is the annual Black Tie Affair track featuring the talented Dennis van Aarssen. Every year they explore new sounds and vibes. At the end of the year they will release an album with the collection so far.

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