Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Wild Wisteria

Crystal Tangerine has an internal cohesion whist covering differing spectrums of time, location and musical genre, testament to Wild Wisteria’s versatility.

The album opens with "Going Home", lamenting the lost 'age of the 78 vinyl', followed by the title track, inspired by machinations during one of the most fascinating periods in Australian politics, but with universal relevance to life in general.

"On the Dark Side of the Moon", "Unrequited Love", "I Did Not Year You" and "House of Many Faces" showcase the different facets of love within the genres of Rock, Prog Rock, Classic Rock, Folk and Pop.

"Moment by Moment" is a timeless, Adult Contemporary Pop Ballad. "Shanghai Cowboy Show" has a US Country Jazz vibe. "Blue Skies in Paradise" is Pop Orchestral Indie Rock, inspired by the Italian Amalfi Coast. "Smokin’ Annies’ Place" is pure Jazz, drawn from the backstreets of New Orleans.

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