Sunday, January 7, 2024

Chris Comet

Chris Comet's new album "Going Back in Time" is coming out in November 2023.

"Going Back in Time" is a progressive rock album that Chris has been working on with several other artists/musicians:
- Lead Vocals: Bernie Chiaravalle (Michael McDonald, Doobie Brothers), Steph Honde and Robbie Wyckoff (Roger Water The Wall), Rudiger
- Guitars: Scott Van Zen, Bernie Chiaravalle, Steph Honde, Glenn DeLaune
- Drums: Bodo Schopf (Michael Schenker Group), Chad Cromwell (Neil Young, SSN&Y), Simon Philips (Toto, Megadeth), Shannon Forrest (Toto, Brooks and Dune)
- Bass: Craig Young (Michael McDonald), Antoine Katz
- Backup vocals: Windy Wagner (Ringo Starr), Bernie Chiaravalle, Robbie Wyckoff, Glenn DeLaune
- Keyboards, synthesizers and organ: Chris Comet
Original songs composed by Chris Comet, in collaboration with Bernie Chiaravalle, Steph Honde, Scott Van Zen and Glenn DeLaune.

Chris Comet produced, engineered, recorded, mixed and mastered all songs at Soaring Eagle Studios, Texas.

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