Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Charlie Vitamine



The Charlie Vitamine Band (CVB) was founded Charlie Vitamine which devotes itself to the development of a rock'n'blues repertoire centered on personal compositions, therefore also to the production of a new CD + DVD box set. The time for the slightest concession, which ultimately brings nothing to anyone, is over. The CVB will not adapt (or no longer) to concert venues or fashions, but will therefore always perform in public if the group is welcome for its show. 

The organizers will therefore commit us well for our music because we do not know how to make music on order to adapt to a style that will not be ours (electric groovy-rock'n'blues). The strengths and specificities of the band: experience, sincerity, passion for groove and rock, the need and the pleasure of singing and playing, a very personal sound and style of guitar, and the specialty of the band: a style of sounds rather similar to sound paintings..., and without any concessions (take it or leave it...). the band works essentially in a passionate way, where the spirit of the music takes precedence even over the sounds... Charlie Vitamine has already had the chance to perform on the American continent (USA and Canada) and in more than 770 concerts in Europe with the release of more than 12 CDs or DVDs...

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