Thursday, January 25, 2024

The Flying Beets

The Flying Beets, a Fort Worth-based indie rock trio, releases its highly anticipated debut single "Maybe Baby." Fronted by Nathan Waller, a popular DFW-based singer/songwriter known for his extraordinary vocal range and powerful delivery, the band is rounded by bass player David Cross and drummer Kenn Scott.

"Maybe Baby" bears witness to what happens when a power-punching rhythm section backs Waller's songwriting and guitar prowess. With a catchy hook and driving tempo, the band’s first release is a powerful anthem that is sure to find a home on many personal playlists.

Though The Flying Beets are a relatively new band, formed in the spring of 2022, their music showcases a maturity and depth that belies their short existence. "Maybe Baby" serves as a bold introduction to their collective talent and is destined to resonate with fans across multiple demographics.

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