Saturday, March 23, 2024

Mel Garsek

Mel, born and raised in Fort Worth, is a fifth generation Texan. From a young age, Mel showed a great interest in music, banging away on his toy piano and pretty much anything else he could use to make noise. 

When COVID hit, he had a simple request, he wanted a gaming system. Instead, his folks bought him a guitar. It was from there, with many hours on YouTube videos, he really dove into honing his craft. Self-taught, he spent countless hours practicing, singing, and learning the finer nuances of his favorite pastime. Focusing primarily on Country and Singer/Songwriter genres. At the age of twelve, Mel began playing gigs around town, growing to playing more than 150 gigs around Texas and Nashville during the calendar year 2023. Today, you can catch him playing gigs around Texas, from local bars and honky tonks to festivals and farmers markets.


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