Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Brian Mitchell


Who is Brian Mitchell? Why is he writing and recording new albums of original songs at his age and stranger still, why do people like them?

Answering these questions in no particular order, Brian views age as having zero relevance to anything past physics. If anything, the work he’s doing is simply past due because creativity has been at the core of his personality since he was a child. And that life began as the youngest of 7 kids growing up immersed in the harmonies of Lennon and McCartney, the incredible rhythms and amazing songs that came out of Detroit and Motown Records. In fact all of the music he’s liked from Broadway soundtracks to Brill Building pop, the lyrical craft and vocal harmony arrangements from those eras, all resonate with him. He simply loves music. “It’s the one language every culture, every race and every nation has in common... we all understand it and we all love it.”

Brian’s journey includes ten years as a broadcaster and over the course of that time and the radio stations he worked for, his playlists included hits from five decades covering standards to rock, pop and jazz. At the age of 21 he decided to buy his first guitar, later pursuing college studies in music, learning theory and harmony. Eventually , he added Bass and piano as additional instruments. “Writing songs on piano vs. guitar ... the two are completely different expressively and each brings something unique.”

What you might not know is very likely something you actually do know. His voice. Brian is the voice of national and regional commercials to PBS documentaries and program narrations for networks like Discovery and Science Channel.

But now... There’s Act 3.
In July 2021, “Love & Lies”, Brian’s debut album was released, with a mixture of styles that reflect his broad influences. “I’m only one person. One writer. I don’t have a partner in this to craft some other side to what I’m releasing, so I’m trying to not issue a narrow sort of ‘sound’ per say, I want my albums to be interesting.”

“Love & Lies” features 11 tracks with five of those also released as singles, all available on every major streaming platform both nationally and overseas. A lyric video for his song ‘Love’ has just been released and is streaming to social media. Two new albums are already in pre-production with session dates scheduled throughout the Winter. The musicians include the rhythm section from Genesis’ guitarist Daryl Stuermer’s touring band, and all are among his areas finest.

So why now? Why begin such ambitious projects? “Because I enjoy it. Really, no other reason necessary. I like writing and love recording with these outstanding musicians and my fondest dream for all of it is that just maybe we are asked for live performances at some point. Giving music to people is a gift to us and to them and what could be better than that really?”

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