Monday, January 10, 2022

The Just Imagines

Tyler Cressman is a member of The Just Imagines with Ciroyelle. They are a real life power couple who met through music and are now engaged and have formed a band. From the USA, the instrumentalist and producer in the band and Ciroyelle is from Germany and they compose the lyrics and do vocals. Ciroyelle is in charge of all visual art and promotion of the band. They are in the process of releasing their debut album, which tells their true love story as they wait for Ciroyelle to be able to move to the USA. This album includes songs from across the musical spectrum, including blues, folk, jazz, reggae, rock, funk, classical and more! The intention is that the album sounds as diverse as their love for one another. 

The first single, Not a Chance Encounter, is out now and is a sultry and psychedelic blues epic proclaiming their meeting could not have been by accident.  They both do vocals in this song and it features long and powerful guitar solos conveying the vibes of the song.  It has already been featured on multiple FM stations, podcasts, youtube shows, and internet radios. There is a pop art style music video for this song on their youtube channel as well. 



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