Sunday, February 13, 2022

Vargas Blues Band


Javier Vargas is the creator of the Vargas Blues Band, he was born in Madrid in 1955, but his family moved to Argentina when he was barely six years old. At the age of ten, his father gave him his first guitar and he began guitar and music theory lessons, although he soon grew tired of those classes and continued to learn on his own. He is self-taught in music. His beginnings were influenced by blues, the fashionable rhythm at the time. In 1971 he went to Venezuela, although it would not be long before he left for the United States, where he really wanted to learn from the true blues masters and discover the new prevailing trends. 

His first contact in North America took him to Tennessee, where he drank from the sources of country and collaborated with the Loco Covers Band, doing covers of famous groups. His next step was to go to Los Angeles, where he rubbed shoulders with many established stars, such as Van Halen. In 1977 he returned to Spain. In his beginnings he collaborated with Miguel Ríos, Joaquín Sabina and Manolo Tena, with whom he made the album 'Sangre Española'. Parallel to these collaborations, he created the band called 'Vargas Blues Band', with a bass and a drummer, and dedicated himself to touring Spain to make himself known. In 1991 he published his first album, 'All Around Blues', with the collaboration of Elena Figueroa, among other prominent friends. In 1992 he published 'Madrid-Memphis', with which he achieved notable success in Spain and sold a considerable number of copies. In 1994 he released his third album, 'Blues Latino', with the collaboration of Chris Rea, Andrés Calamaro and Flaco Jiménez among others.

 The title track of the album was also performed by Carlos Santana on his album 'Santana Brothers'. A year later, the Vargas Blues Band published 'Texas Tango', recorded in the United States, and in 1996 Carlos Santana invited him to participate in a concert in Paris, in which they played as a duo. In 1997 'Gipsy Boogie' came out and a year later 'Feedback' and 'Bluestrology', which includes his songs with more blues feeling. In 2000 he released 'Madrid-Chicago Live', a live compilation of his best songs. 

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