Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Valerie Kay

Valerie Jay's six-song EP "Silent Night" is a tour de force, keeping a traditional yet fresh pace, beginning with an up-tempo version of the title track "Silent Night".

Followed up by the more contemporary track "Silver Bells", this festive waltz invokes an inspired gospel feel and by the time Jay leans into "The Christmas Song" with its lush string arrangement you know you're onto something very special. The EP wraps up with "Winter Wonderland".

'From the opening notes, Jay brings the magic of Christmas, her voice reaches out and touches your soul. This album glows with the 'feel good' factor, when you listen to it you'll look out your window and wish it was snowing.' - Tom Tyson, Music Producer, UK.

Jay's unique phrasing and vocal presence leave no doubt that the making of this EP was a joyous experience.


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