Thursday, July 6, 2023

Rockin' Like Thunder

Discovered by Hadley Murrell of HDM Records while he was in Zamboanga City (Philippines) for a birthday party. They were playing in a funky little club that seated about 20 people, but their talent overtook the room. Hadley decided to sign them and immediately started to prepare songs for them to record.

Hadley brought his production team to Zamboanga City, consisting of Hadley himself, Dwight J. Emile and Tomy Ge, and produced the songs in the Wild Grass Studios, a modern studio in Manila. The engineer is Nikki Cunanan, one of the top engineers. The mixing engineer is the renowned Dennis Sands.

This is the group's first recording, and their songs are currently on Spotify, Amazon Prime, iTunes and Apple Music, as well as iPluggers, and soon to be featured on YouTube. This is Rock, Filipino style.

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