Monday, August 7, 2023

Dry White Bones

From the EP Nasty to Touch, Hippocandy is a railroad journey, insistent repeating rhythm and wailing blues harp, growly voice and Rock n Roll feel guitar all adds up to a  crazy mixed genre that hints of Folk, Bluegrass, Rock, Gypsy, Industrial, hip hop and post punk.

Artist Bio

Festival favourites Dry White Bones, appeared at Glastonbury Festival this year two days running, this is the 4th time they have been asked to perform at this major festival.

Boomtown is next for them and they will be performing on Friday 11th August, Forgers Mill Stage, 5.00pm til 6.00pm, this will be their fifth time and to coincide with that this single will be released the day before.

The band are an eclectic mix of Darren Smith, a very dominating on stage presence, crazy lyricist, magic guitar strummer and front man, Dave Gibson, fine blower of blues harp and rattler of teapots and washboards and Harry Ford now resident stand up drummer driving the tracks along, Darren used to sit down and play drums with his feet, Harry has come in and given Darren the freedom to be the front man he always was.

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