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Rob Georg

Country music has always been regarded as an american sound bred in the southern regions, but if fans have learned anything from the likes of keith urban, country music can come up from anywhere in the world. This leads us to the german radio cowboy himself, rob georg.
Very few would imagine a cowboy from germany, but rob georg just does not wear the label, he lives the lifestyle. He spent the first chapter of his life as a professional equestrian athlete in the discipline of cutting. Here cowboys work cattle from horseback, all in true country fashion. He has won various championship titles that have led him to participate in the highly endowed tournament, the world series.

For an entire decade georg was traveling across american cutting arenas with his trainer dean terry. With the many miles spent together on the highways, the two soon connected a deep friendship. When terry passed away in january 2018 and georg’s beloved soul horse "primetime shorty" also crossed the rainbow bridge just one month later, a world broke down for the cowboy. To clear his head, he decided to take a break from ranch life.

And so, the passionate amateur singer flew to nashville “music city u.S.A.” tennessee to work on his singing skills with a professional vocal coach kristin k. Smith (katie mac, jilian steele, casey derhak, smithfield, and josh dorr to name just a few).

Encouraged by her words, georg began recording his music and never looked back. His debut single "push that horn", a tribute which he wrote in memory of dean terry, was released in june 2018 and is still being played in every cutting arena in the u.S.

Since then, georg has released several country singles further demonstrating his songwriting talent, as well as his vocal prowess. Georg also knows how to captivate his audience live, whether on his first u.S. Tour from denver to seattle, on stages on nashville broadway scene or the biggest country music events in europe, such as the country music meeting berlin or the western experience in the netherlands - the cowboy casts a spell over the audience.

​in 2020 georg’s debut album "radio cowboy" was released to much praise which to date has racked up more than a million streams on spotify alone. The official videos have been viewed over 2. 7 million times. So far, five singles have been released to radio, reaching an incredible number of 17 #1 positions on various u.S. Charts. His latest radio release "this old house" just spent two weeks at #1 in the u.S. National radio hits country chart and has made the jump to #1 on the new music weekly charts. Fans and music critics are equally enthusiastic:

• "... A great, very catching album, which is certainly one of the strongest "german" productions of the past 10 years ..."
country.De (germany's largest online country music magazine)
• "honestly, there isn't a sub-par track on the album, mostly because of the wealthy, enticing voice of rob georg, oh so appealing."
rawckus.Com (rawckus magazine reviews new releases in all genres of music)
• "... Raises the bar in terms of passion, dedication and commitment ..."
artistrack.Com (artistrack magazine evaluates new releases in all music genres)
• "rob georg's skills and talent is unquestionable and every song is more beautiful than the last" indiepulsemusic.Com (indie pulse music magazine reviews new releases of all music genres).

Georg had an insanely good year 2020 - with his album release, he not only celebrated chart placements, invitations to special live concerts, such as the country radio seminar in nashville in february, or streaming numbers - he also won his first international music award at the new music awards "breakthrough country artist of the year", and the fair play country music red carpet award in the netherlands "amazing male voice country pop original". So, it will not surprise you that georg and his co-writers are already busy writing tracks for the second album. 2021 he took the fpcm award home for the “song of the year”.

In his corona lockdown project, a spotify podcast called "country music ain't dead," of which the first episode was released in early december 2020, he supported other country artists from around the world by interviewing them and then introducing them to his 350,000+ social media followers. Management companies and artists were jockeying for interview slots on the bi-weekly artist talk.

But after all, he still is the cowboy that he used to be. Together with his wife mel georg, he runs a ranch in the odenwald forest, germany with horses, cattle, sheep and a bunch of border collies, which mel breeds and trains to be stockdogs. Asked why he's still doing the chores himself, georg answers "the animals are my life, and i can't think of doing something else. This is where i find my inspiration. This is what keeps me grounded."

Georg’s songs reflect the life he leads and the stories he lives to tell.

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