Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Bryan Dallas

Bryan Dallas is more than a musician; he's a living testament to a life well-lived and a versatile artist. 

Born in San Francisco, CA, he grew up in the heart of the Bay Area's rock 'n' roll scene, setting the stage for his musical journey. But Bryan's story is anything but ordinary. His life is a patchwork of unique encounters and experiences: 

* At 18, Bryan danced backstage with Drew Barrymore and Karen O at The Beastie Boys concert. 
* He had an impromptu show with ZZ Top at age 23. 
* In pro per won against city police for a traffic ticket that turned into wrongful arrest. 
* Was in a hardcore band when EMO was a trend. 
* Became the first (and possibly only) crew member to check Chrissie Hynde’s microphone at The Fillmore SF.
 * Got kicked out of a church Choir for wearing blue suede shoes. 

Beyond music, Bryan is a master mechanic, college radio programmer, and holds a Degree in day trading. He's an Anecdotalist, Epicure and has even left his mark on BURRN! Magazine, Japan. Bryan's journey isn't just a musical one; it's a celebration of life's diverse experiences.

He's an artist who defies conventions, always ready to follow his own unique path.


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